(2002) The City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia Spain

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The City of Arts and Sciences
is a cultural center in Valencia in Spain

The complex, designed by architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava,
as well as by Félix Candela.

The Oceanogràfic is a Spanish oceanarium located within the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. Inaugurated in 2002, it is the property of it, which is a public enterprise of the Valencian Generality.

Date & rsquo; opening : 14 February 2003

  • l’Hemisphèrique : like d & rsquo; eye. Contains an IMAX theater, a planetarium. Features & rsquo; an area & rsquo; about 14 000 m2.
  • the Mused of Sciences Príncipe Felipe: shaped dinosaur skeleton. C & rsquo; is an interactive museum of science. It features & rsquo; an area & rsquo; about 40 000 m2 spread over three floors.
  • l’Umbracle : botanical garden covered d & rsquo; d & rsquo floating arches; where the & rsquo; one can admire the complex.
  • l’Oceanographic : oceanarium shaped lily. Work of the & rsquo; architect Félix Candela, c & rsquo; is & rsquo; s largest aquarium d & rsquo; with Europe 110 000 m2 42 million liters of & rsquo; water.
  • the Palace of Arts Reina Sofía : shaped boat. Contains several rooms dedicated to arts and music.

    The Valencia de l'Opéra The spectacular building dedicated to the promotion of the performing arts. Measuring over 70 meters high, the Arts Centre is divided into four separate rooms, all with the latest technology designed to stage all kinds of & rsquo; opera, music and theater performances.

  • the bridge of’Gold Assault : bridge 180 m long passing over the gardens of the Turia.
  • l’Agora : a covered parking. Building, metal structure 80 m high and occupying an area of 5 000 m2, was opened by welcoming the & rsquo; open tennis of the Valencian Community in November 2009.


The City of Arts and Sciences is organized around three main themes : Arts, Sciences, and nature. Organic, abstract spines and ribs of the upper part of the Prince Felipe Museum of Sciences in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain. This spectacular and futuristic complex, inaugurated in 2002 and directed by the great architects Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela and the Alberto Domingo and Carlos Lázaro engineers. All the buildings were designed by Calatrava except Oceanographic Museum was done by Candela. Designed by Santiago Calatrava's City of Arts and Sciences is an ensemble of five areas in the dry river bed of the Turia river now diverted to Valencia, in Spain.


valence-36 valence-52

Since the years 1980, the part corresponding to the city center was transformed into gardens and walking areas for city dwellers. The mouth of this old bed offers contemporary construction site of the city of sciences. The s & rsquo complex, covers an area of 350 000 m2. The concept of this site is to bring together in one place open to all leisure and science. It is a unique concept of its kind in Europe that stretches for two kilometers on the old river Turia to attract tourists to Valencia for anything other than to soaking up the sun and enjoy the beaches. The purpose of this space was to create a center dedicated to leisure and research, satisfying curiosity and desires of visitors. This project is thus converted into an immense work in international dimension. its architect, Santiago Calatrava, from Valencia, wanted all eyes turn to the city of Valencia. His mission was accomplished and the 'Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias "is now modern and avant-garde representation of the city. This project was implemented in 1991 by the Socialist Joan Lerma embauchât renowned architect Santiago Calatrava to realize. At the beginning, This first project was only a Science City which included a museum, a planetarium and a large telecommunications tower that would exceed the Eiffel Tower 50 meters with a cost of 150 millions of euros.











360 degree panorama of Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, Valencia, Spain
360° degree view of the Palace of the Arts Queen Sofia, Valence, Spain







Prince Felipe Museum of the Sciences on & rsquo; Hemispheric left and on the right the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia,in Spain.





valence-50 valence-51










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