Cave de Sel Solotvinskaya 2019 Iran

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Lac Maharloo – Shiraz

This lake with an area of 600 km² is located at 27 km southeast of Shiraz,
lake water is used for the extraction of normal salt.

It’s this salt that was used to create this restaurant.


The uniqueness of this restaurant gives it its name, le Salt Restaurant. It’s in Shiraz, in Iran the uniqueness of the restaurant designed by an architectural firm in Iran, Emtiaz Designing Group
also chose salt to reduce pollution.

A Documentary of this Unusual Restaurant built only with salt. From walls to columns to sound tables name of this Iranian fast food is called “Namak”.

The building is generally made of cement. The restaurant has the same name as its uniqueness, it is really made of salt, as indicated by his name.

The Salt Caves inspired the designer Emtiaz Designing Group.
This beautiful natural architecture makes the walls like works of art.

” Salt is a natural disinfectant that can purify and filter the air “.

Tables are made of rock salt and cans of recycled soft drinks. The entire wall is completely covered with salt, equipment including chairs, tables and bars are also salted. Floors covered with liquid salt are slippery and shiny.


Salt cave

A unique place ! This complex Hotelier Yalta-Intourist.

You can come here with your whole family or business to boost your immunity and improve your well-being. A person with respiratory problems needs a visit to
the Salt cave

the hotel's salt cave is the largest on the Crimea coast of the Black Sea.

The salts of Solotvinskaya et Saki, of a hotel complex that covers the walls and the ceiling of the room, saturate the air with healing trace elements useful for the system and the respiratory tract.

During your stay at the Yalta-Intourist hotel, you can take care of your health. The hotel has a SPA area with various centers, where hotel guests can extend their youth and beauty. Relax and have fun with friends or family.

The hotel, first Saki mud treatment center opened in Crimea.

The mud from the depths of Saki Lakes inside the walls of the center produces cosmetic and therapeutic procedures in a natural and environmentally friendly way., and harmless. A team of professional massage therapists works at the Wellness Massage Center, their sessions aim to relieve stress and treat various illnesses. Beauticians await guests of the Center for Face and Body Rejuvenation, to transform the skin, make it elastic, smooth and healthy.

Vorontsov baths, a salt cave are great places for family recreational activities. The skin of the body is better cleaned and normalizes the cardiovascular system in the Vorontsov twin baths. A visit to the salt cave improves the respiratory organs and strengthens the immune system. It should be noted that the hotel's salt cave is the largest on the Crimea coast of the Black Sea.



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