Architecte Dale William Naegle (1928-2011) San Diego, THAT

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L & rsquo; architect Dale W.Naegle (1928-2011) built this lodge for Sam Bell.

Sam Bell (1955-1965)

The Pavilion on the coast of La Jolla, designed by & rsquo; architect Dale Naegle in years 1960 as a retreat d & rsquo; invited for Sam Bell, Heir to General Mills (Bell Potato Chips) and wanted to add a d & rsquo house guests.

It is accessible via tram 300 feet.

This beach house is reached by a funicular that connects to the main house at the top of the cliff. The mushroom-shaped design was used to honor the forces of nature, resist the tidal wave, landslides, earthquakes, fire, wind and rainstorms.



(The original house Naegle over the cliff was razed in the early 90.)

Originally, home n & rsquo; had no wall around. There was a cabin below for L & rsquo; use on the beach. There was a drawbridge between the car and the house to secure it.

After with the Enclosure a Kind of Fortification against the Weather..

C & rsquo; is that & rsquo; s called the House of mushrooms and it is under a rocky sandstone cliff. The backdrop of this house is such that & rsquo; it could be a scene taken directly from the Mars Rover. The house was built in the 1960 by the guy who invented Bells Potato Chips. These chips were famous in the years 1960 and appeared in all stores such as Alpha Beta. They also made potato chips Granny Goose also.

A home d & rsquo; guests
The house was built in & rsquo; origin as a home d & rsquo; hosts for this mega millionaire. He did not want to guest house but something that really démarquerait. What makes this unusual house, c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; it is constructed as a fortress designed to withstand the & rsquo; test time. Home d & rsquo; hosts its own elevator that provides the only means of & rsquo; quick access.

To build this house in modern times never fly. The Coastal Commission La Jolla n & rsquo; never allow a house built directly on the beach and cliffs like this. This house has a view of first line of the & rsquo; Pacific Ocean.

The house itself is located on a concrete column 10 feet in diameter, with high concrete walls to protect against high waves, landslides and tides.

How to get there

For the general public, there are two ways d & rsquo; get there. The first is to go down to Scripps Pier and take a walk 10 minutes north along the rocky coast. Look above your heads, because these rocks could tumble around you. The second is to get off the port of Torrey Pines Glider and make a walk 20 minutes south along & rsquo; a flat sandy coast. Keep your head down as you walk through Blacks Beach because that & rsquo; is a nudist beach..


Since the & rsquo; summer 2013, this place was the & rsquo; one of my favorite places in San Diego. Le Sentier Ho Chi Minh in La Jolla, in California, is a popular trail among surfers who try to make …

La Jolle Cove CA, photo by @ryancampbells




The Mushroom House is a contemporary residence located in the town of Perinton, built between 1969 and 1972 and historical monument of the city 1989.
In the years 1960, l & rsquo; architect James Johnson and the sculptor Antell margin collaborated in the creation of Rochester & rsquo; s Mushroom House.

The structure was designed by the & rsquo; architect James H. Johnson to Robert and Marguerite Antell. The ground was broken in 1970 and after several failed attempts, the structures of & rsquo; origin were completed in 1972. 4½ pods are built of concrete and polyurethane and are based on fourteen rods reinforced concrete 20 feet. Mme Antell, a potter, has been heavily involved in the construction and, among other things, she personally made and fired more 9 000 ceramic tiles that & rsquo; we find everywhere.

The house belonged to Antells up & rsquo; in 1996, when it was sold to another couple. In 1999, he again changed hands, this time returning to the family when it was purchased by Steven Whitman, the son of the cousin Margaret, and his wife Christine. In 2001-2002, Whitman began d & rsquo; major renovations and additions, including a glass mosaic underground and tunnel optical fibers "Time Tunnel" inspired by Antoni Gaudi, leading to a "cave" used as an entertainment room with pool table, bar, tiled fireplace, sculpture laminated mahogany and media center. In 2012, it was sold to another family and at the time of entry, it is again on the market because of the need for new owners to move for work. this incredible 4 000 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3 bath home can be yours for a fee 1,5 million de dollars.

Documentary: 3:38mn
The Mushroom House (1971) Powdermills Park, Rochester, New York , James H.

The house consists of four pods 80 tonnes
resting on reinforced concrete pillars 14 at 20 feet.


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