The PIACE LE RADIEUX Association – Production of berries Bulle Six Cases 2017-2018

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The Piacé-the-Radiant Association, Bézard-Le Corbusier

Newly-Met production of berries for Realization Our Bubbles Six Cases:

These are made to the exact models berries except a slightly excess width of the rim to allow a better fit and can overlap. The Bay of material will Altuglas PMMA colorless ShieldUp 6 mm, This is an excellent material in terms of transparency and solidity. These berries are then land on the hull with the famous rubber seal double grooved key. We also will soon provide this rubber seal and gasket shells binding T.

Attention !
We will be launching the new production of these berries for a minimum of 8 berries. We must therefore unite a global command that number and collectivize maximum orders. It is therefore necessary that each person interested can also act as a liaison and pools as possible the good news !

Feel free to share it.
The order will be mid-September with our supplier and manufacturer. We must act quickly because the price of the raw material is subject to wide price fluctuations up increases 25% which neither we nor the manufacturer are liable.
Here are the price : 2000 euros per bay (seamlessly and without transport)
The order must be made directly with us, the payment is made in advance. You will be able to pick up your bay or directly from the manufacturer (Belgium), either Piacé. We will not send from Piacé.

For further information, Do not hesitate to contact us !

Here is the Link to Provide a bull Plexiglas if there are interested ?


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