Automorrow ’89 Utah Luigi Colani USA

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In 1989, Luigi Colani takes all his vehicles named UTAH to the Bonneville Salt Falts Speedway, famous Utah Salt Lake, which he rents for two weeks for Automorrow ’89, in order to break new speed records. Colani had built 13 Vehicles but he could only take them 12 to demonstrate record vehicles all more spectacular than each other. All that he won thanks to his design, has been reinvested in its vehicle studies. This allowed Luigi Colani to achieve unprecedented independence as a designer.

He dispenses during his trip his good word to designers from Ford to Deaborn, then to the students of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, before meeting other visionaries including Georges Lucas and Steven Spielberg.


UTAH 1 – 1989 ► Visible au Design Museum, London 8Kg . A high speed bike, designed and built by Colani’s assistant, Sébastien Kummer (Cyclist of the Tour de France).

UTAH 2 – 1989 ► High speed bike, designed and built by Colani’s assistant, Sebastian Kummer. Double front pedals and a Fichtel motor & Sachs 2 time, air cooled 30 cc with a power of 2,5 ch. Rear mounted engine can start quickly on rope to increase muscle power on slopes.

UTAH 3 – 1989 ► High speed bike, designed and built by Colani’s assistant, Sebastian Kummer cperceived to exceed the current speed record of 104,63955 km / h.

UTAH 4 – 1989 ► High speed bike, designed and built by Colani’s assistant, Sebastian Kummer. Swiss Schlimmer V8 engine - 4 Lilliputien water-cooled camshafts from 47 cm3 !!! It sits transversely to the tail of the contoured bike and provides additional power to the cyclist, which is facing forward and on the belly.

UTAH 5 – 1989 ► a motorcycle to 2 wheels which will aim for the record of 80 cc.

UTAH 6 – 1989 ► The black version participated in Utah 1989. Sports coupe 2 mid-engine seating that uses a VW Golf engine (Rabbit) centrally mounted. There is also an identical White version.

UTAH 7 – 1989 ► An aerodynamic racing car with CO2 engine. Unmodified mechanics just with the body changed, it broke the record for the lowest consumption in 100 km with 1,75 L. Its engine 50 cc, has the lowest drag coefficient (Cx 0,18) never registered for a vehicle 4 places.

UTAH 8 – 1989 ► Mturbocharged engine 150 ch BMW K-100 4 lowered cylinders (1000 cm3) from 160 ch. Transmission Lotus Super Seven, BMW gearbox to 4 gears. Height 90 cm, barely weight 550 kg, the experimental sports car benefits from unrivaled acceleration. Carbon fiber chassis.

UTAH 9 – 1989 ► In 1989, Base of 2cv always, but the motor is electric, the only one in all Utah.

UTAH 10 – 1989 ► To get the record of 281,635 km / h. Honda racing engine 500 cc 3 time 2 cylinders and made 148 ch.
The Utah Prototypes by Colani developed in 1989 for Automne in Utah, Bonneville.


UTAH 11 – 1989 ► Designed strictly for speed and acceleration tests on salt, and with its turbocharged engine 4 motorcycle cylinders with a nitro injection of 1300 cc. We think this is the 11 and 13 which are the same except that at the start she was only 2 wheels and then it went to 3 wheels with an extension to its right.

Prototype of a three-wheel racing bike 1989. Exhibition by Luigi Colani, «Translating Nature», The Design Museum, London, Britain 02 mars 2007.
Photo de Jonathan Hordle.

UTAH 12 – 1989 ► (Colani Truck 2001) The drag coefficient of the second generation tractor has been reduced to 0,38 and it gives 26,13 L / 100 on salt to 147 km / h Mercedes-based tractor unit has no record in Utah.

Bike ” Utah ” 30ccMonoplace which has reached 148 Km/h 1992

Automorrow ’89 Utah Luigi Colani USA. Automorrow ’89 Utah Luigi Colani USA, Automorrow ’89 Utah Luigi Colani USA …Automorrow ’89 Utah Luigi Colani USA. Automorrow ’89 Utah Luigi Colani USA : Colani C309


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