Bill Guernsey Rocket Caravan – Alaska

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Bill Guernsey is a quirky and creative man from the beautiful state of & rsquo; Alaska, who miraculously survived a crash & rsquo; plane at Upper Kalskag, which left a broken back and seven fractured ribs. But instead of & rsquo; use his recovery time to relax, he embarked on an epic DIY project. Guernsey, an avid traveler, decided that & rsquo; it would create the & rsquo; one of the most unique campers ever seen.

The process of & rsquo; assembly of the trailer took just over two years, and & rsquo; attention to detail was incredible. The camper atomic breath is fully functional and extremely catchy. L & rsquo; man spent six hours a day, six days a week, to create a unique red caravan rocket with a design d & rsquo; atomic inspiration.

2015 – The trailer made by hand 16 feet required a lot of time and consideration. Every centimeter of space was to be used.

The Caravan Atomic Guernsey Expose..

The most exciting advertising Guernsey
received to date was the & rsquo; opportunity to show for it at the show :

Extreme RVs sur Travel Channel.




Atomic Camper Bill Guernsey parked next to his house in a neighborhood d & rsquo; East Anchorage.




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