1963 Plymouth Fury – Andy Wickenheisser New-Jersey

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The 383 CV under power and spits fire through the eight exhaust pipes on the hood.

Andy Wickenheisser “The Gas Bubble ‘” Roth inspired Fury '63 with a gasser Wedge frame .
zoomies (Exhaust pot) on the hood give the show !

1963 Plymouth Fury – The gas bubble conceived by (Andy Wickenheisser)

The transparent bubble 360 ​​° gives a feeling of hell while driving the Fury or as a passenger. The top of the bubble was a really hard thing to find for Andy, but after much research, he finally found a store in So.Cal. that could offer what he wanted. Andy Wickenheisser designed and built the chassis and supports that support the Lexan bubble from the front edge of the steel.

Photo credit: www / Hot Rod Magazine.


Photo credit: www / Hot Rod Magazine.



Montville, New Jersey



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