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L & rsquo; intention of the room has to get on the truck wherever it n & rsquo; there is no chance of & rsquo; a normal cultural life froze in the wake of the tragic devastation. The room can be both symphonic and chamber music and jazz.Pour benches production and acoustic panels were used wood harvested during filed katasfrofy cedar increasingly based around & rsquo; year 828. Zuigan-ji Temple, which is the & rsquo; object of the Japanese public worship. Two days in a seeded Ball concert in’ Matsushima event is held under the patronage of the music festival in Lucerne. We are suffering the terrible pain can not get rid of all. But we, we want to offer new hope to victims through music and l & rsquo; art ", and talk about feelings. Project launch, Haefliger immediately said after the earthquake begins from one of the calls to representative Kajimoto MakotoShigeru M. Kajimoto.

The design of the hull Kapoor in charge of room, after birth spent the British in India, the sculpture, l’architecture, announced a performance after the & rsquo; another innovative art that combines, won the Turner Prize 1991. Currently working on the monument for London Olympics 2012, “Orbit”. Miyagi Prefecture in northeastern Japan city park Matsushima there is a huge purple inflatable balloon. Is a movable structure in the form of inflatable concert hall , which has aroused great enthusiasm.

An artist and a famous Japanese architect Arata Isozaki jointly created this mobile inflatable concert hall, has an intriguing name: Ark Nova– “New Ark”, a name that means when the human face of the catastrophe at’ hope. British artist Anish Kapoor called Indian,he was often on the simple curved shapes decorated with bright colors and artistic fusion East to West,which makes it a world attention Artists.

Because Matsushima has recently suffered from the earthquake and tsunami, people want to use music to make the fade pain people regain the & rsquo; hope. So, they used as a polyester surface material of the coated building, as the construction of this unique form of mobile concert hall. People want this in the show “classical music, Jazz, dance, multimedia projects, and traditional Japanese Kabuki performances.” Commissioned the construction of the concert hall of the Lucerne Festival, he said: “It is true that we can not erase the pain, but we can bring the’ hope to the people of this region through music and l & rsquo; s.”

Kapoor creative angle even slightly exaggerated fantasy, but the unique perspective that & rsquo; they live public hug, generating an unprecedented appeal, his works are on another level, so that & rsquo; Macross space and expand the concept of & rsquo; intention. This allows local residents can thus appease the disaster caused by injury pain and disappointment. When night Courtyard, this lie mastodon exudes a soft red, whole world quiet down, the structure of the line with great accuracy room, conceived as a chrysalis.

When the music sounded, from which people feel the beauty of life.The & rsquo; architecture is frozen section sound, but here, because we do not have d & rsquo; a sense of participation. The beginnings of & rsquo; Arche Nova arrived in Japan Matsushima with the staging of the Lucerne Festival in memory of the tsunami two years ago, but the theater can be deflated and re-inflated to ensure easy transportation around the world.

Kapoor used for the realization of this work, a technique already used in 2011 to build monster Leviathan inflatable bubble exposed to the Grand Palais in Paris, which was then deflated to subsequent exposure to Berlin. In & rsquo; Nova arc, not only classical music, Jazz, dance, multimedia, projects d & rsquo; s, etc. through the fields provided. In addition, funded by sponsors and patrons companies, people in the affected areas is that & rsquo; it will be able to watch the concert for free.

Concert hall, which is currently in production is expected to patrol from spring 2012. Kokeraotoshi, even as the day of the start of large-scale reconstruction projects, and the day of & rsquo; work d & rsquo; art touch our eyes, it will be a special day.
Yuko Miyakoshi

ARK NOVA – A Tribute to Higashi Nihon , Japan


Project team
building: Arata Isozaki
tank design: Anish Kapoor
acoustic consultant: Yasuhisa Toyota (Nagata sound design)
consultant director: David Staples (Theater Project)
Director: Lucerne Festival, Kajimoto, Arata Isozaki & Associates

The dimensions of 30 x 36 x 18 meters, and was created and designed by Arata Isozaki and Anish Kapoor
acquired havoc, that made in Japan, the 11 mars 2011 earthquake
and the fatal tsunami caused by it.


For me. Shin Isozaki is to perform a concert hall that can be quickly construction and demolition, inspired by the & rsquo; Noah's Ark, the tent shelter material designed for construction and inflated to the & rsquo; air. Waist length 72 m x width x height 40 m 23 m, which can accommodate up & rsquo; to 500 at 700 people.










The concert hall

Anish Kapoor, British sculptor, designed this concert hall and in collaboration with the & rsquo; Japanese architect Arata Isozaki held its architectural composition.
With its concept as a mobile concert hall, it was designed with a structure membrane d’ air inflated.

Ark Nova is a form that comes directly from the work I did Leviathan at the Grand Palais in Paris. It is inflatable PVC with custom care, that n & rsquo; no steel support. The shape itself rotates to & rsquo; to form a well and inner arm that helps with the structural system. Ark Nova include a public 500 and we believe that & rsquo; he will d & rsquo; excellent acoustic qualities. is dismountable, can be re-inflated in a short time and we believe ideal for a temporary structure “. – Anish Kapoor


Structure of the pneumatic membrane tends to, by its physical nature, form in a sphere, which would have a detrimental effect on the acoustic characteristics of the & rsquo; interior.
The form created by Anish Kapoor maintains the & rsquo successfully; spherical space provided avoiding the sound to be reflected in a focal point, and helps improve the acoustic characteristics of the room.



ARK NOVA Image ©


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Ark Nova, transportable concert hall.





Ark Nova


Ark Nova

is the concept of the transportable concert hall come true. An invention that goes beyond the simple architectural trip.

In this story, everything is beautiful. To revive culture in areas ravaged by the earthquake and tsunami 2011 in Japan,

artist Anish Kapoor and architect Arata Isozaki joined their creative ingenuity to create Ark Nova : a transportable concert hall shaped inflatable mushroom.

"When the music is good, it is " dixit a poet whose name we forgot. good music, it remains the basis of a good concert as a simple beef; it is still necessary that the sound flows from good sources. Les grésillements, the attacks of low detuned, acoustic, the returns : several conditions are necessary for listening pleasure. And we know how our ears to the delicate hearing hate to be left out.

At the beginning, the idea of ​​Anish Kapoor and Arata Isozaki responded to the practical imperative to reintegrate cultural places in disaster areas. Needle thread, Ark Nova surpassed its original raison d'être. Indeed, not only this project opens new artistic possibilities with regard to its dimensions designed for full and complete music listening, but in addition, facilitating the logistics of artistic representation, Project caress the hope of a different approach to culture.

Because free musical expression is also free culture property immobility and its concrete walls to expensive inputs. And, mostly : the concept of inflatable and transportable concert hall at will, the concept of ephemeral realization that unfolds will performances and trips; This concept then more than ever closer to the essence of music first. Ark Nova, so this is the project and transportable inflatable concert hall. This futuristic structure is 18 meters high, 36 meters wide and it swells in 2 hours. And all that, in favor of a sound that is exceptionally says.

Of course, achieve optimal use of this futuristic concert hall will take time for sure, but promising start. Proof of this is the 27 last September during the inauguration of the Ark Nova hall at the Lucerne Festival held in Matsushima, one of the towns devastated by the earthquake two years ago.


Anish Kapoormonuments | In The Nave Of The Grand Palace. Paris







ffb35bd45023626eb893dc44e603addfLeviathan , Big palace. Paris




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