Bulle Architecture – Gare Southern Cross (2002-2006) – Docklands – Melbourne (Australia)

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innovative design by Grimshaw Architects, which has corrugated unToit.

Gare Southern Cross (formerly and still colloquially known as Spencer Street Station) Docklands is a great station, Melbourne (Australia) . It is on Spencer Street , between Collins and La Trobe streets, west end of the central business district.

Previously known as Spencer Street Station, Southern Cross Railway Station is a major railway terminal in Victoria, in Australia. It is one of five stations that make up the underground rail loop Melbourne (Murl), underground rail system mainly around the central district of Melbourne (CBD). Southern Cross is one of two stations in the loop that are not underground. The station functions as the starting point for regional and city train, tram and bus. It is the third busiest station in Melbourne. The average number of passengers (hors V / Passengers line) Station board every day 2009 was 42900. About 15m passengers visit the station every year; this is expected to reach 60m by 2050.

History Southern Cross Station

Spencer Street Station (now Southern Cross Station) was known as Hill Railway Station Batman. Passenger service began in 1859 with a single main platform. The station was equipped with an additional platform 1874. In 1879, Spencer Street and Flinders stations were connected by a single-track line at ground level, operating at night to only goods trains.

In 1862, for the first time, Spencer Street Station was with a fleet of 32 Locomotive passenger. The station was refurbished in 1875-1880 and was added with an additional passenger platform, new products and engine sheds sheds. Spencer Street was installed with the first signal box 1880.

"The Southern Cross train station was transformed into a state of the art post 2006. »
Construction of a viaduct linking Flinders Street Station Spencer Street Station began in 1888. In 1891, the viaduct was opened for goods traffic with passenger trains and 15mph speed limits were introduced in 1894. As part of the electrification network suburban railway, the viaduct was widened to four lanes 1915. the station has been provided with four new platforms between 1918 and 1924.

A station modernization program began in 1960. He delivered a standard gauge rail link between States in Sydney, a new station building and a new main platform 413m long.

Design and construction
Southern Cross train station was transformed into a state of the art 2006 the station at an investment of 700 millions $. It was one of the most important infrastructure redevelopment of Victoria's history.
The project was developed by Civic Nexus in partnership with Southern Cross and was designed by Grimshaw Architects. Leighton Contractors was the main builder.
The project started in September 2002 and was completed in late 2006. A scanning roof of about 35.000 m² was erected at a height of 23m to cover the station. tickets barriers, escalators, sidewalks and train platforms have been updated and refurbished.
Recording areas and new baggage passenger lounges were also built. The station was installed with 120 new passenger information screens.
The project also involved the upgrade of rail infrastructure such as adjusting the track, and alteration of the platform, including electrical infrastructure works.

Location and layout
Southern Cross Station is located at the western end of the CBD, on Spencer Street between Collins and La Trobe streets. Located at a distance of 1,2 km Flinders Station, Southern Cross train station is a few hundred meters from Etihad Stadium and New Quay Docklands. The station is served by 16 platforms and 22 tracks. The resort has two concourses in Bourke and Collins Streets.

Services Southern Cross Station
Southern Cross Station is operated by Metro Trains Melbourne. There are many rail services operate from Victoria Station, around Melbourne and throughout the country.

"Initial construction works at Southern Cross Station started in August 2009. »
Great Southern Railway Overland offers services in Adelaide. The XPT short Interstate Services in Sydney. V / Line operates intercity and long distance services online Seymour, Shepparton online, online Ballarat, Ararat online, online Maryborough, online Bendigo, online Echuca, Online Swan Hill, Geelong online, online Warrnambool, and Gippsland online. These services come platforms 1 at 8.
Platform 9 serves the Epping line and online Hurstbridge. Trains to the Lilydale line / Belgrave, Glen Waverley line, and Alamein line of the starting platform 10.
Platform 11 Craigieburn is online, online Upfield, online Sydenham, and the Werribee line. online Dandenong, Frankston line, and Sandringham line are served by the platform 12.
Platform 13 is online Online Werribee / Williamstown line Gippsland, while the platform 14 Williamstown is online, Werribee line, Geelong online, and Seymour online.

Southern Cross Station Equipment
Lockers are available at the bus station of the Southern Cross, in V / luggage compartment online, 7a and on the platform.
He has short there / long terme / to pick up / drop points, and taxi ranks. Parking is run by Wilson Parking.
The Travelers Aid Australia Center at Southern Cross Station provides information on public transport, free buggy transportation for the disabled and the elderly, and a rest area and a seating.
The Discovery Center Myki is located near the entrance of Spencer and Little Collins streets, at the ground station. Myki is a smart card system ticketing.

future developments
In October 2009, the Australian government has signed an agreement to complete the final planning work for the State of Victoria 4,3 billion $, Regional Rail Link project Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) et Arup. The Commonwealth will pay 3,2 billion $ and 1,1 billion $ will be jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian governments.
The project will include the construction of a railway network 50 km again to connect West Werribee and Southern Cross, the construction of two new platforms at Southern Cross Station, and a new rail bridge over the Maribyrnong River.
Initial construction work at Southern Cross station was launched in August 2009.
The project should be completed by the end of 2014.

Work on the roof in January 2005

Construction work inside the station at the end of 2005

Southern Cross has been redeveloped by the Civic Nexus consortium, due to an innovative design by Grimshaw Architects which has a corrugated roof. Construction began in October 2002 and was completed in late 2006, the majority of transportation facilities finished in time for the Commonwealth Games 2006 . The essential features of the design include a wave-shaped roof, a new entrance and lobby of Collins Street, a new interchange manager, a new food court, a bar / restaurant, outlets to separate’ inside the station and a separate shopping complex between Bourke and La Trobe streets.







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