Zaha Hadid (1950-2016) Galaxy SOHO (2011-2014) Beijing, China

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SOHO China Limited ( SEHK : 0410 ) founded in 1995 is the largest prime office real estate developer in China, with its headquarters in Chaowai SOHO in the Chaoyang district.

SOHO China developments are known for iconic modern architecture, the company collaborates with internationally renowned architects such as architect Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Zaha Hadid and the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. Since 2009 , the Company has successfully expanded and established its presence in Shanghai , through the acquisition and development of a total of 11 properties. From 2012 has a development portfolio 5,2 million square meters. SOHO China has a total of 18 properties in Beijing .

developments SOHO China achieved considerable commercial success, largely due to the company's ability to deploy high quality, innovative products in prime locations, specifically catering to high net worth individuals in China and urban professionals.

Under Construction: Galaxy Soho / Zaha Hadid BEJING

Architecture: Zaha Hadid
Lieu: Beijing, China
Year Project: 2009
Sponsor Soho Chila Ltd.
zone: 46.965 m2
maximum height: 67 m

Photographies – Trevor Patt

Galaxy Soho, designed by Zaha Hadid, is a new complex that includes 4 levels of detail, 12 offices 2 parking in the heart of Beijing, China, connection with the large-scale environment. The complex includes 5 large volumes, arranged separately wing, but once merged together by a series of bridges. Each volume is adapted, to the generation of a seamless panoramic, devoid of corners or abrupt transitions.

Zaha Hadid opens : The Galaxy SOHO BEIJING, BEIJING (CHINA)

The 05 November 2012 – The complex Galaxy SOHO, in the heart of Beijing is a vast complex of 330.000 m2 office, shopping and entertainment that will become an integral part of city life, inspired by the Great Wall of China.



During 10 last years, partly fueled by the rush of pre-Olympic gold, more than half of the old Beijing neighborhoods were demolished – and it is a fact not lost on the gouvernement.L'ancien director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Shan Jixiang, spoke before leaving office last year:”Bulldozers razed many historical blocks,” he said. “Much traditional architecture that could have been passed down for generations as the most precious memories of a city was demolished unabated. "But these words seem empty of a man who presided over a decade of destruction.

Galaxy Soho has been shortlisted for the RIBA Lubetkin Prize for the best international building – a gong won in 2009 the Olympic Bird's Nest, who was also accomplice in sweeping an entire section of old Beijing. If the Chinese government department own heritage is under’ grip of a building boom, it is up to international institutions for the call – rather than cheer on the violation of this small tissue by historique.Conçu’ World-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, Wangjing SOHO occupies an area of 115,392 square meters, with a planned GFA 521,265 square meters. The project consists of three office and commercial use of mixed towers, Highest achieved 200 meters and three commercial buildings low. Scheduled for completion in 2014, Wangjing SOHO architecture will be the first visible landmark on the road in the city of Beijing Capital Airport.

The recently unveiled Galaxy SOHO literally looks like an array of astral objects with spherical shapes and flamboyant lights. It is now looming in- above. the second ring road of Beijing. It is supposed to represent a big step forward in architecture and ability to inspire. Zaha Hadid , Chief Architect, made an appearance at the launch of a long speech about the space and the opportunities it represents. A strong sense of hope for the future of design and Chinese fashion filled the air. Translate this into viable products and businesses is the real difficulty, however. Galaxy SOHO is definitely a place’ inspiration for such imaginative activities with its elegant curves and globular structures responsible. There d’ excellent site lines across the complex. But there has been there enough customers to actually fill and create an active and engaging community? Galaxy SOHO is huge: 330.000 square meters of office and retail. Furthermore , it sits atop one of the victims of trafficking intersections in Beijing. Currently Sanlitun SOHO is hardly filled, let alone Galaxy SOHO sees less foot traffic and intense gridlock. I'll keep an eye on the complex in the coming months. Hopefully this does not turn into a huge empty space like many others arise around town.

Galaxy SOHO stores in Beijing, China

SOHO China Wangjing SOHO, designed by Pritzker Prize winning architect Zaha Hadid opened Dame 20 September 2014, with over 20.000 Visitors to Beijing's new architectural landmark. In a direct dialogue, SOHO China CEO Zhang Xin interviewed architect Pritzker-winning Dame Zaha Hadid to discover the inspiration of his concept of language.


Zaha Hadid Architects, 2012.
(View of one of the bridges to public court)

Zaha Hadid's Soho Galaxy Stores now lights up the night on Beijing's second ring road.

Galaxy SOHO in Beijing ! The inauguration with Zaha Hadid !

The undulating Soho Galaxy Hadid lights at night on the second device Beijing.

The Birth of Galaxy SOHO !
SOHO China Galaxy SOHO is a great development including a compelling mix of office and retail. With a total gross floor area of 328,204 square meters, the development is located on a plot of 50.000 square meters in the center of Beijing. The dynamic shape merging with elegance of the buildings creates a smooth interior and continues, while establishing a remarkable and monumental presence along East 2nd Ring Road in Beijing.






Le Wangjing SOHO (Wangjing SOHO) is a set of three skyscrapers curvilinear Wangjing located in the suburbs of Beijing, China.

Zaha Hadid : The complex, which extends over 525,265 m², is mainly occupied by offices. He received the gold medal of the Emporis Skyscraper Award 2014.

Zaha Hadid : History Wangjing SOHO !!!

The office building of Wangjing SOHO



Introducing the Wangjing SOHO SOHO chain containing Shui. Comprised of three highest towers 200 meters high, the curvaceous and striking design Wangjing SOHO make the most visible landmark en route from Beijing Capital Airport to downtown.

Zaha Hadid, Wangjing Soho au Galaxy soho complex à Pekin (Front view)

Zaha Hadid, Wangjing – Galaxy Soho Complex stores in Beijing.


Fight for more starchitects Pretty Women ? Why ? Click below :

A From Reading (link) : The struggle for starchitects enough women ?
Reflecting the disparity between the sexes industry, there are few female models in architecture. Zaha Hadid Iraqi-British architect whose buildings and award winning personal futurist deductible frequently make the news-can be only living female celebrity field. “I like Zaha is this crazy presence in the area ", observe Ha. "She's a woman and she put out there. I think it makes all the difference. “
Hadid was the first and only solo female winner of the Pritzker Prize , l’ the highest honor the profession. The only other female winner in 37 year history Pritzker is Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima, who shared the honor with her partner Ryue Nishizawa 2010. In 2013, the jury of the renowned Pritzker denied the petition of Denise Scott Brown to be recognized with her husband and design partner Robert Venturi.
In an effort to establish new female hero, in 1998, the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Arts Council of’ England created the Jane Drew Price , the name of an English architect revered (and rumored operative M16). But after the first year, controversy plagued the initiative, and it was put on hold until 2012, when the Journal of’ architect took over the price and gave Hadid honor. The winner of this year, French architect and professor Odile Decq , is only his sixth recipient.
Ha said she was considering leaving the fully architecture, but does not want to leave the profession even more out of balance. “There are not many women in architecture ", she says. “I feel like I should drop womankind leaving. There is a responsibility to continue to work and stay visible “.

economic Linkong park – Hongqiao SOHO” par Zaha Hadid Architects, Shanghai, in China.

Zaha Hadid has designed a multipurpose structure for SOHO China , "Economic linkong park, located in the Hongqiao area large transport company near the main airport and the city center . This complex is the second building designed by Zaha Hadid for Shanghai. Designed as a sinuous ribbon, the design aims to link the facility with the surrounding community. The smooth and complex structure creates a series of dynamic spaces that seem to reflect the vibrancy and energy of the city . The overview of the four wings defined by its calligraphic gesture, the mixed-use building has four torsion elongated volumes, each representing a separate business group.


Future MEGAPROJECTS China (2016 – 2050)

China is embracing megaprojects at an unprecedented rate and over the past few decades. Complete a phase of infrastructure that will rival what the United States has built throughout its history..


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