Bubble Dome Orphanage - Educational Center (2015-2017) Mama Dolfine, Korando, Kenya

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The Better Foundation me

Torsten Kremser


inspiring a brick dome home to an orphanage in Kenya

An Educational Center

the orphanage Mama Dolfine, Korando , Kenya

Yellow Brick House dome bright

A 3D compass is used to build the domes.. amazing is not ?

Step by Step for Construction..


The foundation wall of the band takes us longer than expected. In total we need 360 meters of rock spread over 4 cours.Les toilet pipes, bathrooms and kitchen are installés..tout is filled with new and compact with murram (sable), next to a layer hand laid hardcore (boulders),
another layer of compacted murram and finally the concrete floor..



images by Torsten Kremser

Remember the German child who took his heart and mind to Kenya to build a school for the orphanage Mama Dolfine against a variety of opportunities, he and his team have completed what is probably the first of its kind in the countries of East Africa - a house bright yellow dome with sleeping space for eight people. As he finds his feet as a social entrepreneur, Torsten Kremser, from the Foundation Better Me , who discovers how much money is needed to build decent educational facilities. The house of the dome, a community center and a temporary living space for the volunteers who give their time and energy to the Korando Education Center have been specifically designed to stand out in a crowd of similar projects in order to supply major initiatives fundraising.

"When we started this project in January 2015, the plan was to raise funds to build a permanent school for the center. (We have not yet reached that goal).
but soon, we must realize that building a school cost a lot. I mean really. We are talking about 15 at 20 000 $ per classroom.

"We changed our approach. We knew we could not do it alone, so we need help. And the best way to get help, I thought to get people in Kenya to see and connect with the Center themselves. Thus developed the idea of ​​a volunteer program. «

Torsten adds that the dome house was designed to captivate an international audience
and make sustainable.

The focus was on the use of local materials and labor and improvise where necessary to reduce costs and minimize construction waste. Near 100 percent of materials were obtained within 15 kilometers from Kisumu, according Torsten, except doorknobs or shower valves that must be of superior quality.

First 3D visualizations Dome Home in Kenya

made Simple: Front view with an entrance arch and the kitchen dome

made Simple: Bottom view with walls dividing 2 domes 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms.

made Simple: plane of the wall.

Simple rendering: Rear view window with arc, door backyard and toilets.

Large skylights and windows provide natural light and ventilation. "It's like a natural air conditioner", said Torsten. "We do not think it would be perfect. This is where everyone wants to be especially around midday when the sun is high and the other buildings are super hot. «

self-built solar water heater, which only have a few tips on the roof, generate approximately 100 liters of boiling hot water stays warm to about 10 hours. Gray water two bathrooms and the kitchen is in the garden of fruits and vegetables, according Torsten. "The water flows into gravel holes with charcoal and paper to filter and hold moisture. We cast also other organic waste into these holes and cover them with mulch.

LED lamps of 3 Watts used inside are incredibly powerful and super energy savings compared to local energy saving bulbs, says Torsten. The team aims to eventually become solar, when funds are available. Finally, the 11 wooden doors were made with pine wood recycled from glass boxes and trees of over 100 Trees planted around the house still offset the impact of the construction. Given how young is Torsten, still in its early twenties, and how little experience he had before undertaking this project, this dome house marks an impressive achievement for a remarkable reason.

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