Art Science Museum (2011) SuperTrees Bay, Hotel Skypark Marina Bay, Singapore

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The Extraordinary Garden of Singapore
The Gardens of South Bay
The supertrees of Gardens by the Bay

Project – Horticulture in Singapore.
Eighteen trees, eleven built with durable materials.

They will use solar energy. architects : Wilkinson Eyre et Grant Associates.

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The Marina Bay Sand SkyPark is a huge resort Singapore

featuring 2 560 bedrooms, a casino and a museum, located in front of Marina Bay.
the infinity pool on the roof of the hotel shaped boat, swimming 200 m high, long as three football. Designed by architect Moshe Safdie, he officially opened 23 June 2010. It was to cost 4 billion but ultimately it cost 5,5 billion dollars1,2. It consists of three hotels 55 floors, topped by a terrace of one hectare with the world's longest high altitude pool, with an overflow 146 m. the casino, built in front of the towers, includes 1 000 game tables and 1 400 slot machines.

The museum, shaped Lotus, opened the 17 February 2011

The ArtScience Museum opens … his doors,open the 17 February 2011 the Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong, It is the first Museum of Arts and Sciences in the world.
Embracing a spectrum of influences art and science, Media and Technology, for design and architecture, The ArtScience Museum has over 4.600 square meters of galleries to inspire visitors of all ages, Life walks and banks near and far.

Art Science Museum

Art Science Museum mandarin : Science Museum of Art) is one of the attractions at Marina Bay Sands, an integrated resort in Singapore owned by the company in the United States Las Vegas Sands.

School of Art, Design & Media Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Academy of Fine Arts in Nanyang ( NAFA )
( standard Chinese : NAFA; Malay : Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts )

Is an institution of art education and design in Singapore Polytechnic financed by public funds. The academy operates autonomously through private management with financial support and government control of the Ministry of Education of Singapore and matching dollar for dollar cash donations from the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. The institutions also receive government funding for some undergraduate programs offered in partnership with universities renowned overseas for graduates graduates and other graduates of advanced degree Singapore.

The building of the School of Art, Design and Media of the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore is simply crazy! The green roof of the school with its very special curved shape gives an amazing look to the building. We even have the impression of having the possibility to walk on the roof.

The 3 nested buildings of the School of Art, Design & Media of the Nanyang Technological University, west of the City State of Singapore, were rewarded by DesignShare Awards. deserved reward, that we owe to the agency GIC Consulting : out of the ground like a natural field, peat roof of building three draws harmonious hills fully perform their function in regulating temperature and humidity in the area marked by a tropical climate, hot and humid all year.


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I am the daughter of Jean Benjamin Maneval, famous urban architect who notably created the Bulle Six Coques, a plastic house from the pop years. You can also find me on my Facebook page or on my page La Bulle Six Coques by Jean Benjamin Maneval.

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