Bubble – UFO DESIGN – Museum Shenzhen (China)

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Design Museum, designed by Studio Pei-Zhu, is mainly dedicated to automotive exhibitions, fashion and product design.
The Studio Pei-Zhu wanted a space at once surreal architecturally and transcendental in its environment and at the & rsquo; provoked emotion. Successful bet ?
China – Studio Pei-Zhu
For this project, Studio Pei-Zhu s & rsquo; was inspired by the location, the site is near the bay but also the program's needs, a surreal space for design exhibitions. The inner shape consists of a continuous curved surface white, shadowless nor depth.
The result is a surreal space without borders that seems to go to the & rsquo; infinity, similar to the feeling of & rsquo; an installation by James Turrell.

The Studio Pei-Zhu wanted and caused the sensation of & rsquo; be on a cloud or in dense fog. The building n & rsquo; is that & rsquo; a surreal white background, with only small triangular windows scattered randomly, like birds in flight.

October Harbour is located in the central business district of Shenzhen Bay, Binhai Boulevard and nestled among the group of theme parks in OCT’ overseas Chinese city of Shenzhen.

With a total area of 1,25 million square meters, it combines the various concepts of culture, l & rsquo; ecology, tourism, hobbies, shopping, hotels, restaurants and nightlife, an innovative urban center with the first of its kind ecological components and nature.

Richard Meier is the & rsquo; architect of the October China Club , an elegantly designed private property for commercial services, eco tourism, Fitness and relaxation.

Zhu Pei is the & rsquo; Architect & rsquo; radiation, cloud-shaped museum in the north and also the center’ exhibition in the region’ East.

L & rsquo; inspiration for this project comes from both the location being close to the bay and program needs, a surreal space for design exhibitions.
The design museum in October mainly focuses on fashion shows, product design, and conceptual auto shows.

L & rsquo; objective was to create a space that is surreal in & rsquo; object, but also surrounding transcendental and feeling.
The design of the & rsquo; interior is based on a continuous white curved surface that casts no shadow and n & rsquo; no depth. The result is a space without borders seems surreal to go to & rsquo; infinity, similar to the feeling of & rsquo; James Turrell installation.

Typically, a car is very heavy, but in this space without limits, it becomes weightless, leaving her curves, shadows and intense colors become the focal point of the show.
The first floor of the & rsquo; building holds the hall d & rsquo; entry and coffee, while the second and the third is mainly a space & rsquo; exposure.

L & rsquo; storage space is uniformly distributed through the stages, with movable walls allow d & rsquo spaces; exposure to be very flexible in & rsquo; scale and function. The outer shape of the building is a direct reflection of & rsquo; continuous curved space in & rsquo; interior.
The smooth organic form a surreal effect yet transcendental similar when seen outside its urban.

Lieu: Shenzhen , China

architects: Studio de Pei-Zhu

Project Team: Xiaoming Zeng, The fan, June to, Chongxia Jiao, Xiao Yin, you Li

Structure Consultant: Xueyi Fu

Surface: 5000 m²

Year: 2011

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