Bubble – Plastic Inflatable structure – Loud Shadows (2017) Festival Théatrale Oerol – île Terschelling (Pays- Low)

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SHADOWS LOUDES – FESTIVAL OEROL, Terschelling, Netherlands

Loud Shadows – a joint project of Berlin-based Plastic Fantastic with composer Kate Moore , Quartet Stolz and LeineRoebana dance company , all based in Amsterdam –

is an inflatable plastic structure, monumental, partially transparent, designed for the Oerol theater festival on The island Terschelling in the Netherlands.

Loud Shadows creators designed a pneumatic structure to house music and dance performances, and the transparent skin provides a lucid but fantastic view of the surrounding environment.

Every June 1982, the Oerol festival 10 days took place on the whole island 260 square miles
(Oerol means "everywhere" in the local dialect). During the festival, The island turns into "a unique natural scene for theater, dance, street theater, art and music ", according to the festival website .

Oerol on Terschelling The island this year is now open until 18 June.

SHADOWS LOUDES – FESTIVAL OEROL, Terschelling, Netherlands, of 9 the 18 June 2017

LOUD SHADOWS is a collage made by artists from different backgrounds: dance, music, architecture. The Fantastic Plastic architecture is monumental, but mobile, soft and transparent. The ephemeral skin influences the environment as much as its interior space offers a clear view outside. This is the ideal place to fuse dance (LeineRoebana) and the music (Kate Moore, The pride) and challenge the perception of time.

LOUD SHADOWS is a joint project of Kate Moore, The pride, LeineRoebana and Plastic Fantastic.


Monumental, but mobile, soft and transparent to connect emerging artists and major public

The "tall dark bubbles" use Dutch landscape as a performance stage for acts of Music and Dance.

The skin has a dramatic impact on the interiors and views to the Dutch landscape.

The street theater acts, art and music shows are free during the festival

All images © marco Canevacci, maria turik, Jelte cows

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The invasion of Balloons !

Charles Pétillon


It could very well create these photos in 3D post production but Charles Pétillon preferred to rely on reality. Everything you see was installed (so if all the balloons !) then photographed.
It especially seems that this was a sacred work to inflate and install all the balloons !

Here also is a video editing of a work:

These balloons invasions are metaphors. They aim to change the perspective on what we encounter every day without paying attention. It is our view that I try to brighten, and to move from a perception practice a visual emotion.

Photographer Charles Pétillon imagine in this photographic series of invasions of clusters of white globes overflowing and dripping from different places.



Virginia Maneval

I am the daughter of Jean Benjamin Maneval, famous urban architect who notably created the Bulle Six Coques, a plastic house from the pop years. You can also find me on my Facebook page Bubblemania.fr or on my page La Bulle Six Coques by Jean Benjamin Maneval.

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