Bubble – a Futuristic Tower in Tel Aviv (Israel)

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David Tajchman cylindrical Envisions Skyscraper Tel Aviv

Belgian architect based in Paris, David Tajchman, has designed a new tower
to Tel Aviv (Israel): The Greater Mediterranean.

The program includes apartments, hotel, automated car park, a charging station for electric vehicles, agricultural areas, public gardens, coworking spaces, spas ... all 'wrapped' with a film of porous white concrete giving the building a cellular appearance.

"Innovative by its topological geometry giving a spiral effect on tower, Great Mediterranean breaks with the usual stack of horizontal slabs "specifies the architect, which seeks to renew the skyline of the city while staying in the architectural vocabulary of the White City, classified 2003 the

World Heritage of UNESCO as "outstanding architectural ensemble of the Modern Movement". Indeed, built between the years 30 and 50, the city reflects the principles of modern organic planning and has the largest concentration in the world of Bauhaus style buildings and International.

French architect David Tajchman devised a new high – heaven to Tel Aviv , Israel .

The conceptual project, “Gran Mediterraneo” offers a mix of programs , including apartments, hotel, automated car park, Public charging station, l & rsquo; agriculture and public gardens, the coworking spaces, spas and more – all “wrapped in mirrored glass "and white concrete.

“Innovative also with its topological geometry giving a spiral effect in the high-rise, Gran Mediterraneo breaks with the usual stack of global and horizontal slabs wrapped with mirror glass, in order to renew Tel Aviv skyline with & lsquo; Unesco proclaimed white city "specific vertical architecture.

To be built with white concrete, using the latest digital technologies construction and, the curvy skyscrapers filled Mediterranean Sea and dead natures “, described Tajchman.

architects: Architectures David Tajchman
Lieu: Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Attribution Creative: David Tajchman
Design Team: Luc Izri, David Tajchman
Year project: 2016
Photographies: David Tajchman 2016

Tel Aviv-01 Tel Aviv-02 Tel Aviv-03 Tel Aviv-04 Tel Aviv-05 Tel Aviv-06 Tel Aviv-07 Tel Aviv-08 Tel Aviv-09 tel-aviv-10 tel-aviv-11 tel-aviv-12 tel-aviv-13 tel-aviv-14 tel-aviv-15


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