37 BUBBLES UFO Public Facilities, Beach (2015) – Rizhao, Shandong CHINA

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Four points Tourist

4 beaches Lanshan, Rizhao, Gongwan, Hudawan

Rizhao (sunshine ; pinyin : Rìzhào)

is a southeastern city of Shandong Province in China.

UFO’ Buildings SHOW in Rizhao

37 Total buildings like d & rsquo; UFO recently appear in a theme park on the beaches of Rizhao, in Shandong Province, in & rsquo; East China. 4 beaches ; 4 Public Bubbles Sites, A course all along the Shore…

These buildings are mainly public facilities, such as toilets, some stores, cafes and stations & rsquo; help. With a bent steel structure, including stores, restaurants, but a doctor's office have also been installed in’ UFO by locals.

Buildings shaped’UFO in Shandong

(Walk on the Bridge) Avril 2015

Buildings & lsquo; UFOs’ exposed to Golden Beach (the 25 mars 2014-2015) Rizhao, in Shandong Province in China. Rizhao has built its resorts with buildings & lsquo; UFO’ which were retail stores, restaurants and health centers, and d & rsquo; emergency. UFO style buildings are an important part of the marine landscape.


Building in the toilet – Source: liu / CFP

Indoor rinsing – Source: liu / CFP




Virginia Maneval

I am the daughter of Jean Benjamin Maneval, famous urban architect who notably created the Bulle Six Coques, a plastic house from the pop years. You can also find me on my Facebook page Bubblemania.fr or on my page La Bulle Six Coques by Jean Benjamin Maneval.

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