Concepts & Jean-Michel Ducancelle's Anthénea, France

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The proportions of the passenger

The UFO of the yacht creator Jet Capsule offers a totally off-matrix presence. While you can simply indicated to the slopes to support the end of time, a stronger alternative could be a drift home quite reasonable Normal Jet Capsule yacht designer. The organization has developed an idea for a saucer shaped UFO or unidentified floating object, offering a skimming presence totally off-grid on the sea.

As indicated by the main supporters of the organization, Pierpaolo Lazzarini et Luca Solla, UFO is scheduled for “Living in a house of slides and moving progressively worldwide…gradually,” this implies more leisurely 3,5 clusters (6,5 km / h 4 mph), using a Torqeedo Deep Blue 1800 electric motor-driven waterjet. It is coupled to a battery that attracts vitality created from 40 sq. M (430 sq. Ft.)
Sun oriented boards in a resealable bag on the structure. Additional sources of life can be given by the wind and water turbines discretionary on the top and bottom of the base plate of the UFO, individually, making enough energy to work from home and motor.

The organization said a water generator available locally would be used for switching rain or sea water to drinking water crunchy, and watering also a patio vegetable nursery situated on a terrace that surrounds the structure and measurement 12,5 m (41 pi) of width.

Two half shells circular fiberglass are the two floors of accommodation within, with adaptable floor prepares for different configurations. For the majority, home molded circle include a convertible kitchen and dining area / living on 20 m². m (215 sq. ft.) high level, with stairs leading down to 10 sq. m (107 sq. ft.) immersed lower level room with toilet and covered by a wide window for life survey of the ocean.

To maintain stability in the art, UFO uses a special flexible frame grab. “The basic structure of the listing free wheel can be adjusted to the compass, keeping the edge of the position on the landing imaginary Cardinal, even in difficult sea conditions,” say planners. The organization is currently seeking financial specialists to assemble the main working model, an anticipated expenditure of US $ 800,000, with houses created after the evaluated 200.000 $, what is really cheaper than the normal cost, but larger, barge.


Predecessor of the machine “UFOS “surrounding the jet capsule.

Le Tiny-living, popularization of minimalism, the live-bit, of Recycling’ DIY and demonstrate new trends in the lives of styles. Beyond fashion, is accountability and awareness towards the environment and our impact on nature that provost. The Italian company Jet Capsule has well understood. She is about to propose a self-sustaining home energy with a bonus, the chance to live on the water ...This little house, consisting of only two parts, resembles a UFO by its shape and also by operation. Integrated into the structure, 40 m2 of solar panels, a wind turbine and a turbine operator marine currents allow the house to produce its own energy, power boat engine, convert rain water and desalination of sea water.

” UFO ” Designboom received this project our DIY presentations feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication. 

Edited by: Nick board | Designboom

Constructed from fiberglass and carbon fiber :
The Italian company of the Mini-yacht Jet Capsule unveiled its floating UFO (Unidentified Floating Objects) concept off-grid home earlier this year. Now , the design firm is back with its updated and enhanced version second barge called UFO 2.0, which should be available in 2018.

Characteristics :
Like its predecessor, l'UFO 2.0 is also a barge-shaped flying saucer. It is built in glass fiber and carbon fiber with a total area of 314 square meters. covering 20 meters in diameter, house floating luxury seems to come straight out of a science fiction movie and designed to let you sleep with the fishes – all thanks to its submerged chamber. This boat prototype now has three levels. The first level includes the kitchen and bathroom, while higher levels welcome hot tub, desks and chairs, and controls to maneuver. The submerged level features a large bedroom and bathroom to check the local marine life.

Sustainable floating house :
For maximum speed 10 mph, Jet Capsule plans to install two motors in the UFO 2.0. In addition, home sustainable water would get its electricity from a combination of solar panels, wind power, and water turbine. The harvested energy is further connected to a network 16 battery for later use.

Availability :
Jet Capsule even plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its latest model. If all goes according to their plan, then we would certainly be able to see the first models of sailing on the oceans in early 2018.

UFO 2.0 can be taken to the desired location via helicopters..

THE UFO CONCEPT 2.0 will be taken to the desired location using helicopters.
Apart from luxury homes and hotels, This new version can also be used as a floating restaurant or a gym. This means a beautiful resort of water can also be formed by placing various UFO 2.0 houseboats together.


AQUATIC POD – Aquatic Pod
Article 10183
Catalog exclusivity Hammacher Schlemmer
It is the only suite of Aquatic Pods in the world that offers panoramic views simultaneously above and below the surface of the water…We regret that this item is no longer available.

Exclusivity from the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog, it is the only suite of aquatic pods in the world that offers panoramic views simultaneously above and below the surface of the water. Circular, "flying saucer" look, the rest rests directly on the water, the lower part about five feet submerged. Perfect for a lagoon getaway, a beach, a favorite lake or river, the suite offers 300 spectacular views of the environment. Light beams illuminate the depths to observe aquatic environments after dark. With an interior of 150 square feet, the autonomous circular suite has all the furniture so that two people can enjoy life on the water. The interior has a central air conditioning system, of a desalination unit, of a mini-bar, a Bose audio-video system, d’un lit king-size, toilet and shower. Outside, a floating terrace circumscribes the unit, offering an area of 6,6 feet wide for sunbathing or enjoying the water breezes. The inflatable deck also provides additional stability and buoyancy, and protects it from scratches and bumps when visiting boats or sailboards at the quay. The entry above water is a waterproof aeronautical design that prevents parasitic humidity and splashes from humidifying the interior. Unlike houseboats, this unit remains permanently anchored in a specific location by an environmentally friendly anchor which is fixed with a durable and corrosion resistant chain. It can also be towed by boat. A diesel generator 2,5 kVA with exhaust silencer produces a power of 220 volts to supply all the necessary electricity. The interior headroom is 7 1/3 ‘H. The exterior is 28 1/2’ of diameter (including the floating terrace).

Price : 91 100 $

Hammacher Schlemmer



The floating capsule, Anthénea is the consecration of a crazy project desired and imagined by Jean-Michel Ducancelle, a naval architect & Designer fell in love with the James Bond floating ship in The Spy Who Loved Me.. Four decades later, Breton has taken out real construction sites capable of floating on the water and classified as a boat (category C). The apartment with a capacity of 50m², and even reaching 150m² offers all modern comfort, as well as a 360 ° view. But more than this unique vision of the horizon, marine enthusiasts will be able to observe life underwater, thanks to an underwater opening. Designed to be nomadic and unsinkable, but also self-sufficient this new type of housing can be positioned or not at its home port.

For people interested in the concept, the sea saucer,
Anthénea can be visited in Trébeurden, in the Côtes d'Armor.

Anthénea, the loft will be built in Lannion The 8 November 2018 After a meeting on board with all of the LTC elected officials, Lannion Trégor Community, the decision was made to build the factory in Lannion ! Jacques-Antoine Cesbron's company plans to produce its floating housing project, circular and autonomous in Lannion. Supported by Lannion-Trégor Community, Anthénea's development is therefore a real economic opportunity for the Nod Huel area of ​​activity.

News about the floating house

The construction of the factory is scheduled in 2019 for current delivery 2020. "We would like to start production next year in Lannion in temporary premises", announces Jacques-Antoine Cesbron. The Angevin entrepreneur, with Trebeurdinaise ties, aims to manufacture two Anthénéa in 2019. Nine months are required to produce the saucer. Production will ramp up over the years. Jacques-Antoine Cesbron table on 10 units in 2020 and 20 in 2021. Which leads to job creation. While booting, the team will be composed of 16 people (electrician, plumber, designer…). To reach 27 in 2020 and 45 in 2021.

Global interest
The maritime boat was imagined by the naval architect Jean-Michel Ducancelle, attracted to the James Bond floating capsule in The Spy Who Loved Me So Much. Its first prototype was born in 1998, At scale 1/2. This resulted in various collaborations including that with the designer Pierre Cardin. In 2011, the meeting between Jacques-Antoine Cesbron and the architect will be decisive. Anthénéa was officially presented in July 2017 in Trébeurden. Made in Angers, it was assembled at the Toëno shipyards. Since, the maritime ufo has evolved again. "We have improved a lot on the technical level, energetic… ", lists Jacques-Antoine Cesbron. Anthénéa, fitted with solar panels, is energy self-sufficient. The boat also has two engines, in order to navigate to 4 knots.

Anthénéa is sold 420 000 € HT.
Jacques-Antoine Cesbron and Murielle Cheftel, communication officer, multiply trade fairs to present it. With success. "There is a real interest. We are in the movement of unusual nights ”, note Murielle Cheftel. The duo particularly targets hotels. Dubai, Shanghai…, demand is global. « On a 23 current quote », advance Murielle Cheftel. Anthénéa can park in a port, on a lake or in the snow. Its interior is modular, can also accommodate a restaurant, a diving club ... "There is no limit to the imagination", smiles Murielle Cheftel.



Reportage France 3 - Anthénea - October 2018


Since 2011.. Jean-Michel Ducancelle works in Mauritius and Seoul, still on the Anthenea project.






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