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ROGER TALLON (1929-2011)

Born in 1929, Roger Tallon was first launched in engineering studies. Young graduate, he landed a job at Caterpillar, where it coordinates the technical and commercial communication, then at Du Pont de Nemours, as a consultant. following engineering studies of 1944 at 1950 before being employed at Caterpillar, Dupont de Nemours and technical engineering and aesthetics Technès. In 1953, it integrates Technès, technical engineering and aesthetics founded by Jacques Viénot. Roger Tallon takes over and promotes the discipline by 1957, it gives the first course design in France at the School of Applied Arts in Paris and creates 1963 the design department of the National School of Decorative Arts.

We need his team to design hundreds of products, the most famous is probably the portable TV Téléavia P111 (1966), commercial success yet launched against the advice of the company's management, Today cult. In 1973, secured to the struggle of workers of the Lip watch, he created the range of watches and chronometers Mach 2000. From the late 1970, he became the designer of the SNCF, for which he signs the TGV and Corail train and the Atlantic TGV and Eurostar.


1944 -1950 Engineering Studies
Responsible for graphic communication at Caterpillar-France
Consultant European subsidiaries Du Pont de Nemours

Meet Jacques Viénot and joined Technès, office aesthetic founded in technical studies 1949 (with jeans Parthenay) Participates in the preparation of industrial aesthetic of the International Congress, neck which is decided the creation of ICSID
(International Council of Societies Industrial Design, whose first congress was held in Paris in 1957)

Teaches industrial design in France in industrial design Upper School of Applied Arts (first design course in France)

Jacques Dumont created with the design department thought) (Nation school
Of Decorative Arts) in Paris.

Membre du Study Group Education de l’ICSID, Seminar Bruges (Belgium)

1965 Realization of the first "displays portraits"

Development of research on projected volume
Patent deposit of Électroncéphale
Testing of "talking heads"

adheres to Automat group
Seminar Study Group Education, Syracuse University (United States)

Founded the collective teacher 001 which is developing the first draft of the Environmental Institute (Claude Cobbi) Member of the ICSID-UNESCO delegation (Sir Misha Black) the INTI conference in Buenos Aires

Congress ICSID in London
Appointed expert Top of the Environment Committee

Voyage Nadodka (Vladivostok)-Moscow by the Trans-Siberian Railway. Visit the VNITE (Youri Soloviev-Larissa jadova), Konstantin Simonov meeting and some opponents creators Leads the French delegation at the Aspen conference (United States) Program "Centro Colombia" study for the British Trade Center exterior.

ICSID Congress in Vienna, Seminar Study Group at the School of Ulm (Germany).

Founded his Design Programs with Sofinova (venture capital firm headed bumper Christian Marbach) Honorary member of the Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry of the Royal Society of Arts (Britain)

Eurocom (Jacques Douce, Havas) becomes main sponsor of Design

Innov becomes Elf Design Partner Programs and Jean-François Boissel is closely associated with its development.

Formation d'dive + partners with Pierre Paulin, Michel Schreiber et Roger Tallon
(in association with Marc Lebailly)

Grand National Industrial Design Award by the Ministry of Culture

Discount insignia of Commander of Arts and Letters by the President of the SNCF, Jacques Fournier

Exposition « Roger Tallon, route of an industrial designer ", Centre Georges

Fusion Eurocom RSCG. Birth of Euro RSCS design by merging ADSA / SOPHA

Participation in research and training in the "Design labor" Institute Bremerhaven (Germany)

Participation in the weekly column "Journal of Creation" Serge Moatti on the "Five" (TV)

concrete participation in the event organized by Interni : "Milan Design Capital"


Universal Milling "2N" for Gambin
Camera "Duplex ~ 9,5 mm projector and "Monaco" bi-size 9,5 mm and half 9,5 Pathé
(Beauty France label 1956 and gold medal at the Milan Triennale 1957) Sewing machine "Brandt-B600 Deluxe" for Sodame – Drill "Micox" for Gendron

Project of an economic mini-car "Micro 3 "Peugeot
– Range of forklift trucks for Salev
– Projector "Europ" 8 or 9,5 mm camera and "Lido" 9,5 mm Pathé (Beauty France label 1956 and gold medal at the Milan Triennale 1957)
– Le «Year», compact motorcycle 125 cm3 pour Derny-Motors.

Automatic washing machine for at “Jump”

Airport tractor " 193 » (Orly/Air France) for Fenwick
– Camera "Veronic" for Sem
– Tours « Gallic 16 » et « Gallic 14 "To the World (Belgium) that get the Golden Sign.

Range of forklift trucks for Fenwick
– Logo et image de Fenwick Aviation (Bell helicopter)
– appliances for Peugeot (coffee grinder, Food Processor, electric shoe brush … )
– Range of refrigerators, washing machines and conditioners Frigidaire
– Recorder to Polydict Typewriter "Japy Style" for Japy
– adhesive tape dispensers Series Rubafix and design of a new brand image for Rubafix
– Machine blueprinting "Vincennes" for Uvex, Department of Machine Frigiali
– « Didacton », study of a new concept of equipment for vocational education - from adjustment to automation - for La Mondiale (Belgium)

Range of revolutions , Celtic », milling – Vilwig – pour-1 in Niotidiaie
– TVs for Téléavia, subsidiary of Sud-Aviation, including adjustable position, aluminum smelter console with tinted screen.

Refrigerator "Super Caravelle – 315 liters with transparent window for Frigeavia
– "Automatic-Dishwasher-Giravia" dishwasher for Frigeavi
– Study and model of the development of the super Caravelle "Santa Maria" to Sud-Aviation, Toulouse
– Transistor radios Thomson
– shavers (licence Braun) Thomson
– Seats "Wimpy" (plated against molded cast aluminum) for Sentou
– Photo camera ~~ Focamatic "and electron microscope for OPL
– Microscope Nachet

office furniture for Flambo
– movie player of the chamber CERN bubble (Geneva) for Som-Berthiot

Portable typewriter "japy Message" and electric typewriter "S 29 pourjapy
– Mobile TV "P 111 'For Téléavia

electric drill range for Peugeot
– Stand fitting CIFOM (Information Center of the cast iron creation of the spiral staircase, stools and tables for future series "M 400 Ipoustéguy creates the opportunity for a sculpture, Ecbatane.

Chairs and stools series "M 400 "For Lacloche gallery
– Edition of the spiral staircase in aluminum for Lacloche gallery
– Office chairs "Orlyrnatic", "Orly Club", "Orly Super" for Flambo
– Office accessories series.
– USSR electric locomotive Alsthom.

Mexico City Metro for ICBL
– First project and model of the TGV 001 turbine for Alsthom
– First fast computer printer Benson
– Series "3T" (porcelain dinnerware by Raynaud, stainless steel cutlery by Ravinet of Enfert, crystal glasses by Daum) ; distribution Sola France.
– Competition for the new Ford Capri in collaboration with Ets. Chausson
– Kodak slide projector
– multi-channel analyzer "Didac 800 "For INTERTECHNIQUE
– Study of "Urba 2000 », experimental vehicle on air cushion for Maurice Barthalon.


duration 0:05  3D Staircase Roger Tallon

Team New coffee or L'Astrolabe (L’astroquet), Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris (designed and produced by Maurice Marty) with "Zombies" seats Tallon Zombie seat for the bar “The Astroquet” – 1969 anthropomorphic seat.

Russian EDM machine for Stokvis
Project and compact car prototype, the bubble ", for city traffic for RDEB (Belgium)

Creation for the National Furniture Series furniture “Cryptogramme” for the Grand Palais cafeteria – Project "Top Avia", system of stackable TVs for Téléavia

Range of switches and sockets "Cosmos" for Gardy (Belgium)

global design program for the Corail train SNCF in collaboration with Mariane Persine Heissler (with the assistance of Alain Baillon)

graphic design of the magazine Art Press founded by Catherine Millet
– Lighting system "Pin Spot" for Erco (Germany)

Winner of the competition for the new phone, France Telecom
– Range of plastic cans of oil for Elf
– New range of watches "Mach 2000 "For Lipp

New image of European pool of TEN sleeping car for UIC (International Union of Railways)
– Salomon ski boots
– Hi-fi system, « Solid Sound System » pour Cineco (Shure)
– super Reef Project (two levels) for SNCF
– Line "Fluoryl", toothbrushes for Fluocaril (in collaboration with Monika Jost)

Project and interior layout and outside Southeast TGV for the SNCF
– Solar oil bottles, accessories and POS for Bergasol

Caracas Metro project – image, Safety, equipment – Belgian Society for Franco
– general study of the new RER – logic of the system, logo, Safety,cartography, furniture, equipment…
– in collaboration with Massimo Vignelli, Rudi Meyer, Peter Keller, Henri-Pierre Jeudy
– Bus Project "Urbus' for a competition organized by the Ministry of Transport
– Project modular mini car decomposable "Mini-Max", presented at the Geneva institute Batell.

signage pilot study stations and redevelopment of the Gare d'Austerlitz
– Project "TMX", mini-vehicle combined multifunctional MPV for Ets Marden

rubber tiles "Bultop" semi-spherical pellets for Dunlop / Protecmo
– Folding chair "TS" for Sentou Gallery.
– Modular system "Oak Framed" for valuing wood second choice for Gilor, under the aegis of the NFB

office seating system "Medius" for Eurosit
– Developing the system Smach – sports ball completely new

machining center CNC "Twin 550 CNC "for the World (Belgium)
– Author of a general report on the introduction of electronic directory in French homes
– Invention of the name and unit of the project "Minitel" for Telecom
– baking tray and food preservation, the "Bank", for Cidelcem – Auto-radio « SM 11 "Blaupunkt (Germany)

System configurations with multiple computers and creating a brand image "Goupil" for SMT
– Range of analog watches Certina (Suisse)
– New generation of computers "Goupils III" for SMT
– Image for electronic editions and Nathan Thomson and computers, and creation of brands "T07" and "VIFI" Nathan
– Project mounts innovative glasses for Optical Amenican (United States) corporate image and signage for the Centre for the Study of systems and advanced techniques (BASKET) the Ministry of Research.

New concept optical eyeglass frames for Essilor
– graphic image, Safety, furniture and outfits for the National Conservatory of interior and exterior coastal Atlantic TGV for the SNCF
– New outfits for the controllers from the train with the help of Michael Schreiber Project for building a tower Liberties 600m high on the location of the Citroën factories, intended to make Paris the world headquarters of Human Rights to mark the bicentenary of the Revolution.

presentation modules "Situ" for the RATP
– Design of the graphic image and a wafer 'Property Office of New Caledonia
– ski-masks for Cebe Eyewear.

Information System to the bus stop "Infostop" for the RATP
– Renewal of the acronym, new graphic image and standards to guide the train (with the assistance of Yanka Neuman)
– global studies for a new definition of French coins and notes, under the Ministry of Culture, submitted to the management of the Bank of France and the Administration of Coins
– Draft a new registration plate unfalsifiable, Let's get to customize using a color code (in collaboration with Remy Deroche)
– Competition for the rolling stock of the project SPNV 2000 (metro and RER) for DB Germany.

Development of the TGV Atlantique project.

Winner of the competition for the interior and exterior livery Channel TGV "Eurostar" for BR (Britain), SNCB (Belgium) and SNCF.
– New graphic image (and infographic) promotional editions and development of local SIRPA, Department of Defense.

Montmartre funicular to the RATP: vehicles (and stations in collaboration with François Deslaugiers, architect)
– Metro "Meteor" for the RATP
– mega TGV (two levels) Lacôte in collaboration with François and Louis-Marie Cleon for SNCF, and Michel Poisson GEC Alsthom for builders (with the assistance of Hugh Fruchard).

New "Val 208 "Matra
– Toulouse metro – image, signage and basic architecture (in collaboration with the architect and designer Paul Lamarque Wilfried Delebecque)
– Rennes Metro project – image, Safety, basic architecture
– Eurotunnel program – design management of the commercial image, signage and livery shuttles (in collaboration with Dominique Pierzo), Related Wolf Olins.

Project North American TGV (Texas et Canada, GEC Alsthom – Bombardier, builders)
– VR (paths Finnish National Railways) – new identity, logo, signage and livery (you high-speed train.
– Mosgortrans / RATP – new identity, Safety, delivered and Moscow bus design.

Competition for domestic routes system from Roissy Airport. Poma associated Gasky.

Project for a motorway tunnel "Muse" in western Paris with Bouygues
– Before a project to train sea with Marc Lebrun, Alsthom Saint-Nazaire.

project Alligator. System standardized shipbuilding for yachts 40 at 80 meters with the Institute Design labor, Bremerhaven – Before the project for development of DASA Aerospace communication center in Bremen with the Institute Design labor, Bremerhaven.

full renovation program Corail trains – Research on a new domestic gas distribution module Total Gas – Searches for a concept car "Tribute to André Citroën" in collaboration with Pascal Cagninacci, Deiss.

full renovation program for southeast TGV
– Production of a promotional TGV Playstation Sony.

Chrono-Pyramidion, silver trophy of the 3rd millennium for Christofle
– Before The Beach project, for the redevelopment of Ille Seguin
– new Image, New development for Metro Marseille.

08/09/2016 – 08/01/2017

Its production is considerable : furniture such as chair TS and the helical staircase Module 400, le service de table 3T, P111 mobile TV, watches for Lip, transistors, typewriters and projectors, or the visual identity of Fluoryl, ski boots for Solomon, gas cans for Elf and suntan oil bottles Bergasol ... His important contribution to the renewal of transport is shown through its achievements for the SNCF and RATP (Coral Train, TGV and Eurostar, the rating of the RER, le métro Showers, the Montmartre funicular), but the subway of Mexico City and Caracas, trams and buses or its motorcycles and cars modular projects. Building on the rich archives of Roger Tallon kept at the Museum of Decorative Arts, this book presents in detail all its achievements and has become a reference book on the designer.

Recognized as a pioneer of French industrial design, Roger Tallon (1929-2011) the subject of a retrospective tribute at the Museum of Decorative Arts. Roger Tallon (1929-2011) is the first to be applied in France in the field of design methods from US practices. This pioneer of industrial design began by drawing machine tools, before devoting himself to objects. His projects are always characterized by a comprehensive approach that integrates the object in his visual environment. In the years 1960 it is close to the New Realists (César, Klein, Arman) and interests are manifold : cinema, semiotics, graphic design, press (he designs including the model of the magazine Art Press)


The Decorative Arts Museum in Paris presents a retrospective of the pioneering industrial design to the French Roger Tallon 8 January 2017.

Free entrance traces the career of this creative, at the origin of the TGV and Eurostar, and is interested in its influence on an entire generation. From Monday to Friday, Claire Chazal explores the many forms of culture. On the menu, cultural events of the past 24 hours, reports on eclectic subjects, as well as meetings with personalities from the world of visual arts, performing arts, Film and music. Every Monday, a personality evokes his favorites and his cultural tastes.

Works of Roger Tallon



Roger Tallon Module 400 Stool 1965

years 60, seat, Roger Tallon, stool 400

Roger Tallon – trapezoidal metamorphic bed – 1967


Roger Tallon silent Valet, module 400, 1965 polished aluminum –
polished alminum 153 x 38 x 38 cm 60,2 x 14,9 x 14,9 inches

See "Zombie", 1969
© Daniel Lebard / ADAGP, 2016

On the occasion of the retrospective dedicated to him at the Museum of Decorative Arts, some parts are being republished Roger Tallon.


Roger Tallon following engineering studies of 1944 at 1950 before being employed at Caterpillar, Dupont de Nemours and technical engineering and aesthetics Technès. In 1957, he set up the first design course in France and created six years later the design department of the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris. From the late 1970, he became the designer of the SNCF, for which he signs the TGV and Corail train and the Atlantic TGV and Eurostar. ADSA his agency had been integrated into Euro RSCG in years 1990. These last years, he worked as an independent consultant.

Corail train first class and bar coach (1975), Roger Tallon. © Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris. Corail Train, TGV two stage, it owes to Roger Tallon. The Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris is devoting an exhibition. creator of intaglio portrait by his former student Yves Domergue. Between teacher and student, the competition was tough…


In 1969, Roger Tallon imagine Cryptogram seats and stools for the National Furniture. Today, They are published by Sentou.

© Decorative Arts


In 1955, Roger Tallon is already interested in the traffic and the bike offers 125 cm3 for the Gadfly brand Derny Motors.

In 1973, secured to the struggle of workers of the Lip watch, range of Mach watches 2000.


In 1963, he revolutionized the design of the TV with his portable TV Téléavia P111. © Les Arts Décoratifs


For the famous brand Salomon ski equipment, the designer creates the SX90 in ski boots 1974.


Prototype solar oil bottle necklace Bergasol, 1975 ©Decorative Arts, Paris 2016.

Roger Tallon, 60 years of design he is a pioneer, with him on the train took roundness, color, he created the Corail train through the years 70, the TGV Duplex, ottoman, a staircase, folding chairs, ski boots. An exhibition dedicated to him at the Museum of Decorative Arts.



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