Domes Confluence Park - San Antonio River Foundation (2018) 310 W Mitchell St. San Antonio, Texas 78204

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Confluence Park – San Antonio River Foundation

Confluence Park

310 W Mitchell St.San Antonio, Texas 78204

The logic of the parametric model generated each petal from different triangular bases, refining the shape with respect to the direction of water flow, directional views..

(1) A computer model of the petals dictates the desired shapes to form a router.
(2) The router grinds foam blocks according to precise specifications.

A bridge crosses the land where buried underground tank recovery of rainwater.

After the cold has delayed the planned opening in January, Confluence Park, a draft 13 million long awaited, expected to be unveiled in March, officials said Thursday.

A grand opening is scheduled for 3 March 11 h 12 h 30 at the park, located at 310 W. Mitchell Street on the south side of the city,
officials said the San Antonio River Foundation.

Special guests will speak at the opening and participants will "cultural opportunities, educational, ecological and recreational "revealed when opening, officials said.

Aerial photos show that the Foundation Confluence Park.
Before his big unveiling in January 2018 ; delayed because of bad weather for the month of March : L’Inauguration !

The pictures show scenes of giant sculptures !

We are delighted to partner with the San Antonio River Foundation :

to offer a six-week beginner yoga at new San Antonio landmark, the Confluence Park. Thanks to the generous sponsorship Go365 by Humana, these courses are offered to the community free. These courses will focus on the fundamentals of yoga with a practice designed specifically for beginners and novice yogis.

So take your own mat and go for a breath of morning, motion, connection and community in the beautiful petals of concrete in the heart of the park.

18 February - 25 MARS
From 10:00 to 23:00

Basic Beginner Yoga in the Park Confluence

Confluence Park: 310 W Mitchell St, San Antonio, TX 78204 (Texas)

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