Dymaxion Car (1933) Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) Architect, American designer

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Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983)

Architect, Designer, Inventor, American writer and futurist.

R. Fuller began to experiment with automotive design
from the beginning of the years 20, and in 1933.

he presented a three-wheeled automobile
has a rear and front-wheel drive Ford engine.

Dymaxion's first car drawing by Buckminster Fuller.

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if you want to know
the entire history of la Dimaxion.

He called it the Dymaxion, composition de « dynamic », "Maximum" and "ion".

the “Dymaxion Car” created by the brilliant engineer Buckminster Fuller in 1933. He originally wanted to design a car that could also fly, but the technical constraints were far too great. He decided to build 3 three wheel prototypes with the steerable rear wheel (which makes it a little confusing to drive), a wooden structure, and an extremely aerodynamic water drop shape. Indoors and outdoors, we immediately recognize the influence of “streamline” in vogue at the time. The car is front wheel drive, but the Ford V8 is in the rear center position.
The car was very stable and could reach very high speeds at the time (of the order of 160 km / h).The vehicle could carry eleven people up to 145 km / h 1933 and consumed less than 13 liters to 100 km. The new aerodynamics of the Dymaxion come from its sketches, but the final form is to be credited to his friend Starling Burgess, famous designer of boats and planes. Iconic personalities such as Henry Ford and sculptor Isamu Noguchi actively participated in this project.




Jeff Lane's Dymaxion replica will debut at Amelia Island.

A Tennessee enthusiast almost finished a replica of the Dymaxion by R.Buckminster Fuller.

Vehicle number two is now undergoing a partial restoration, but there are plans to create a faithful recreation of vehicle number three. The English Crosthwaite and Gardiner are large-scale restorers and they were commissioned to undertake the partial restoration of the only existing Dymaxion. This work will be a complete disassembly and refurbishment, including interior renovation. It will not be a running car when finished, but as it is a piece of museum, It's okay, especially because they are going to build another one that turns and rolls. Indeed, they will faithfully recreate the third car lost in the fire and make it a racer.


20 July 1934 – Washington, DC, United States – One of the rare Dymaxion cars designed by Buckminster Fuller and owned by Leopold Stokowski, conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra. — Image de © Bettmann / CORBIS

The Wall Street Journal takes Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion car for a test drive. IMAGE / CHICAGO HISTORY MUSEUM

Fuller montre Dymaxion Car , 1933 Chicago World’s Fair | Institut Buckminster Fuller.

Car No. 3 R.Fuller Dymaxion (1937)

Car n ° 3 – in Brooklyn and 1944.

New Yorkers will have the chance to see the Dymaxion car in an exhibition at the Museum

Whitney Museum of American Art. Credit Henry Ford Museum

Whitney Museum of American Art, 99 Gansevoort Street, New York, NEW 10014

Three were built, parades by the media and by celebrities, but the car almost disappeared after an accident, killing the driver.

The history of the Dymaxion Car, one of his most famous and the precursor of low consumption vehicles aerodynamic works. The last reconstruction of the Dymaxion Car # 4 business by Norman Foster specially for this exhibition in tribute to Fuller, who was his mentor and friend. “My starting point when deciding to create the Dymaxion Car # 4 was a mixture of curiosity and a desire to pay tribute to Bucky, a way to express my gratitude for his wisdom and for his valuable way of understanding things that helped shape my own life”.

Dymaxion Car Buckminster Fuller






Object: 1935 Starliner Tear Drop Car – Find !
The Starliner
was directed by Robert Gougeon of Bay City Michigan in 1935.
Since my adolescence, I am fascinated by cars with tears for years 1930. This is partly explained by the fact that Buckminster Fuller was one of my parent teachers at the SIU in Illinois. In fact, I met "Uncle Bucky" several times at the age of 3/5 years. He designed one of the most famous teardrop cars called Dymaxion.


source : http://www.carstyling.ru/en/entry/Fuller_Dymaxion_1933/



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