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at Retromobile of the PARIS 11 February 2016


Eagle 360°

Version 1

The coral of the brain is a common name given to corals in the family Mussidae, called because of their shape and their generally spheroid grooved surface that looks like a brain. Coral each head is formed by a colony of genetically identical polyps that secrete a hard skeleton of calcium carbonate, This makes them important coral reef builders like other stony corals in the order Scleractinia.

A biomimicry-inspired coral and sea sponges

Another advantage related to the variability of the axis of rotation of a sphere : tire adapting better to the road conditions. for example, if flooded roadway, the tire use a rotation axis contacting with the ground of the water discharge groove (tread) then, returning to dry pavement, change axis so that the tire like a dog shakes, and evacuating all its water. According to the company, the outer structure of the tire was inspired Faviidae, these corals shaped brain (Brain coral), and its tread is lined with a material reproducing the characteristics of sea sponges, absorbent and soft in the presence of water, hard when dry, to optimize traction in all situations.

Version 1-Eagle-360 ° Spherical and Magnetic, the tire of the future Goodyear.

The tire manufacturer Goodyear introduced the Eagle 360 at the Geneva Motor Show.

A tire in the shape of a sphere that could equip cars here 2035. The mechanical connection between the wheel and the car disappear. The vehicle would float through ball that would be magnetized. With new self wheels could move laterally back and forth. The Eagle 360 would also peppered parameters to analyze the road to allow the car to drive autonomously.

This tire rolling sphere or rather invented by Goodyear would be particularly adapted to the constraints that will manage autonomous cars of tomorrow. These cars will indeed be able to react to any unforeseen situation. Nothing like that a tire that would keep the same contact area on the ground and in all circumstances. Made 3D Printer, it would also maneuver more easily in future urban announced as saturated. How these spheres are connected to vehicles ? That's where Goodyear sees further !

The Eagle 360 ​​° would be connected to the frame by magnetic levitation, already more or less used in rail technology.


The tire manufacturer Goodyear presented at the Geneva Motor Show « Eagle 360 ?? Urban », its last prototype tire driven by artificial intelligence, able to "feel, decide, transform and interact ", as he describes the brand.
Eagle 360 Urban :
presents a bionic skin with a network of sensors that allows the tire prototype check your state and collect environment information, including road surface.
likewise, is able to process "brain" information in their own context in real time via connectivity with other vehicles and with the environment, traffic management systems and mobility.
The Goodyear Eagle 360 ??Urban :
first conceptual tire shot by the artificial intelligence, presented at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2017.Source: Goodyear Tires & Goodyear .UK

The future of tires? it is spherical, Connected and Auto Repair !

2017 Goodyear revealed his long-term vision for future intelligent tires, connected. In a mobility ecosystem defined by the evolution of the transition to vehicles and mobility without shared driver in urban centers, Goodyear aims to revolutionize the interaction between the tires, vehicles and their environment. Goodyear unveiled the Urban Eagle 360, his latest concept tire, the Geneva International Motor Show.

3D – printed sphere is the first tire concept being supplied with artificial intelligence and capable of detecting, decide, transform and interact.

duration 3:12 –

The Goodyear is premiering at the Geneva Motor Show a concept of visionary tire for autonomous vehicles of tomorrow. Baptized the Eagle - 360, its spherical shape clashes.

He will tire tomorrow and levitating ball ?
In any case, it’s Goodyear’s bet across the Eagle - 360, designed to offer the ultimate in terms of maneuverability, security and connectivity. Its shape creates a smooth lateral movement and helps to steer 360 degrees.

Fact, vehicles equipped with such tires will need less space to successfully park properly. With its multi-orientations profile, this tire can also turn more easily in any direction and therefore reduce the risk of skidding and provide more security. The fact that this tire is printed in 3D also allows to easily customize the.

And if the tire became an important part of the autonomous car ?

Soft Water, hard on the dry- Goodyear Eagle – 360°

From this statement, the manufacturer has designed a tire that can automatically adapt to the road conditions and weather conditions. Adopting a biomimicry design terry, and inspired by a variety of coral, the elements of its structure to adapt to the road surface. Wet road on flexible, hard on the dry, Sponge changes its characteristics according to the weather outside.

Four balls on a pool table
Its spherical shape also has many advantages. The larger contact surface than on a conventional tire avoids loss of adhesion. The behavior curve is totally different since the four balls have the same position in a straight line or curve. It's a bit like a super four-wheel steering system.

maglev :
Use completely spherical tires requires the elimination of mechanical connections with the car. To replace, Goodyear has designed a maglev link, as the high-speed train scmaglev. Fact, the magnetic field also manages suspension.

Still science fiction ?
On paper, the concept seems great and could give a huge scope for independent car, but it is only science fiction. Currently, maglev has never been used for turning and lead spheres. The idea of ​​sponge structure seems however less remote.

Goodyear Dunlop still present Concepts Looking at the Geneva Motor Show. This year , which is especially true; the Goodyear Eagle 360 Goodyear shows in the form of a sphere. But it is not only the new form that has great potential, there are some very interesting new technologies in the oven design also.

Audi R8

TRACTO-SPHÈRE BAR 2017 Geneva ( Motor Show )

SBARRO PENDO-TRACTO 2017 Geneva ( Motor Show )

Sbarro, another way to design auto.

The wheel reinvented by Franco Sbarro…

In 1989, the creative genius Franco Sbarro surprised everyone by presenting its most amazing invention: orbital wheel or hubless wheel.

Two elements make this wheel:
- a rotating part comprising the tire, a tube-shaped rim matching the inner face of the tire and a brake ring ;
- a fixed part which is articulated on the inner band of the bearing, where are fixed the connecting triangles, the steering rod and the brake clamps.

To achieve this orbital wheel, we had a very large diameter rolling. Franco Sbarro called on a company specializing in bearings : SKF. Then, Dominique Mottas, Franco Sbarro Sbarro Mottas founds Engineering will set up the program Osmos (Original Sbarro Arrive Orbital System) which led to the presentation of cut Osmos and three motorcycles, particularly spectacular.

“Orbital” motorcycles More than the Osmos coupe, These are bikes with the orbital wheel that made sense. It must be said that the absence of a hub is more "visible" on two wheels than on a car.
- the first motorcycle, white, is surely the purest. Disclaimer profile, nothing betrays any link between the bike and its wheels ;
- the second motorcycle, rouge, has visible before connection arm which mask the bottom of the wheel. In back, it has a conventional wheel with hub and chain ;
- the third motorbike is more like an educational tool. The body is only suggested using metal son, which allows to see the whole of the orbital wheel link arm.
A report that another amazing machine was equipped later orbital wheel : l'Aero. This sidecar, launched in 2000 for the promotion of shows inspired by the orbital wheel, reappeared at the World Automotive and lounge in Essen 2008.

What has happened since 1989 ?
Little curiously. First Franco Sbarro sold 1991 all its shares to Dominique Mottas who only tried to continue the development of the orbital wheel. Without much success he seems. Hence the absence of orbital wheel in Sbaro later. Today the company holding patents, Received Vista Holding, has an agreement with Sbarro. The development of the orbital wheel could be revived. A visit to the site of Osmos Wheel gives an idea of ​​the potential of the orbital wheel that has, for the moment, not prove.

Futuristic tires..

Goodyear is developing a new tire for the Lunar Rover future.

Goodyear approaches the next generation of "tire" that could be used in the next Space Exploration Rovers and perhaps also in the harshest terrain on Earth. This project began developing a few years ago when NASA began working with Goodyear to develop new tires that could be used in, and canceled Constellation project. The modern version is called "Spring Tire" or "spring tires", by 800 springs which make the tire. According to Goodyear, the springs can be adjusted to the relief of other planets , without transfer of the car excessive vibration.

The new tire has the characteristic of being ultra-redundant since, while a strong impact on the Earth can puncture, suddenly the "Spring Tire" probably damage, nothing more, one of the 800 it has springs. In addition to this function, Spring Tire also has a combination of rigidity and flexibility that allows vehicles to travel relatively fast over rough terrain and avoid moving most of the vibrations of the rest of the vehicle.

The air spring is designed to cover much greater distances than the original tire used on Apollo missions and was designed and built over the years 60 and in the early 70.

"This tire is extremely durable and extremely energy efficient, Joe Lettieri noted , Goodyear Principal Investigator on the project. »Design provides maximum traction. All the energy used to deform the tire is returned when the springs rebound, therefore will not generate heat as a pneumatic air. «

KUMHO Tires of the Future

The revolutionary tire without air

Le MICHELINMD X® TWEEL® SSL Airless Radial Tire ™ Compact Charger is now on sale in the US and Canada. This video is an update to a previous version, and announced the availability of two models: any field for use on a wide range of surfaces and hard surfaces for the life of the maximum tread on the floor.

Concept 3D MICHELIN Tire visionary 29/06/2017
Michelin reveals what it says is the tire of the future - a printed tire-wheel combination 3D which could be modified and customized to the driving needs.

Bonus !

ECO-CARS Factor Eco-car Concept runs on hydrogen fuel.

Here is another eye-catching concept car, can not say it will never see the actual roads, but if ever come into existence, it will be cutting edge design in the automotive world. Using "state of the art" technology " Peugeot Sphe'ra »Boasts of some special features like a maglev system for propulsion.

The most unique feature is its spherical wheels, which are controlled by electromagnets incorporated inside each wheel surrounding the wheels like a magnetic ring which also functions as suspension.

In short, while on the drive, the vehicle is completely floating on a magnetic field. the spherical wheels are rotatable about their own axis and also allow the vehicle to move in any direction. That means no need to reverse the car to go back. Even more, the vehicle is powered by electricity supplied by hydrogen fuel cell located in the lower part of the voiture.Il can carry three passengers at a time with driver in the front and two on the rear seats. We do not have sufficient specifications to leave comments on the concept. However, the design seems too futuristic to materialize.

Audi Snook – Future Car Design Concept
Mono Spherewheel vehicle Audi Snook is a Concept Car Design by Tilmann Schlootz at the Academy of Arts and Design HfG Offenbach Germany. Snook is a double car premium seats optimized for urban mobility and rides on a single spherical wheel. Its stabilization system is inspired by Eurofighter Typhoon and depends accellerometers triple axis. the Cité du Design in St Etienne 2010 in France.

Future Nissan Pivo Avec Inbuilt Robot HD
The Nissan Pivo is safe A Car Future. . . Loaded with ultra modern technology, this car is full of sensors.More on you an integrated electronic co pilot to help and guide you wherever you go.
The entry of Nissan in 2010 LA Auto Show Design Challenge is a light weight track stars of the future.

LA Auto Show Design Challenge 2011 – Mercedes Silver Arrow – Silver foudre
Design Director: Hubert Lee
Designers: Jackson Luttig, Yasu Sato
Designer: Animation: Alan Barrington

Mercedes-Benz Biome.Le concept de Mercedes-Benz.

BERLIN- Mercedes-Benz BIOME (Concept Car 2010) HD

A concept car looks like nothing else, Mercedes-Benz Biome is constructed from lightweight biological material that is grown from seed. This amazing concept car is also in the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco, California.

BMW Vision Next 100 - Interior, Outside.

New Toyota Concept-i

New Toyota Concept-i

Renault unveils Renault TREZOR

Renault is Trezor pavement 21 inches in the front and 22 inch rear. Its weight is 1 600 kg.
Beautiful sculptural Line, sensual curves balanced proportions, Renault Trezor does not lack presence. long 4,70 m, off 2,18 m and very low with only 1,08 m below the measuring board, it rests on a long wheelbase 2,77 m. Its body coated with a neutral gray alternating smooth surfaces at the front and volumes subtly worked to arrière.La Renault Trezor is very low with 1,08 m below the measuring board.

Renault Safe Concept (Paris World 2016)

Renault TREZOR Concept unveiled at Paris Motor Show 2016 !

These two concepts of Audi trucks have not left the drawing board.

© Artem Smirnov et Vladimir Panchenko.

The B version of the Truck for Audi is even more radical. © Artem Smirnov et Vladimir Panchenko




Nvidia has created a benchmark platform to set an example for automakers : Drivenet. Nvidia's platform uses the Nvidia Digits learning network to quickly learn how to detect many types of objects : the detection platform detection rate increased from 39 % in July 2015 at 88 % last December. The development platform was able to learn to recognize 120 millions of objects in a month through cameras.



To celebrate 100 years of the German mark, BMW hit hard by unveiling a model of motorcycle design straight out of the future 100 % connected and autonomous.

Gyroscopes, accelerometers and sophisticated control mechanisms, standing on a two-wheeled vehicle is no longer quite the balancing act, it might have been once, even when stationary. Visions of future mobility as Honda U3-X take such ideas in whole new directions, literally, including multi-directional capabilities and concepts such as Supple go even further by abandoning wheels altogether in favor of bullets. It is this freedom of movement that inspired a group of students from Charles W Davidson College of Engineering at San Jose State University to start working on the ambitious system spherical drive (SDS) electric motorcycle.

Students design an electric motorcycle sphere-wheeled omnidirectional.

Freely inspired by the concept of Audi RSQ with spherical wheels which can be seen in the film - Robot, a group of students from Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering of the University of San José created a similar concept with only two wheels. In addition to electric, the spherical wheel drive system is safer, because the front wheel can not be put aside and brutally off balance the rider.
And these giant spherical wheels, (made of carbon fiber and fiberglass coated with rubber), simplify maneuvers since the bike can move sideways as easily as forward or it recule.Les students think that their concept will be fully assembled and will work before the end of the year.
On the other hand, it will take some time before a motorcycle with such a design can be cross on our roads. And while it's nice to have a motorcycle inspired by I,Robot, I would love to see a car inspired by Blade Runner.

Spherical six-stator Induction Motors for balancing mobile robots.

The future of transportation is a connected world !

The future of transportation is a connected world.

The future of transportation is a connected world.

published by This Is Brainy on Tuesday 9 May 2017

A new tire in NASA chain can deform to the axle and reshape.

Nickel-Titanium, a shape memory alloy with amazing capabilities, a explained Santo Padula.


US tire maker Goodyear has revealed its latest tire concept called Oxygen. It would combine 3D printing, artificial intelligence and organic life and could well become one of the most ecological and innovative tires market to Date.

Oxygen, Goodyear's 3D printed vegetable tire - MARCH 2018

With its tire manufacturing experience for over 100 years, l’entreprise The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company wanted to create a tire that would contribute to improving the air quality. It would have integrated the living foam throughout the tire sidewall oxygen so that it can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by emitting oxygen, the principle of photosynthesis.

The Oxygen tire incorporate foam :

With its tire manufacturing experience for over 100 years, l’entreprise The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company wanted to create a tire that would contribute to improving the air quality. It would have integrated the living foam throughout the tire sidewall oxygen so that it can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by emitting oxygen, the principle of photosynthesis.

The Oxygen Tire

3D printing has enabled him to obtain a tire that is lighter and more resistant to impact. It is a non-pneumatic structure which would extend the life of the tire and reduce maintenance. One can not help thinking about the Vision Concept Michelin, this tire puncture proof and printed in 3D that, in the same way, was not filled with air.

Goodyear wanted to make a green tire : the company therefore used recycled tires that would have turned into powder, material that would have been used for 3D printing of the final tire . An initiative that echoes that of Emerging 3D Objects that prints all kinds of objects from recycled tires.

But when comes to 3D printing in all this ?

A concept which also wants greener and adaptable to our way of driving. Goodyear continues by explaining that his tire is powered by artificial intelligence capable of generating enough energy through the photosynthesis process to keep his sensors active and a customizable light strip operational. this band, located in the sidewall, change color to alert drivers and pedestrians of the car movement, as flashing.



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