Hotel Everland Daniel Baumann – Sabina Lang

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Design and construction of the capsule “room-hotel”, built on the occasion of the national exhibition in Switzerland 2002 by Swiss artists Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann.


A Room-Hotel Everland is not a hotel ! This is the subjective dream : It is a project of Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann artist duo, better known under the name of L / B.

D’originally from San Francisco, Daniel Baumann completed the Everland hotel with his wife Sabina Lang alongside craftsmen Burgdorf in Switzerland. Before the Palais de Tokyo roof, the work of art remained in June 2006 to September 2007 sur le toit de la Museum of Contemporary Art de Leipzig (Saxe), after investing pilings on Lake Neuchatel in Yverdon and the workshop roof and artists residency.

In 2002, the couple of Swiss Artists Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann have created a funny hotel for the exhibition "Everland" as part of the Swiss National Exhibition. Since, their creative journey. Hotel Everland currently sits on the roof of Palais de Tokyo until the end 2008.

couple Sabina LONG a Daniel BAUMANN, Swiss artists.

hotel EVERLAND ****
Palais de Tokyo
13, Avenue du President Wilson
75116 Paris

feature: 1 only room available, Booking only one night.

Price: from 333 euros 444 euros, up & rsquo; to 30 avril 2009, enjoy it !

A hotel can be quite unique to be out of reach, mainly because of its price, but the Hotel Everland has reached what might be called "the height of exclusivity" for two reasons: because it has only one chamber, and because the part can be placed in any corner of the world. In the beginning, this idea of ​​Switzerland Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, was in Leipzig, on the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Now, it's in Paris, with a view of the Eiffel Tower, the Palais de Tokyo..

spectacular views the hotel room which is also an art exhibition !

The Palais de Tokyo is hosting an exceptional project proposed by the two Swiss artists Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, who sign their works “L / B. Speaking in both the art of territories, design and everyday life, these two artists love to place their works in the heart of the situations “real”. For the Palais de Tokyo, they propose a system called “hotel Everland”.
Previously installed on the Leipzig Museum building roof, in Germany, this exceptional work is now for the first time in France and, for a year, on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo, in Paris, November 1 2007 the 31 December 2008.

“hotel Everland” is a work whose principle is to put the visitor in the actual situation of the use of a hotel room. The illusion to be perfect, the operation of a hotel of reality must be respected, while not forgetting that the Palais de Tokyo is a venue for exhibitions, it is indeed a work of art and not a commercial hotel and that what might seem like an ambiguity is the foundation of the work of artists who want the visitor to become truly part of the artwork.
The concept, "An integral part of the artwork", a prix : between 333 and 444 euro following day. And the memory is a gift embroidered towel gold thread. A tenant of a night access to the minibar "free and garnished" and "at breakfast". It can also listen to the record collection in the turntable available. Savoring the moment is important : the room is for rent for one night only.

A unique opportunity to live in a work of art, a “capsule” all dressed in blue and green, ambience years 70 luxury revisited. A generously sized room, a staging of the smallest details, with a turntable and a collection of vinyl choice, the minibar and free and icing on the cake, the breakfast served in the room in the morning… facing a panoramic view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. The bathroom, and endless all blue mosaic, reminds a spirit pool.

A beautiful but fleeting program…



Christoph Merian Verlag will publish at the end of this year a book about the hotel Everland.


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