Bob Reisner, The Pink Panther (Panthermobile)

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The "Pink Panther" Cartoon Car

Available for auction for the second time only, rare original "Pink Panther" car is one of the most unique film and television vehicles ever produced.

This unique automobile was created in 1969 as part of the popular Pink Panther Show, aired in the United States on NBC from 1969 at 1976.

The Famous Pink Panther Limousine Built in 1969 by The car was created by Bob Reisner California Show Cars in collaboration with Dan Woods, Joe Bailon, Bill Hines and Bill Honda priced at 100 000 $ in dollars of 1976 not Jay Ohrberg. The Panthermobile made a return to the Los Angeles Show. This is the Panthermobile, an inordinately long pink car which was built in the 60 for shows in the Pink Panther Show series. The Pink Panther Car, fully restored and functional, is on display in the Galpin Customs Hall at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the 17 November 2016 to the Angels, in California.

High quality version of the opening sequence for The Pink Panther Show 1960.

The Pink Panther car was the only vehicle that appears in the credits of the television series for children 1969 at 1976. The car was the creation of designer Bob Reisner. This pattern of bright pink, appeared in the opening and closing footage of the Pink Panther Show, which was inspired by movies with Peter Sellers as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau.

It was built by Californian Bob Reisner and a craftsman who specialized in the manufacture of vehicles used by Hollywood studios. He made vehicles like the DeLorean from Back to the Future movies, the Batmobile we saw in the original television series and films 1966 and 1989, as well as the Dodge Charger General Lee from the TV series Dukes of Hazzard.

all steel body of the Panthermobile, that measures 1,8 m wide and 7,0 m long, clothes the frame of a Oldsmobile Toronado years 60. Longer than the longest Super Duty pickup trucks Ford F Series, this car is powered by the V8 7,0 L of the Toronado, which drives the front wheels through a gearbox 3 reports.

The driver in the front seat, which is exposed to the elements. He must wear a helmet for protection from the noise produced by the V8 mounted behind him. The interior looks like a "capsule of fun" (some would say rather "baisodrome") with the floor covered with a thick carpet "shaggy", many cushions and a bar, basically.


A guitar-shaped Dragster designed by Jay Ohrberg

This car was seen in 1999 a l’exposition Hollywood car show a Cannes, it is made by the greatest car customiser Jay Ohrberg in the 70's for an Elvis Presley show. This car was the subject of several articles in the 80's.
How she got on French soil ?
In the years 90 a collector wanted to make a museum with, among other things, Alvin cars, Steve mc Queen's motorcycle spider in Belgium but the project fell through. The cars were resold after the exhibition.
Some ended up in a basement in the 93, the others scattered around the world. This Cadillac arrived on the roof of a restaurant in front of Marineland in Antibes, she stayed there a few years.
The land where this Cadillac was located was bought back so the car was once again for sale on Ebay for 4000 euros without papers.
Last time i saw this car (photo below) the gilding of the bumper has disappeared past the sun, the missing strings, the body with holes, broken lights probably dried by the sun.

We hope to see this Cadillac Guitar created by Jay Orhberg again in a specialist magazine or in a museum, I saw her in this junkyard in the south of France.. Google Street View analysis places it somewhere in France, between Cagnes-sur-Mer and Antibes, in 2008, but who knows if she is still there ?


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