Eero Saarinen JFK Airport TWA Fly Center – New-York

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Eero Saarinen (1910-1961)

Publicity 1962 – TWA flight terminal interior in NY in the 60s.

Conçu par Eero Saarinen Trans World Airlines in New York City International Airport John F. Kennedy

TWA Flight
The John F. Kennedy International Airport Center New York (1956-1962)





The terminal 5 the New York airport is a symbol of twentieth century architecture.

These pictures may be the latest evidence of this unique and unusual place. New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, approved a long lease reach agreement to transform the TWA Flight Center landmark at John F Kennedy Airport in a hotel complex, that honor golden era of airport jet age. Although some parts of the original complex was destroyed, the Saarinen designed has been renovated and is partially surrounded by a replacement terminal building, which was completed in 2008. The New York and New Jersey Port Authority , which operates JFK, had once wanted the TWA Flight Center as a solemn entry to the replacement terminal and for plans to convert the original head home in a hotel, to open in 2018.

closed since 2001, it is about to be turned into hotel.

Le TWA Flight Center ou Trans Flight Center mondiale, opened in 1962 as the original Terminal.

the construction of the new facility began in August, 2016.



Trans World Airlines Flight Center – ABS NY-6371 – 00013a.jpg

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, approved a long lease reach agreement to transform the TWA Flight Center landmark at John F Kennedy Airport in a hotel complex,which will honor the airport's jet age.

The installation will also provide transformed “vital rooms on the airport services for travelers”, according to developers, MCR development.”

This administration has pledged to modernize airports in New York for the 21st century by creating bridges worthy of New York City and to ensure travelers have the services they need ", to Cuomo explained. “Au TWA Flight Center, we are able to achieve these goals while maintaining its iconic design for passengers to enjoy for decades to come.”

New York-JFK is one of the few U.S. airports without an airport hotel.

The project of 265 millions $ construction, which should break ground next year, will generate 3.700 jobs – which about 2.500 Construction union and restore jobs – and should open in 2018.

The plans for the hotel were first announced by Governor Cuomo in July.

To redo the TWA Flight Center and its site nearly six acres just on airport Hotel JFK. MCR will keep development 95% the ownership of the hotel and Jet Blue will 5%. Flight Center Hotel LLC will invest about 265 millions $ to continue the renovation of the historic TWA Flight Center, while developing 505 hotel rooms, 40.000 square feet of meeting space, restaurants, a spa and an observation deck 10.000 square feet. “The new hotel will meet the growing needs of our passengers all throughout the 21st century, with a touch of the bygone era of glamor mid 20th century jet-age travel”.



TWA terminal, Ero Saarinen 1962
Ezra Stoller was able to capture the futuristic side of the architect at the time and immerse the eye in an indefinable space.




In the same year, in 1962, the alpha numeric indicator remote control for airports and railway stations Solari won the Golden Compass, the second after that of 1956 for the design of figures snap electro-mechanical clock, Cifra5

Le TWA Flight Center, opened in 1962 at the airport John F. Kennedy de New York and designed by architect Eero Saarinen Finnish-American ...

Split View pane Solari designed by the architect Gino Valle.

Mode – 2016 – Airport TWA

Fashion 2016 – Longchamp, Paris.Sponsored Longchamp ticket via Glam Media.

Discover the new collection Longchamp –

chic disco advertising campaign and therefore for Longchamp, who bet on a fun atmosphere and vintage at once, (the campaign was shot in an old terminal at JFK), there thus find the course It Bags brand : Longchamp 3D, Gatsby Sport and LM leather line, but also shoes and ready to wear range of Longchamp.


2013 – Longchamp, Paris.Billet sponsored Longchamp via Glam Media. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions or positions of Longchamp.

Now consider a party here. Your friends, fellow business or family fly around the country. The wheels of the plane hit the tarmac, your guests unboard the plane and simply walk into the terminal, luggage in hand, to arrive at the shindig. They are instantly surrounded by glamor, uber cool architecture and the backdrop for a successful film. This could soon become a reality because the mid-century modern style of the TWA Flight Center and location to JFK International Airport make it the perfect place to hold an event with a global client list. Companies to introduce a new product in several markets could host a central part of launch. Other possibilities include space galas, fashion shows and other special events.



Eero Saarinen – TWA-Terminal, New York, 1960



New York, United States 2020 View from a Lockheed Constellation plane, Said The Connie from Kennedy Airport, TWA Hotel. This vintage plane is now open as a cocktail lounge.




Saarinen, Tulip chair



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