Gian Franco Brignone's Copa Del Sol (2006) MEXICO

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This story started in January 2004, when the Mexican Navy decided to demolish an old lighthouse on the edge of the beautiful Teopa Peninsula for decades. They wanted to delete it because of its bad conditions, but this situation opened up a new possibility to Gian Franco Brignone (Founder of Careyes).

Gian Franco Brignone East an artist is a vision and as he says "Art is a series of mysterious impulses". The Sun Cup, "Sun cup" has become a magnificent representation of a woman according to Brignone's vision, a woman carries life within herself. The sun, metaphor of life, seems to blend into the Copa del Sol at sunset – thus giving life to the "woman".
2006, Gian Franco offered this artwork as a gift to Careyes and Mexico.

Costa Careyes is not only a country of natural wonders, Mexico is also a place of spiritual meetings. Cosmic art installations of almost astronomical size play on par with earth and light. Legend has it that the pristine beach on which they sit is the place where the gods gathered and creation began. If the myth of Playa Teopa was not worldly enough, Costa Careyes, Mexico is also the resting place of its own meteor.

Costa Careyes Mexico | The private luxury hotel complex.

To celebrate this year's Olympic Games, the artist JR which is widely known for its public art installations, roamed the streets of the host city of large-scale art installations.

Depicts an Olympic athlete turning the city into a personal playground:

The elusive artist is known for his large-scale installations.
He traveled the planet :

for his Inside Out project which covered walls and buildings in 129 pays.

JR : Instagram

The French street artist :
JR installs giant athletes in the Rio landscape for the Olympic Games 2016

Specialist in maxi-size images, JR returns to Rio six years after posting giant portraits of Brazilian women in Morro da Providência's favela. His way of making these everyday heroines visible. This time, it pays homage to the values ​​of sport with striking lightness and poetry. The athlete who emerges over a building by the sea is a Sudanese sportsman deprived of OJ after an injury and who ends up in Rio anyway.

Rio de Janeiro was taken over by giants. A massive high jump floats over a tall building, while in the Barra district, a colossal figure slips gracefully into the seawater. Or at least, this is what the French street artist JR wants you to see it.
To celebrate this year's Olympic Games, the artist, which is widely known for its public art installations, roamed the streets of the host city of large-scale art installations. Each represents an Olympic athlete transforming the city into a personal playground.
The elusive artist is known for his large-scale installations. He traveled the planet for his Inside Out project , who covered walls and buildings in 129 pays.

JR French artist revealed giant art installations in Rio de Janeiro during the Rio Olympics 2016. Photo Chris McGrath .

Art plays an essential role at Careyes. One of the most iconic art installations is the large-scale structure of the Copa del Sol . Dramatic perched atop a cliff overlooking Playa Teopa. The Sun Cup measure 88 feet in diameter and 35 feet tall. When the sun sets at right angles, it seems that the sun is falling directly in the Copa. At this year's annual Arte Careyes festival , the artist photographer JR unveiled its contribution to the Careyes landscape – a diver disembarking in the center of the Copa del Sol.


Visit while running “Sun Cup”, Careyes, Costa Alegre Jalisco (avril 2018)


The Sun Cup, which was built as a monument to women. It’s an incredibly powerful experience. its size is overwhelming and its location, located on a piece of land protruding into the Pacific, is breathtaking. Climb the rachitic ladder to the top and walk around its circumference at sunset, then enter the bowl from its spaceship-like hatch. Take the time to sit down, to breathe, to lie down. Feel the power of the structure inside and listen to the air above you as magnificent birds fly above you. The acoustics are so impressive that you can hear the flutter of their wings above. This is by far my favorite part of Careyes.

(2016) Mode Fashion par Benjo Arwas, Mexico.

Gallery | tomasmellobreyner

The marriage of Luisa González and Filippo Brignone to Careyes

Breathtaking concrete bowl resting on a strip of land jutting out into the Pacific from Mexico. It is located on Teopa beach near Careyes. It’s an ode to women. Built by Italian banker and visionary Gian Franco Brignone.

Careyes is located in Costalegre on the beaches of the Mexican Pacific on the south coast of Jalisco, in Mexico. The unique combination of natural wonders of the region, hospitality and luxurious accommodation in the form of ocean castles, private villas, of casitas and bungalows is assigned to its name, “Costalegre” or happy coast. Careyes, in Mexico, is sweet all year, even in winter, with an average annual temperature of 22 ° C and 27 ° C (72 ° F – 80 ° F).


The Piramidion, which represents the man, is nestled inside a cave, 1.5 km from La Copa. Aligned so that the sun seems to be setting in La Copa while illuminating the Piramidion. As in the dream, these structures unite with the equinoxes of March and September.
While the cave housing the Piramidion was being excavated, dozens of ancient stones mined from the depths of the mountain have accumulated. Considered sacred, they now enter the center of the universe at the top of Cabeza del Indio.
El Centro del Universe is accessible by a guided hike from 40 minutes called "Camino de la Vida".

On the west coast of Mexico, Gian Franco Brignone has shaped its Eden along 15 kilometers of wild shore : a golden haven for a cosmopolitan and handpicked community.
Gian Franco Brignone himself imagined palaces with a whimsical style, villas and bungalows facing the jungle or the ocean. The inspired patriarch has just celebrated his 90th birthday ... And he can count on the next generation to help him continue his big projects : the construction of a clinic for the surrounding villages, his foundation committed to education, culture and the environment. The third generation of Brignones is already helping out. A Careyes, a dynasty was born.

Careyes is an exclusive luxury private complex consisting of ocean castles, private villas, of houses and bungalows. It is located in Costalegre on the beaches of the Mexican Pacific on the south coast of Jalisco, in Mexico. Founded by Gian Franco Brignone in 1968, this private and family seaside resort, continuously owned by a family, combines the sensuality of the Mediterranean with a unique architecture and the hospitality of Mexico. Just as important is the community of Careyes, beautiful and colorful as the place itself. Eccentrics, elegant, educated, multilingual and generally fascinating, they are all characters. likewise, are the guests who are forced to visit this most magical land. Carey's specific combination of natural beauty, Sybarite architecture and lifestyle make it one of the best in the world.

Aerial photo of the Mi Ojo oceanic castle with a footbridge leading to a private island in Careyes, in Mexico.



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