Maison Butscher – Architects Christian Chambon and Jean-Noël Touche

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La Maison Butscher (1978-1984)

Christian CHAMBON (architect), Jean-Noël TOUCHE (architect) and Joël Unal who carried out the reinforcement.

The building permit date 1978, the work took place 1981 at 1984.

The Visan bubble house is now listed as a historical monument by decree of 30 August 2011.


The bubble house concept is developed from years 1960 by architects such as Antti Lovag, Claude Costy and Pascal Häusermann. The house bubble is organic architecture because achievements are in strong relationship with nature, very integrated with their environment. But they differ from the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, their round shapes that evoke the biological organs and not the geometric shapes of the usual or classical architecture. The attraction for curves originated in traditional buildings (huts, cases, caves), and vaults resound with many old architectural styles and contemporary. As the techniques used allow free forms, the bubble house belongs to current architectural sculpture analyzed by Michel Ragon. He noted a "new naturalness" for Jacques Couëlle or is a "new baroque" in the words of Michel Ragon. This type of habitat is the precursor of Blob architecture, it was rare variations in public facilities (multipurpose room and kindergarten in Douvaine) or Hotel (the Museumotel), and inspired home of Barbapapa.

Some of these houses as the House Gaudet, House Butscher Visan and Unal House are classified, listed as historical monuments.
The Butscher House is a 20th century Bulle house, Visan, in the department of Vaucluse.

The Bubble House is an architectural concept dating back to the 1960, it mainly uses the veil of reinforced concrete without formwork. And this one of its design, a double concrete shell on metal reinforcement. Built by two architects in the years 1980 and later restored, it is design that challenges. Round and sober, this remains unusual in more than one surprise and delight the original architecture lovers !


The veil of reinforced concrete without formwork is invented by Pascal Häusermann who built for his father, in 1959, Villa Dolmen, in Grilly, Ain. The concrete is laid by hand or projected and remains caught in the reinforcement (sometimes decorated fabrics or metal grids). This process will be used for most bubbles houses, its implementation will be developed mainly by Claude Costy then by various self-builders.


Large house bubble greenhouse Visan


Florence Fourcade, the incomparable "Mademoiselle Swing" has now become "the jazz violin feminine", she will play as part of Jazz in the Vines in the grounds of the house to Bulle, this 08 June 2013.
Florence Fourcade is one of the few priestesses violin with a modern game without excess, but who knows how to move in with lyricism and energy
It has a glowing swing, as evidenced interpretations where alongside beautifully reinterpreted standards include beautiful original compositions.
At his side Vittorio Silvestri subtle and nuanced game, Michel Altier bassist and drummer Vincent Calmettes great sensitivity.
The world of Jazz not full of violinists. Florence Fourcade, French musician is part of this rare family and brings us his talent for 20 years. To his credit more 700 concerts on the stages of major festivals in France and abroad.
Virtuoso exceptional, Florence Fourcade has a very physical game, both energetic and tender to the : impresses with its inventiveness, the rigor of his remarks and lyricism of his compositions.
Known primarily as a disciple of Stéphane Grappelli to as "Mademoiselle swing" with a more modern game, more nervous than that of the master, it proposes a "Tribute to Stéphane Grappelli" with Marc Fosset who was for years his faithful guitarist and now occurs under the "Florence Fourcade Quartet" with its new show "About Love", a personal directory that allows him to assert all his composing talent.
It creates 1990 his first band "Mademoiselle Swing" in a more Grappellien style with which she goes through the scenes of festivals, in France and abroad (Paris, Nîmes, Madrid, Barcelona, Oslo, Geneva, Turin, Bucharest, Samois sur Seine, Festival Radio-France, Sarrebruck.etc ...).and records 4 albums under his name.
She shared the stage with such Babick Reinhardt, Stéphane Grappelli, Christian Escoudé, Marcel Azzola, Georges Arvanitas, Marc Fosset …
Its tonic game, his lyricism and inexhaustible energy place it at the forefront of the best violinists of French Jazz and World.

INFOS ++ The Bubble House is - 291 Path Tapi - 84820 VISAN France - Booking recommended by Phone :

Bubbles houses..

Auto Engineering Builder, Antonio Benincà

House Bulle by bioclimatic Buried
Philippe Delage

Help build the house of tomorrow, bioclimatic house bubble buried, heated by the sun..
Sculptor, Antonio is also a genius handyman who has adapted the material saving and materials at home bubble. Because if it is true that a bubble house costs less in materials than a traditional house, Antonio has gone as far as the little details. Antonio Benincà is primarily a sculptor who built with his companion Mary Queen Portailler and some friends in the years 1980 a house bubble 13,40 m diameter in the Loire. He has also made numerous sculptures and fountains for individuals and governments to discover here. The assistance of Mary Queen, colorist was decisive because at the time, it is that which fed the body of the board, while Antonio built the house.


Virginia Maneval

I am the daughter of Jean Benjamin Maneval, famous urban architect who notably created the Bulle Six Coques, a plastic house from the pop years. You can also find me on my Facebook page or on my page La Bulle Six Coques by Jean Benjamin Maneval.

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