Matti Suuronen 1978-1980 Sanzhi District Taipei, Taiwan

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Maisons Sanzhi UFO (Sanzhi ufo houses)
The San Zhi UFO Houses were designed by Matti Suuronen, a Finnish Architect who, carried by the optimism of the late 60.

These multicolored UFO-shaped building is located in New Taipei City, Sanzhi District, were built in 1978.

The construction of San Zhi began in 1978, but was halted two years later following fatal accidents that put an end to the construction of the futuristic seaside resort intended for the officers of the American army. Futuristic houses are called UFO houses and can be visited today.

San Zhi Resort Taiwan

ufo-022Maisons Sanzhi UFO (Sanzhi ufo houses) or commonly also called Sanzhi pod houses are a set of abandoned form of Pod-looking buildings in Sanzhi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan.
The buildings resembled bubbles Futuro Matti Suuronen, houses in which the site where houses Sanzhi UFO was owned by Hung Kuo Group.
Two years later, Company Hung Kuo, owns the land and master builder, in financial difficulties. The project was abandoned. The money troubles do not explain everything. Many road accidents, deadly, occur near the site. The interpreter rumor. One wonders if these accidents are the result of an early site development. To broaden the way that leads to homes, it took sacrifice sculpture of a Chinese dragon. And to make matters worse, the chosen site would host the spoils of Dutch soldiers. An article in the Taipei Times mentions 20.000 skeletons discovered in the early work. The place had been the scene of several murders.


Thirty years later, these modules to flying saucer-like have probably not resist the dance of démolisseuses, dispatched by the Taiwan government in January 2009. Damage to these holiday homes in concrete, in plastic, and color, located on the northern coast, North of the city of Taipei.
This resort, to house the officers of the US Army stationed in Southeast Asia, will have known that ghosts and photographers.
Ghosts have been regularly spotted near buildings. futuristic dated, mysterious atmosphere, and stunning views of the East China Sea, photographers jostled on the website UFO houses.

The place was even the scene of a movie.

L & rsquo; original idea for the UFOs came from Sanjhih Township plastics manufacturer Yu-chou Co.

The license of the first construction was issued 1978 and & rsquo; design idea came from Matti Suuronen, an architect of Finland, but construction stopped in 1980 when Yu-chou Co went bankrupt. Sadly, his company went bankrupt in 1980 the work and the draft were arrested. Efforts to revive the project n & rsquo; not lead.

There were several accidents, many of which were due to superstition and a deterioration of some Chinese dragon during construction activities. Many also felt that the area was haunted. The end result is that & rsquo; entire township was abandoned, left unfinished and it quickly became a ghost town.

Finally, the buildings were to be demolished at the end of the & rsquo; year 2008, despite a petition to keep the & rsquo; one of the structures as a museum.

The construction began on 29 December 2008.

The houses Sanzhi UFO has become a tourist attraction because of its unique and futuristic architecture and has been a popular spot for MTV video film music and also photographers.


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ufo-010 ufo-011 ufo-013

ufo-015 ufo-016 ufo-017 ufo-018 ufo-019 ufo-021

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ufo-041 ufo-042


ufo-044 ufo-045 ufo-046

Aerial View of San Zhi (Sँjih) Google Maps.

Asked by the Taipei Times on the occasion of the announcement of the demolition of buildings, Mr. Lin, one of the project designers, then leader of the design firm that subcontracts, tranche : "It is traditional in all construction trades to appease the spirits on the site, before starting work. This has nothing to do with ghost stories. "The project, taken over by a local beer producer and the company Hung Kuo, nearly restart 1989. The partners have not heard. Il and to an, the Government of Taiwan, that is not the site owner, still decided the destruction of the holiday village. Another attraction, its hotels and beaches, is programmed. On the satellite image, But we swear that the UFO houses San Zhi is still there. Maybe a ghost seaside city…


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