24 Dome Greenhouses, Germany

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” Mission to Mars ”
abandoned greenhouses
in Germany..

The site once belonged to a monastery. In 1985, it was sold to an institute specializing in assistance to the long-term unemployed. In 1987, the institute built the complex of greenhouses and horticultural nurseries on recently acquired land. The complex became part of a reintegration program that organized training in commercial gardening for the unemployed, allowing them to find paid work.

The complex counts 24 greenhouse, each composed of a dome-shaped structure composed of pentagonal and hexagonal glass panels. Inside each dome, the walls are lined with tables for flower pots and, in some cases, an additional hexagonal table is placed in the center.

copyright @Greg_abandonned

copyright @Greg_abandonned
copyright @Greg_abandonned

Mission to Mars Greenhouse Complex, sometimes also called Cosmic Greenhouse, seems straight out of a science fiction movie – maybe a futuristic village built by unknown creatures. Nature exceeds these magnificent and particular structures, forming a landscape that is both strange and peaceful. The complex is located in the west of Germany, but it is difficult to determine its exact location because to protect the place from vandals, it is rarely revealed.

There was a heating system and an automatic sprinkler system to create and maintain ideal conditions for the plants, especially during the winter months.

Mission to Mars has been abandoned around 2005, but it was not completely abandoned and left to its own fate. Local community members still operate the complex, preventing it from being completely overgrown with vegetation.
In 2010, the land was sold to the city and became municipal property, which means that it could possibly be renovated in the future, although there are currently no plans for the complex.





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