Musée National Space Center, Leicester UK

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Architect Nicholas Grimshaw

Musée National Space Center 2001

The National Space Center, Rocket Tour clad ETFE pillows, Leicester, UK.

The National Space Center is one of the main attractions of the UK

The National Space Center is a museum and educational resources covering the areas of space science and
astronomy, as well as a space research program in partnership with the University of Leicester.

It is located on the north side of the city of Leicester, in England, next to the River Soar. Many of the exhibits, including rockets straight, are housed in a tower with minimum steel supports and a semi-transparent coating ETFE "Pillows" which became one of the most famous monuments of Leicester. The building was designed by Nicholas Grimshaw , and opened to the public 30 June 2001. The tower is 42 m (138 feet) high and claims to be the only place to shelter the space rockets standing inside. The University of Leicester The center was born out of a partnership between the University of Leicester's Space Research Center and local government bodies. The total cost of the project was £ 52m, £ 26m of which came from a Millennium Commission for the gift and the rest of sponsors.Il private sector is run as a charity to’ education, and offers science workshops for students of all ages. The National Space Center is a postdoctoral research scientists based at the University of Leicester research Space Center (SRC) and the University of Engineering Institute’ Geodetic surveying and spatial (IESSG) Nottingham.

main exhibitions The Soyuz 7K OK (A) The Center has exhibited one of three Soyuz known in Western Europe (there is in France at the Space City and, in the USA, another Soyuz spacecraft to the Smithsonian Institution as part of their Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Test Project display). The center has six main exhibition galleries and visitor activities covering space flight, astronomy and cosmologie.L'attraction also includes a Digistar 3 Dome theater and a planetarium, a gift shop and restaurant. The restaurant is located under the two nozzles of the Blue Streak and PGM-17 Thor rockets.

Soyouz T Space Capsule

– This is the first thing visitors see when entering the Space Center.

– Soyuz spacecraft are the most common form and the most reliable in space and are designed to hold a crew of three men.

– Before being displayed at Space Center in Leicester, This capsule was displayed in a court in Georgia, United States.

He came to England in 2000 and needed extensive restoration.

Rocket Blue Streak
These rockets were first developed in the years 1950 to be a ballistic missile. They were later adapted in the years 1960 to be used as the first step of the first satellite launch program in Europe. It is the first time a Blue Streak rocket was displayed vertically like this at the National Space Center. It has a diameter of 3,1 meters, is of 18,5 meters long and 89,4 tonnes lancement.Cette rocket was launched for the first time in Australia 1964. He was loaned to the National Space Center by the National Museums and Galleries (World Museum Liverpool). This lunar sample was taken from Apollo 17, which was the last manned mission to the Moon, in December 1972.
– His sample number is 7425514 and lent by NASA.

The sample was collected by Harrison H 'Jack’ Schmitt et Eugene A ‘Gene’ Cerman.
Visit the Space Center website for more information





History Leicester (England)

Leicester is an English town situated in the East Midlands. administratively, it constitutes a unitary authority since 1997, but it remains part of the ceremonial county of Leicestershire, to which it gave its name. It is located on the Soar, on the edge of the National Forest (in). At the time of the census 2011, Leicester unitary authority had 333 000 inhabitants, while the urban area of ​​Leicester were 509 000, making her the largest city in the East Midlands and the tenth largest in the UK.
Old Ratae Coritanorum, Roman fortified camp, the city later became an important medieval city, when were built many churches there. The history of the city dates back to the British Iron Age. The Romans founded the city of Ratae there Corieltauvorum, with reference to the ancient Celtic Corieltauvi. After the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons, it belongs the kingdom of Mercia and became the seat of a bishop in the seventh century. Conquered by the Vikings, she became one of the Five Boroughs Midlands, reconquered in 917 by the Anglo-Saxons. Appearing under the name Ledecestre in the Domesday Book, it loses its city status in the eleventh century. It found that the 1919, after the significant growth that followed the industrial revolution. The city also became a great center of hosiery and footwear.


Virgin Galactic unveils spaceship for passengers and restarts day test flights

Alan G Brake | 20 February 2016 1 comment Virgin Galactic has unveiled an updated version of its commercial SpaceShipTwo craft, Single Spaceship Virgin, which will begin testing renewed in California and New – Mexico following a fatal accident in 2015.

Virgin Galactic owner Richard Branson said the spacecraft comes with "new bells and whistles" in a promotional video , although the company was vague about how the new plan differs from technology SpaceShipTwo.

Spaceship Virgin (VSS) The unit has a new white livery and silver, and is the first vehicle to be manufactured by The Spaceship Company – Virgin Galactic own manufacturing arm.

"Our beautiful new spacecraft, VSS Single, is the embodiment of that goal and will provide an unprecedented body of experience, in turn lay the foundations for the future Virgin Galactic. »

Physicist Stephen Hawking Nobel prize is named the craft, and say: "I would be proud to fly on this spaceship" in a recorded speech played during the unveiling ceremony in Mojave, in California.

First of’ first revealed in 2008, SpaceShipTwo is designed to carry six passengers and two pilots for short space flights.

SpaceShipTwo has broken the sound barrier during’ successful flight 2013

In December 2015, a test flight of the space plane left the Mojave Air and Spaceport. Shortly after firing his rocket, the machine dislocated in flight and crashed, killing the co-pilot and seriously injuring the pilot. Virgin Galactic has been quietly moving forward with their plans for the commercial space flight. Earlier this year, the company unveiled a pilot uniform piece by Yohji fashion designer label Adidas-owened Yamamoto Y-3. In 2011, Foster + Partners completed a spaceport in New – Mexico from which Virgin Galactic, and can – to be D’ other carriers, will eventually run its flights.



Y-3 creates flight suits for Virgin Galactic drivers on the first commercial space flights in the world.

All-in-one marine flight suit is made of a heat resistant synthetic material called Nomex Meta aramid, which is woven using a 3D engineering model.

The company plans to take commercial passengers at’ space by the end of 2017 .

The costume zips on the front of the torso, and also opens the shins. It was designed to help natural sitting position of a driver, identified by a series of tests with Virgin Galactic team. "The pilot flight suit prototype we have developed truly represents both our brands and, more important again, ensure comfort, functionality and support to drivers of the first commercial space flights in the world ", said the director of the main design Y-3 Lawrence Midwood . The pilots will begin during the experiment clothes flight test program of Virgin Galactic, and their feedback will be used to optimize designs. Y-3 has also developed leather lace boots and Nomex, with outer soles designed to grip and heel for comfort and shock absorption added.

Fondateur de Virgin Galactic Sir Richard Branson, to the left, and Scaled Composites LLC founder Burt Rutan wave from the mothership White Knight Two aircraft “Eve”.







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