OVER P001 GBF Valenza, Italy

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the Supercar Over P001 GBF unveiled at Valenza Gioielli 2009

the flagship international event for fine jewelry.
The logo has the letters GB and F as Futuro Car.
Illustrated by the acronym GBF de González-Bizzarrini-Futuro

This original creation is a roadster, without body, which offers two places in the open air. The main characteristic of platinum is to be almost eternal, it does not wear out. Is a two-seater racing car of the Italian brand Maserati. The GBF has no doors… The front is made of copper foil and looks like a flower in full bloom, while floor is transparent to see the road pass under his feet. The wheel, the gear lever knob, fuel and oil tank caps, the wheel nuts and logo are in platinum. The Over P001 GBF project, whose slogan is "Future is Over" is the result of a collaboration between world-renowned experts. Interior decoration consists of one of the rarest and most elegant metals, platinum.

Maserati 250F (Formula 1) (1954-1960)

The Maserati 250F (1954-1960) uses a 6 cylinder 2,5 liters, in accordance with Formula regulations 1, hence the " 250 "And the" F ".

In 1957 a version with motor appears 12 cylinders in V at 60 °, but it was quickly abandoned by Fangio after testing in Monaco. In the championship, the engine will only participate in the Italian Grand Prix of 1957 with Jean Behra. Twenty-seven copies are produced in all (22 new chassis and five reconfigured A6GCM chassis). This car will be used by the official team of 1954 at 1957, and until 1960 thanks to private stables. The 250F will allow Maserati to win the World Championship 1957 thanks to the remarkable performance of Juan Manuel Fangio.

The G refers to José Froilan Gonzalès, an Argentinian driver who gave Ferrari his first victory in 1951. Famous in his country, Gonzales has subsequently won numerous races and grand prizes on cars fitted with modified engines developed by him. Years later, one of these engines, a V8 of 300 ch, was found and equips the prototype. The B comes from the engineer Giotto Bizzarini who designed the chassis of the car. the F means the Future Car .

Over time, it loses neither its mass, nor its weight. Used in jewelry for its purity, platinum is also found in car catalytic converters and in hydrogen fuel cell prototypes. Hence this communication action which constitutes this car and which aims to draw attention to platinum, facing competing materials that may one day replace. Interiors are designed to comfortably accommodate two seats plus one, while the "historic" engine, the chassis of the brand, the transparent floor of the car and the equipment par excellence give passengers the thrill of speed. In fact, many accessories and interior fittings are made from the purest metal, noble, resistant and rare: platinum, which was used on the steering wheel, to cover the gear lever and for the star-shaped switches on the dashboard. Platinum was also used on the outside to create the logo on the nose of the car, the mascot, fuel and oil caps and wheel hub caps. But the real masterpiece is the exhaust system, the pipes of which are connected internally to non-polluting platinum catalytic converters designed to measure.



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