Dodge A100 Deora (1965-1967) US

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Dodge Little Red Wagon

La Deora is a Pick-up Dodge A100 (1965)

Wiki Dodge Little Wagon

Harry Bradley
Is the designer of the Deora whose design was passed on to the Alexander brothers of Detroit. She appeared as (concept-car) Dodge and won the Ridler Award in 1967.

The Dodge Little Red Wagon

Is a racing truck’ acceleration presented in 1965 is the fastest truck in the world !

The designers in charge of creation of original HotWheels other than existing vehicles ! Are real professionals and passionate, whose skills go beyond “simple” toys. here ! why it’s not necessarily surprising to see some of their creations multiply their size by 64, to become real racing cars.

Le Pick-up Dodge A100

Deora & Deora II

Designer Harry Bentley Bradley for the Deora.

The door was later split in half because the pillars could not bear as much weight. The result, with clamshell top and center swivel bottom, was much more spectacular.

The Deora is a Dodge A100 Pick-up (1965)
which was highly personalized by Mike and Larry Alexander in Detroit for the Detama Autorama of 1967.

Car manufacturer
Custom SHOP

Mike Alexander (1935-2014)

Larry (L) et Mike (R) Alexander work on the Deora.

The history of the Deora dates back to 1964…in the early 60, Detroit's three major automakers showcased vans, la Dodge A100, Ford Econoline and Chevrolet Handy-Van (with Corvair vans which also had cab driving positions). The Alexander brothers were intrigued by the possibilities of building a radical sports pickup on one and commissioned car designer Harry Bentley Bradley to design what became the Deora..

Mike and his brother Larry have made some of the most famous and influential customs of the years 1960 and because of a new toy called Hot Wheels and a Beach Boys song and album, "A Bros" ultimately influenced American culture and the way the world sees us. They were as important to the world of Hot Rods as Elvis, Little Richard and Chuck Berry were to be Rock & Roll.

I had the great privilege of interviewing Mike Alexander last year on a project I'm working on on the Dodge Deora demo car, then meet him in person at 2013 .

It was a good time to attend the signing of Ford GT designer Camilo Pardo Mike a blue ribbon for the Deora, who was on display as part of an Alexander Brothers car group at this show. Mechanical engineers and manufacturers, Mike and Larry were perhaps the most skilled technician of all manufacturers during the golden age of custom cars.

Le Detroit Autorama
, also known as "Greatest America Hot Rod View" is a showcase of custom cars and Hot Rods held annually at Cobo Hall in Detroit , Michigan , either late February or early March.
– After winning numerous awards, including the very prestigious Ridler in 1967, he became the prototype of a car Hot Wheels and a plastic model kit.
It was auctioned off in 2009 for 324 500 $.

The Alexander brothers commissioned the design of Harry Bentley Bradley in 1964.
It was unveiled in their hometown during the Detroit Autorama in 1967, where he won nine awards, including the Ridler Award . The Deora is based on the compact Dodge A100 pickup .
The rear hatch of a Ford station wagon from 1960 served as a windshield. He was cut, sectioned and channeled to create the fully functional and futuristic pick-up.

The car entrance is by lifting the windshield, and pivoting the bottom door when entering from the front.

Concept car designed by Harry Bradley and built by brothers Mike and Larry Alexander, hot rod specialists, the Dodge Deora was produced at the request of Chrysler on the basis of a Dodge A100 van from 1965. This concept of 1967 has the distinction of not being fitted with side doors but with a pivoting door at the front giving access to the interior of the vehicle. This door was actually the rear door of a Ford Station Wagon from 1960 but returned to 180 degrees.

La Deora – Alexander Brothers

Ridler Winner “Deora II” 1967

1965 Dodge Deora Concept Voiture New Jersey Mike Custom Voiture Hot Wheels Deora II

The Alexander brothers were praised by the press for the innovative design of their creation, but very few journalists have explored the practicality of this custom.. La Deora experienced mass production but not to scale 1/1. Indeed, it was well marketed but in a reduced model in 1968. She was one of 16 original Hot Wheels model cars.

3D – Dodge Deora II Show Truck (1967)


The Deora therefore had a descendant ! The version 2 stands out with a rounded design, directed by Nathan Proch. We owe the full size version to the legendary Chip Foose. This racing car, the Deora 2, was inducted into the Hall of Fame Hot Wheels in (2003) au Petersen Automotive Museum de Los Angeles, driven by Jay Leno.

HOT WHEELS toy “Deora”

And find out le Concept Deora 2022, work of designer and engineer Zenvo Automotive, Frederick Steve Kristensen.



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