Carbinite LSR Bonneville Salt Flats Utah

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Carbinite LSR

The Bonneville Desert “Salt Flats” is a plain of 260 km2 covered with salt in northwest Utah, in the USA. It comes from the evaporation of old Bonneville Lake after the last glaciation. It is the largest of several salt plains west of Grand Lac Salé, the salt thickness is 1,8 meter in several places.

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This salt desert, is a mainly public area managed by the Bureau of Land Management, a federal administration. Located at 185 km west of Salt Lake City, just east of the city of West Wendover (Nevada), it is crossed by the highway 802, it is reached by the exit "Bonneville Speedway".

Bonneville Salt Flats

Liz Legett  Photographer

Was designed by Rob Freyvogel and Eric Ahlstrom with the aim of advancing the ground speed record of 500 km / h. With many airliners now exceeding 400 km / am fairly regularly, the runners started to covet the bar of 500 km / h and the Carbinite LSR team has taken an innovative approach. According to team documentation, previous efforts and current state of mind in aerodynamic construction have focused on maintaining the aerodynamics of the car (no lift or support). This generally requires the addition of significant amounts of weight in order to obtain sufficient traction to withstand acceleration. This philosophy faces two major problems.

The Bonneville salt conditions have deteriorated to such an extent that the running surface is not as flat as it used to be. This causes the car to "jump" through the salt at higher speeds, breaking traction and increasing car weight results in slower acceleration and cars may run out of track before reaching maximum speed.

The Carbinite Streamliner is designed for optimum aerodynamic efficiency in a much lighter package that incorporates aerodynamic control surfaces designed to maintain the correct angle of attack and optimum aerodynamic efficiency without requiring excessive weight limiting performance.

Full CFD modeling was used to develop the body shape and internal chassis structure. It has also been determined that a single engine developing 1000+ Hp would be sufficient to reach the desired speed with the optimized vehicle.

Carbiliner 496 Engine Test


Breaking the barrier 500 my / am at the next Bonneville Speed ​​Week and become the fastest wheeled car on the planet.

Develop new power plants with sustainable alternative rules not funded by the government, such as natural gas and electricity.

Inspiring young people about the importance of math and science, showing what can be accomplished in these areas. Develop extremely fuel-efficient cars that far exceed current fuel consumption records.

2014 – TEST

2015 – Test

Speed Week – 2016

Speed Week – 2017


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