This is Taichung Opera (2014-2016) Taiwan China

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Taichung Metropolitan Opera House 2014 Officially completed, it will reopen in 2016.

The Taichung National Theater is an opera house in the 7th metropolitan area of ​​Taichung , Taiwan.

Taichung Metropolitan Opera House, a building landmark, architectural aesthetics and creativity, breaking all existing design. It will become the opera house the world's most famous, it is better known internationally Taichung, it is for the world to admire the building.

The estimated area of ​​the structure is 57,685 square meters (620,920 sq ft). It was designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito in collaboration with Cecil Balmond Arup AGU. He was hired on 11 November 2009 with the construction provided for 45 month. The place had a partial opening the 23 November 2014. It will reopen in 2016.

Toyō Itō (Toyo Ito, Itō Toyō) is a Japanese architect born in 1941. He is known for creating the conceptual architecture, in which he seeks to express simultaneously the physical world and the virtual world. He is a representative of the architecture that uses the contemporary notion of town "simulated".

In 2013, he received the Pritzker Architecture Prize.
His history
1992: The government of Taiwan’ First proposed as National Music House
2002: Jason Hu proposed building in Taichung
2003: 6 TWD billion was allocated to the budget [ citation needed ]
2006: a contract with a local company
2009: Signing a contract with Toyo Ito
23 November 2014: Completed, opening ceremony held
2015: closed for further work to improve the safety of visitors..
It will reopen in 2016.

Taichung Metropolitan Opera House 3D

Taichung Metropolitan Opera House par Toyo Ito & Associates in Taichung City, Taiwan. Grand Theater Section. Courtesy Toyo Ito Associates Drawing

designed 2006, and construction since 2009, Toyo Ito & Associates awaited Taichung Metropolitan Opera House finally opened officially.

The design is distinguished by its cavernous forms, curved and folded inside, that produce a dramatic and complex section which is perfectly solved by a rectilinear outer shape. Taiwan photographer Lucas K Doolan visited the new opera house to study its impressive interior spaces and its presence in the urban environment.



Taichung Metropolitan Opera House Toyo Ito Photographié par © Lucas K Doolan.

Plan, drawings

© Lucas K. Doolan

© Lucas K. Doolan

Taichung Metropolitan Opera House Toyo Ito Photographié par Lucas K Doolan
© Lucas K. Doolan

Project lasted ten years, by Japanese architect Toyo Ito presided over the design of the Taichung Metropolitan Opera House was officially opened 26 August 2016

"No right angle" construction workers on the geometry of the arc challenged the law, it is "the toughest in the world covering" said building. Opera 58 units curved wall structures, so that visitors in the stadiums as within the cave, feel a natural sound, light and shadow stream. A Chinese network BBC in an interview to talk about the end of the experiment Taichung Opera House, as well as, Chinese architectural vision of Hong Kong where Toyo Ito Shouyao Zhi Hong Kong presented Taichung Metropolitan Opera House. BBC Chinese journalists reported the ground in Hong Kong.

Taichung Metropolitan Opera House – 3D light sculpture show (10 minutes) video. (1080P version of high quality)


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