Kosmos Hotel (2016-2017) Ulleung-do – South Korea

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Ulleung-do (Ulleungdo, Ulleungdo) is an island in South Korea in the East Sea.

The Japanese know it as the names of Matsushima or Utsuryo To. It is also known as the Dagelet for Europeans, you nom de Joseph Lepaute Dagele, french scientist. It is a volcanic island located 120 km east of the Korean Peninsula. She counts 10 000 and an area of 73,15 km2 or 137 hab / km2. It is a stratovolcano which rises to an altitude of 984 I have Seonginbong. The island is composed primarily of trachyandesite. The last major eruption occurred there 9 350 years, it reached an explosion index 6 and deposited ejecta up Honshu over 800 km of distance while forming a caldera atop.

Avec Dokdo, most of the district form Ulleung Island. The main town is the port of Dodong where ferries. It is connected to the Korean port of Pohang Mukho and by regular shipping links. Ulleungdo is a popular tourist site, other economic activity is fishing. She is very famous for its cuttlefish that we can see drying in the sun.

Dried squid on Ulleungdo Island, South Korea.


Healing Room – Ulleungdo KOSMOS Resort.

A hotel located in South Korea . Its snow-white cement walls swirl like the unusually powerful chi energy fields that locals believe cross the island. likewise, rooms with high ceilings complex, lightly furnished floors gray-blue stone and severe white pallet, curve and bend as the inside of a giant shell.

Its walls curves mimic the chi energy fields where villagers still believe..

It takes a great effort to reach the volcanic island of Ulleungdo. Travel to 350 kilometers east of Seoul, with a ferry ride three hours from the port of Gangneung. But at the end, there is a great reward. This is a boutique hotel, located in South Korea, with walls of white concrete snow, ceilings superior rooms, the furniture is minimal. The natural environment is preferred. In the vicinity of the hotel, you will find caves, waterfalls, temples and forests for a nice walk.

Address :
88-13 Chusan-gil


Republic of Korea Tel: 054-791-7788
Email: welcome@thekosmos.co.kr
Ulleung KOSMOS taxpayer ID No. 189-85-00052
CEO: M. Seok-soon Choi
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Kim Jung Chan Architect

Visiting professor at Kyunghee University Graduate School of Architecture.




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