Beatnik Bandit Ed Roth – USA

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In 1968, Mattel introduced Hot Wheels and the Beatnik Bandit Roth was one of 16 first cars to die cast toys produced by the company.

Ed “Big Daddy” Roth (1932 – 2001)
was an artist, draftsman, illustrator, a designer and a custom car builder that created the Hot Rod Rat Fink icon and other characters. Roth was a key figure in southern California Kustom Kulture movement and Hot Rod years 1950 and 1960. Roth was born in Beverly Hills, in California. He was the son of Mary (Bauer) et Henry Roth. The large à Bell, California attending Bell High School , where his courses included the purchase of automobiles and art.


Roth is best known for his grotesque caricatures

Rat Fink is one of many hot rod characters created by artist Ed “Big Daddy” Roth , one of the creators of Kustom Kulture automobile enthusiasts. Roth designed Rat Fink as an anti-hero answer to Mickey Mouse Rat Fink is usually depicted in green or gray. Comically grotesque and depraved with puffy eyes, bloodshot, an oversized mouth with sharp and narrow teeth, and wearing red overalls with the initial “RF” on them. It is often seen driving cars or motorcycles.

The father of Rat Fink, Rat Funk, Steve de Fiorilla.
Roth began airbrushing and selling T-shirts “Weirdo” to car shows and in the pages of Hot Rod publications such as Car Craft in the late 1950. For the August issue 1959 de Car Craft , “Weirdo shirts” had become crazy with excitement with Ed Roth at the forefront of the movement.

From 1970 at 1975, Roth worked for Brucker's Movie World and display “Cars of the Stars”.
Brucker said that Roth was very loyal and very hard worker, even if he does not earn a lot of money. Brucker said that building something, Roth had a natural talent for seeing how things agreed – he would build something that would take a few days more weeks. Although Roth is casual and friendly, Brucker also remembers that Roth was a fighter and if someone came through the museum causing problems, Roth would put online. He was fearless. Roth's Druid Princess was one of the many cars that were on display. Also in the years 1970, Roth worked for Knott's Berry Farm as a painter and artist signed. He worked for 10 years until 1980.

Orbitron a custom car from Roth which has been the subject of a number of articles in automotive enthusiast magazines (particularly in the Car Craft magazine in 1965), but was feared lost during the following decades, was discovered in Mexico in the summer of 2008.
The Orbitron was built in 1964
The car, in run down and inoperative state, had been stationed for a time at a bookstore for adults ” Sex Shop” Ciudad Juarez (Mexico) .
The owners of the store were also the owners of the car.
It was purchased and brought to the US by Michael Lightbourn, a US auto restorer who made his business in Mexico. The Orbitron has been restored to its original condition by Beau Boeckmann.

Roth was active in the art of against-culture and the activity of his entire adult life. At the time of his death in 2001, he worked on a project involving hot-rod a compact car designed as a standard of performance editing style tuner dominant. The year after his death, he was named as one of "50 who made a difference" in the fiftieth annual Autorama in Detroit Meguiar. He was also inducted into the "Circle of Champions" of the program in 2000 and was introduced as "Manufacturer of the Year ' 2006.

BEATNIK Bandit (1960)


Ed Roth's Beatnik Bandit with

Roth was a great time as illustrator and cartoonist, after creating iconic characters like Rat Fink, so it was obvious to see the man certainly had an eye for creativity. This has never been more apparent in some of its custom built Hot Rods., many of which remain in the halls of & rsquo; exhibition and museum aujourd & rsquo; hui. The Beatnik Bandit was designed and built by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth . Ed came up with ideas, and Joe Henning helped get them on paper. During construction, Beatnik Bandit's design has changed several times. Ed Roth began working on the car 1960. He originally planned to name his cars after the Cow – West Boys’ and once the original name for the Beatnik Bandit was actually the Bandit. But after reading about a bank robber called Beatnik Bandit, Ed changed the name of the voiture.En as a concept, the Beatnik Bandit was revealed to the public in Rod & Custom June 1960 . Sketched by Joe Henning the Beatnik Bandit was presented in an article entitled “The Roth Graph”.

The Beatnik Bandit was based on an Oldsmobile (1950) Ed Roth shortened it by 85 inch (2m15)


The body was built from fiberglass and sported a vision 360 degrees Plexiglas canopy. L & rsquo; the idea came from Bubble Top Dream Car Bobby Darrin. Bubble Top was made using a pizza oven. put some ordinary plastic in the oven, then blew up like a balloon so that & rsquo; it was still warm. Ed got the idea of ​​Ron Aguirre . The summit was operated by the & rsquo; d & rsquo antenna mounted wing. director, the gas, moving and the car's gears were operated at’ aid’ chrome stick center.
According to Ed Roth the Beatnik Bandit was the first show car that & rsquo; it transported on a trailer 100% the time.The staff probably has something to do with it.
The upholstery in the car was made by Eddie Martinez . When the body of the car was finished, Ed introduced the Beatnik Bandit s Larry Watson ‘ Watson House style for a paint job.





The Beatnik Bandit's Hot Rod 1961 au National Automobile Museum ,
Reno, Nevada





 (Custom) Dean Jeffries

Ed Roth’s Mega Cycle


(1962) Ed Roth – Mysterion

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