Minis Carts – Minis Outspan Production (1972-1974) UK

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Mini OUTSPAN Orange

Outspan is a trademark of & rsquo; d & rsquo oranges; South African citrus, known for the boycott campaign she was the & rsquo; object in the years 1970 because of the d & rsquo policy apartheid.

Boycott Brand Outspan the Netherlands in 1973.


Historical :
In the mid 1970, Outspan oranges of the mark were very present in supermarkets in France and Europe. For decades, Outspan had a virtual monopoly on exports & rsquo; citrus from the & rsquo; South Africa. The company has developed an international network of distributors.
In 1997, Outspan has made an agreement with Metro International Company Hong Kong. The new company is called Metspan

Boycott :
L & rsquo; Outspan Orange became in the mid 1970 a symbol of & rsquo; black exploitation by the South African regime. Associations such as the CCFD, Cimade, Artisans du Monde or the Movement for a nonviolent alternative were then engaged in a boycott to put pressure on the South African government, and cause awareness on this issue of European.
The objectives of the campaign were presented as follows: "The anti-Outspan campaign is primarily an information campaign on the struggles of the South African people against the yoke of fascism and apartheid and the relationship the government has with the South African regime". Poster d & rsquo; boycott represented the head & rsquo; a black child on a juicer.

In France the campaign develops from d & rsquo; April 1975. The campaign had a strong impact in the media, and sales declined 25 % in 1976. Used in Britain, in France, Germany and South Africa. They tend to drive at higher speeds 30 mph (miles per hour) and were thus limited to this speed.

The museum is the & rsquo; one of the three most visited museums in Munich. It was founded in 1973 and is located next to the & rsquo; s factory & rsquo; aforementioned car plant. L & rsquo; entire complex for visitors s & rsquo; called BMW Welt, BMW World. This “world” consists of a museum and a showcase where various events are held. You can also see and test current models that the automaker offers in sales. The museum building itself has been renovated and modernized between 2004 and 2008. Today, c & rsquo; is a futuristic modern museum makes an incredible feeling, especially if you are a car enthusiast.



June 2014 –


Mini Outspan Orange HOB446L, Motor National Museum, Beaulieu, Hampshire Sept 2012.
OUTSPAN was developed 1972 Brian Veit. Un orange Outspan, cutting open spaces of cities not only in England, but also in & rsquo; d & rsquo other countries Europe, announced the d & rsquo juice orange. A heavily modified mini car develops a maximum speed of 48 km / h. At higher speeds, the car becomes unstable and can topple. Now, these cars are considered classic brand cars and stored in automotive museums in several countries. Between 1972 and 1974, six of these machines were built. One in six of our days in South Africa .



Ladder 1/400 Plastic Orange Car
toy d & rsquo; Outspan



“Wienermobile” – the name & rsquo; a number of cars, produced in small series and in the shape of a hot dog on a roll. These cars are used to promote and promote the products of the company "Oscar Mayer", the largest producer of meat and frozen products in the US. The first version of the car was created in 1936 nephew by the d & rsquo; Oscar Mayer, Carl G. Mayer and variants are still widely used by Oscar Mayer.
Wienermobiles Drivers are known as Hotdoggers and often distribute whistles for a toy in the form of hotdog cars.



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