X-TU Jeongok Prehistory Museum, South Korea

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Museum of prehistory, Jeongok-Gyeongki-Do, South Korea

Anouk Legendre & Nicolas Desmazieres


The skin shape of legendary dragons.
This museum, it's also an abstract design, mysterious, intriguing like a bubble of reflections of steel and stainless steel that evokes the skin of legendary dragons. A hybrid calligraphic sign.” Note that the museography, High-Tech and participative, adapts to Korean audience practices. French architects thus paid tribute to the origins of humanity.
Jeongok Prehistoric Museum is the prehistoric museum built in South Korea, located on the Paleolithic site of Jeongok district. The project is by X-TU Architects . The architecture is designed to recall the natural forms of the surrounding plants and animals. The structure seems to be lost in the original forms of the territory. The exterior of the building is completely covered with stainless steel and glass to recall the forms of a geological stratification.

The prehistoric museum project imagined by the X-tu agency in Jeongok-Gyeongki-Do, South Korea, constitutes a continuous line, wavy and serpentine, plan current, in section and in elevation. This building of 6.700 m² compares to “a line stretched between two hills, an inhabited bridge in the landscape, between land art, work of art, architecture and design”.

The idea of ​​the interior design is to give the impression of crossing an excavation between the rocks. The exhibition area occupies a long architectural promenade, spaces open to each other, regular and artificial, which give an impression of continuity and fluidity underlined by the natural light which filters inside. A wide and comfortable ramp creates a spiral from the lower level of the complex to the roof, an intriguing journey through space and history. This building of 6.700 m².




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