Model of the Bubble Six Monobloc Hulls



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This is not a model to assemble, the printing is done from bottom to top in one go for the whole bubble. So there is no opening the windows and bays are just drawn in 3D. The inside of the bubble is empty, so the model is light. There is no staircase, the six-shell screen rests on its integrated base.

We propose 3 formats of Bulle Six Hulls Monocoque :

  • 1/43e : 15 cm diameter, 9 cm high, 20h00 d’impression
  • 1/32e : 20 cm diameter, 12 cm high, 34h00 d’impression
  • 1/24e : 30 cm diameter, 17.2 cm high, 40h00 d’impression

Elle sera disponible en Blanche, Transparente et ou en Multicolore (Photos non contractuelles).





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1/43and Blanche, 1/43e Orange, 1/43e Prisunic Orange, 1/32and Blanche, 1/32e Orange, 1/24and Blanche, 1/24and Transparent


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