Distillerie (2002-2004) Bortolo Nardini, Venice, Italy

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The story.. de la Bortolo Nardini Distilleries

an iconic brand family with deep local roots.

Founded in 1779 à Bassano del Grappa

the iconic family distillery is the oldest in Italy.

Via Madonna di Monte Berico, 7, 36061 Bassano del Grappa VI, Italy

PQQ3 + RQ Bassano del Grappa, Province of Vicenza, Italy.

(the old name of the Grappa, still used on the labels of Nardini)

Symbol of Italian Grappa worldwide.

The distillery has evolved and developed from generation to generation. Since the historic Grapperia of the Ponte Vecchio of Bassano to the Futurists Structures ” Bubble “, Designed by architect Massimiliano Fuksas for the 225th anniversary of the distillery, it has continued to grow through the vision of a single bottle of Aquavite di Vinaccia.

Distill the past, invest in the future There are some families and businesses, who, by their sense of entrepreneurship unfailing, are able to leave an indelible mark in their country and to stand as their natural ambassador Bortolo Nardini is part of this elite group.

The transparent structures that symbolize the hidden art of distillation and sublimation of matter, is a distillation of the soul of Nardini, a place where the sublime, visionary and inventive encounter all that is material and tactile to generate a perfect blend of tradition and renewal, craft and technology.. For two centuries, her name continues to be associated with grappa and liqueurs of the finest quality.

His story is deeply Italian, rooted in the very history of a country, rich in knowledge, a culture, a beauty and unique ingenuity. The family ties with the territory back to the origins of the Company in the 18th century, when Bortolo Nardini moved in Bassano del Trentino, the feet of Mount Grappa in Veneto. Here he founded the first distillery Grappa ; hitherto, marc water spirits had been produced at artisanal level using archaic methods.

The distillery Bortolo, the store and the bar Grappa opened their doors 1779 in a small room on the 13th century Palladian bridge of Bassano, where is still today the Company. Witness some of the most important events that shaped modern Europe, this "Grapperia" history has changed little over the years. Ranked as one of the historic landmarks of Italy, it is the living testimony of an ancient tradition passed down over the centuries and which has never ceased to captivate and inspire.

Located in the landscaped grounds of the company, “Bolle , Bubble” Bassano is part of a site expansion includes areas dedicated to the research and promotion of events in the culture of Grappa. The structure includes a laboratory that performed daily quality checks on grape marc water spirits and liqueurs Nardini, and a bright auditorium vanguard that opens onto the park and used to host a series of major cultural events and tours for those who are interested to know better the water spirits Italian single and oldest distillery.

Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas
Project & Production 2002-2004

Research Center and Multimedia Nardini

Conception: structural project, Site Manager
Architectural Designer: Massimiliano Fuksas

Designer: Massimiliano Fuksas
Lieu: Bassano del Grappa – Italy
Domaine d & rsquo; Intervention: 2496 m²
Society: SUNGLASS-vitrage (Padua)

Bartolo SpA
Bassano del Grappa - Italie

The Nardini Distillery Research Center, also known as the “bubble”, designed by Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas is the architectural representation of two worlds: the first “suspension”, consists of two transparent bubbles that hold the laboratories of research centers, and the other “submerged”, space cut into the soil as a natural canyon into an auditorium 100 places.

Born in 1944 Rome, Fuksas is a contemporary architect. He works with glass and metal. Its architectures are recognizable through the visible metal reinforcements under the glass. He plays on transparency and brightness.


Longitudinal section

The distillery Nardini Research Center also called ” Bubble “




The bubble surface consists of a double totally transparent skin that allows us to focus on 360 ° on the beautiful mountain landscape of Montegrappa. two signs: one is refined, elegant, technological and intangible. The other is pretty brutal because the material, the reinforced concrete, turns into the form of épiphanie. Container and its contents, constant voltage between positive and negative connected by the lifting frame sloping; but immersed in the energy that drives laboratory glass bubbles up and bury heavy underground auditorium. The columns supporting the building seem to anchor ground. The reverberant water creates a mirror as a surface. The geometrical a website so absurd homology where space vibrates and expands. The water, which measures only 5 cm deep, suddenly extends several meters. Walking along the bridge is really an extremely emotional experience.


The reflecting surface of the water to ground level creates a reverberant space shimmering in the inlet zone established between the two bubbles, that seems to float "suspended" in the air. Submarines skylights allow light to filter and spread in the underground space during the day; Overnight, they become a light source. Thin columns, with different inclinations, create a dynamic tension with the oblique lifting frame. Visitors are confronted with a sequence of views generated by changing the symmetry carefully measured different architectural features: both offset and overlapping ellipsoids, lifting sloping contrast to the ventilated staircase and the rotary form of the entrance ramp.

nardini002nardini004 nardini005





Inauguration of the opening of Nardini Center









Virginia Maneval

I am the daughter of Jean Benjamin Maneval, famous urban architect who notably created the Bulle Six Coques, a plastic house from the pop years. You can also find me on my Facebook page Bubblemania.fr or on my page La Bulle Six Coques by Jean Benjamin Maneval.

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