Inventory of vehicles by Luigi Colani

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This page probably groups together the complete inventory of Luigi Colani vehicles, cars and trucks. But we’re never really sure if it’s really complete… If you know of other models, or if you can provide other information, for example missing dates, let us know by leaving us a comment at the bottom of the page with (depending) the reference number and if possible a link to a photo or an article.
thank you so much.


Ref. Name Date View Comment
095 Simca 1953 Many thanks to José Geraldo De AP Barreto Fonseca
096 Fiat 1100 TV 1954
031 Abarth Alfa Romeo 1300 Berlinetta 1957

022 GT 1960
from 1960 at 1967 At the same time, Luigi Colani advanced his plastic designs and this culminated in the years 1960 with his compact sports car Colani GT, which was available as a DIY kit on a VW platform and quickly became an icon of life in the years 1960.
114 Lancia Aurelia based 1962 Many thanks to José Geraldo De AP Barreto Fonseca
017 BMW 700 1963

world's first road sports car with a plastic chassis mounted on a monohull on a sub-compact BMW chassis 700. This type of spatial design was a real revolution for the early years 1960, because such technology had just been used in Formula 1 and brought Lotus Team Titles to the championship 1963.
039 Cform 1968
Scale wind tunnel model 1-5 C-shaped

Colani presented an ideal aerodynamic shape of the vehicle with its concept “C-Form” in 1968, a vehicle where the whole body forms an inverted wing. The concept was presented in Stern magazine and influenced a generation of student designers with its architecture of four front wheels suspending a form of central cabin. The sports coupe “Le Mans 82” from 1982 and the BMW “M2” were studies that, although somewhat baroque, defined a unique form language seen years later in vehicles like the Corvette Indy and the Porsche 959.

113 Volkswagen 1968
Many thanks to José Geraldo De AP Barreto Fonseca
071 Bizzarrini GT 5300 1969 This coupe was once a Bizzarrini 5300 GT, but Colani did not feel his form sufficiently exciting.
1969 the truth 5300 GT
020 C112 1970
Mercedes-Benz C-111
mid-engine coupe with Wankel rotary piston engine. Cx of 0.2
021 Gliding Lamborghini 1970 Lamborghini Miura P400
1970. Life-size model of a two-part hybrid car. The engine and camshaft are from a Lamborghini Miura, the separate passenger cabin is designed like the cockpit of a glider.
066 Porsche 1970 No info
041 Eifelland Formule 1

The bodywork created by Luigi Colani looked very futuristic and made the car from Mars much faster. But it also caused the engine to overheat, so it was only tested but never ran.
032 Aerodynamic Race Car 1972
Aerodynamics Cleaned Up Version Formula One Car of Tomorrow 2000, Fastest Formula One Car for Eiffelland
079 RFB / Grumman American Fanliner 1973 German experimental light aircraft for years 1970, powered by a piston engine driving a ducted fan. two copies were built, but no production followed.
046 Ferrari 365 GTB4 Daytona 1974
016 Aiglon 1976
Using the front axle of a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and the V8 and camshaft of an Opel Diplomat. A Rolls Royce radiator and an Opel GT roof have been applied, and in 1976 a white example was shown at the Geneva Motor Show.
042 Volkswagen Turbo Polo 1976

Fuel consumption record vehicle on a Polo base
073 VW Polo 1976
094 Concept Bike 1976
029 Ford GT80 1977

Further development of the Ford GT40 as a "grand style" for Le Mans in Colani's C form

There is only 3 cars of this type in different variants:
1. The first was the plastic body “New RS” with sponsor Castrol marking .
2. The second version was made of aluminum – Ford GT 80 Colani. Ford gives the engine for these cars, the same as in the De Tomaso Pantera.
3. Body number 3 was under renovation or damaged.

040 Volkswagen prototype 1977
This weird car, reminiscent of a frog, was a free search of the maestro, during which he wanted to create the heir to the Volkswagen Beetle. The result was an unusual tailgate., which in terms of dimensions was between the Golf and the Polo. Volkswagen was not interested in this car, presented in 1977.
047 Sport Car Prototype 1977
No info, Model
077 BMW 3.0 1977 Several versions
028 Castrol New RS Sportscar 1978

Sports car “Colani Castrol New RS”, prototype 1978.
The plastic body served as a preliminary study for the chiseled aluminum version of the GT80

Colani's latest spotcar. The design has its origins in a sketch of an idea that he produced in 1967, which was then developed to become the wind tunnel scale model and the model 1/1 from 1977 .

063 Colani Truck 2001
1978 In 1978, at the IAA Freight Show in Frankfurt, the first rationalized main tractor from the Kolani workshop was presented, very futuristically appointed for its time – Colani Truck 2001.
Iveco Aerodynamic Experimental Truck
The huge streamlined cabin suspended above the shark-shaped base is distinguished by a round windshield with an original three-beam wiper.
Thanks to the carefully designed shape of the front part with a characteristic beak-shaped silhouette, which later became the trademark of Colani trucks, the drag coefficient Cx has been reduced to a record for this period of 0,4 and fuel consumption has been cut by a quarter.
084 Polo
concept design germany
044 Sea-Ranger 1979
It's not just a toy model, but was designed by artist Luigi Colani. It was built from Unimog parts by Thyssen in Germany.
097 Study for BMW 1979 For the BMW Series 5 (cf Colani de Philippe Pernodet)
108 Yamaha
1980 Motorcycle
106 Colani Truck 2001

Mercedes Base


To create the next tractor, Colani organized its own heavy vehicle workshop in Switzerland. The design of the second generation tractor, first introduced in 1980, is based on the chassis of a Mercedes-Benz truck 1729 with a motor 240 horses. On this model, Colani was the first to use an all-glass oval-shaped hood, and the cabin was made in the form of a single-hulled monohull. Furthermore, a door at the end of the cabin now served as access to the lounge.

The drag coefficient of the second generation tractor has been reduced to 0,38, which has reduced the average fuel consumption on the road to 26,7 l / 100 km. Maximum speed, despite the less powerful engine, was from 150 km / h. To popularize the idea of ​​a streamlined truck, Colani, with the help of several sponsors, organized the Truck II race in the United States. In total, the tractor has driven approximately 30 000 km. However, the race was not very successful and the manufacturers did not show a real interest in the industrial production of such equipment. Consequently, the second tractor was sold to the German clothing company Bardusch, repainted in blue and … safely forgotten. The maestro himself, after cooling for a while with trucks, settled in Japan in 1982.

Source: «Maestro of Aerodynamics» (A. Privalov) – «Truck Press» n ° 6/2006
045 BMW M2 1981

For the famous French runner and designer Jean Rondo. All that was required of John was to pack a powerful BMW engine in this hull and select the appropriate chassis. But Rondo's plan seemed too daring. Furthermore, there was no guarantee of support for the project from the Bavarians. Consequently, the BMW M2 1981 remained a prototype.
080 Mercedes “G” 1981 V8 5,6 L AMG
104 2cv (1) 1981 In 1981 : World record fuel economy of 1,7 liter 100 km with the original 2cv engine and chassis.
025 2cv (2) 1981
body shape was inspired by aquatic dragon lice
074 1982 Bike 2 places 4 wheels
070 1982 Bike with detachable shopping basket.
036 Mazda Le Mans Prototype 1983 The plan was, at a later stage, to use a Mazda Wankel rotary engine at 4 bedrooms, able to 960 at 1400 ch for the Le Mans vehicle, which was only available in full size.
The shape of the wing was to allow this true power plant to accelerate at speeds of 350-380 km / h.
Abandoned project she will not participate in Le Mans
043 Mercedes-Benz Le Mans Prototype 1985
Looks like the Alpine A610 ^^
082 He MRD-1 1986 274,00 km / h by motorbike
069 Porsche 1987 Base Porsche 959 (perhaps 1988)
014 Lada 1987
All-terrain vehicle, designed for desert rallies – with big wheels, large ground clearance, 4 drive wheels, a direction to 4 wheels and a reclined position for the driver to minimize back injuries. Maximum speed: 200 km / h 200 ch.
023 GT2 1987

Car kit based on VW Beetle
026 Corvette Charisma 1988
The Colani Corvette was originally white and would have been designed at the beginning of 1988. Modeled with Luigi's unique Bio-Design, the vehicle evolved through many transformations before arriving in the United States to challenge a speed record in Bonneville.
The vehicle was being redesigned for the original Automorrow tour, but was not finished on time.
The car was presented in EM on 16 November 1988 and CarStyling in January 1989.
001 Utah 1 1989 Visible au Design Museum, London ?
High speed bike, designed and built by Colani’s assistant, Sebastian Kummer
8 kg
002 Utah 2 1989 High speed bike, designed and built by Colani’s assistant, Sebastian Kummer
Double front pedals and a Fichtel motor & Sachs 2 time, air cooled 30 cc with a power of 2,5 ch. Rear mounted engine can start quickly on rope to increase muscle power on slopes.
003 Utah 3 1989 High speed bike, designed and built by Colani’s assistant, Sebastian Kummer
Designed to exceed the current speed record of 104,63955 km / h
004 Utah 4 1989 High speed bike, designed and built by Colani’s assistant, Sebastian Kummer.
Swiss Schlimmer V8 engine – 4 Lilliputien water-cooled camshafts from 47 cm3 !!!
It sits transversely to the tail of the contoured bike and provides additional power to the cyclist, which is facing forward and on the belly.
005 Utah 5 1989 a motorcycle to 2 wheels which will aim for the record of 80 cc
006 Utah 6 1989 The black version in Utah 1989. sports coupe 2 central engine seating using a centrally mounted VW Rabbit engine
007 Utah 7 1989 Its engine 50 cc, has the lowest drag coefficient (Cx 0,18) never registered for a vehicle 4 places.
008 Utah 8
(BMW 007)
1989 turbocharged engine 150 ch BMW K-100 4 lowered cylinders (1000 cm3) from 160 ch. Transmission Lotus Super Seven, BMW gearbox to 4 gears. Height 90 cm, barely weight 550 kg, the experimental sports car benefits from unrivaled acceleration.
009 Utah 9
(2cv (1))
1989 In 1989, Base of 2cv always, but the motor is electric, the only one in all Utah.
010 Utah 10 1989 To get the record of 281,635 km / h.
Honda racing engine 500 cc
011 Utah 11 1989

designed strictly for speed and acceleration tests on salt, and with its turbocharged engine and Nitro injected with 1300 cm3
It is thought that the 11 and 13 are the same except that initially she only had 2 wheels and then it went to 3 wheels with an extension to its right.
012 Utah 12
(Colani Truck 2001)
The drag coefficient of the second generation tractor has been reduced to 0,38 and it gives 26,13 L / 100 on salt to 147 km / h
Mercedes-based tractor unit has no record in Utah
110 Motorcycle 3 wheels 1989 With a wheel on the side with a kind of bridge between 2. Originally, she had to go to Automorrow ’89
018 Lotec Ferrari Testa d'Oro 1989

Colani Lotec Ferrari “Golden Head”
In 1989 Just a Show Car and
in 1992 world class record holder at 351 km / h with Mike Strasburg driving, car broke world record for vehicles with catalytic converters in Salt Lake testing, Utah. With a flight start, it reaches a top speed of 351 km / h.
Ferrari base 512 TR Testarossa
034 Ford Prototype 1989

cream / white-black, then
Blue in 1990, yellow, then red
and white Colani Ford with a Ford V block engine 8 from 3,5 liters, record speed: 407 km / h
087 Larel Electric Car 1989 at 1999 For Larag 9501
105 Sport Coupe 1989 2 central engine seating using a centrally mounted VW Rabbit engine
037 Stingray
Group C
1990 Study for a record vehicle in the Grand Style of Le Mans by Colani. Another model of power transmission in the higher power segment was the vehicle in the shape of a manta ray and now housed in the permanent collection of the Center Pompidou in Paris.. The car was designed to provide a support force of two tonnes only through the correspondingly shaped bodywork and did not require fins for this purpose..
068 Tractor spokes 656 VAC 1990
065 Volvo Sport 1991 Built before Mercedes McLarlen (end 99 ?)
035 Corvette prototype racer 1992-1995
After the Automorrow ’89 tour, one of Luigi Colani's creations debuted a few years later with a different vision of design, the “Colani Corvette”, which was scheduled to set land speed records at the Bonnieville Salt Flats after the SEMA show where it was exhibited. at the end of october 1993. The
work continued and the United States set a new world speed world record on 23 August 1995 at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The average speed of the car was 230,928 MPH, and was driven by Mike Strasburg.
054 Corvette 1992 401,700 km / h on 17/10/1992
058 Utah 1992 A bike 30 cc single-seater which has reached 148 km / h in 1992
061 Mercedes-Benz Vision 2005 Truck 1995 The third conceptual tractor created by Kolani after his return to Europe at the end of the years 1980, with several subcontracting companies and a large group of designers and modellers working on the car, and the cargo department of Daimler-Benz. In total, it took several years to develop and manufacture a racing model. The Vision tractor 2005, who received his own name, was introduced in Frankfurt in 1995.
The main differences of Vision 2005 are a more practical entry into the cabin through the side doors and the side aerodynamic pylons, which organize the air flow on the sides of the car and at the same time support the massive glass cap of the cabin.
030 Horch Mega-Roadster 1996
Since Colani was originally from Germany, he was in a big hurry to lose big German brands – like Horch. And so, in his opinion, a car of the once glorious brand could have looked if it had started its revival at the end of the 20th century. The prototype was presented to the general public in 1996. (maybe in 1994 ?)
019 Ford Ka 1998

Ford - Luigi Colani - 1999
At the Essen Motor Show 1998, Ford introduced a new aerodynamically optimized Ka design by Luigi Colani, which responded to high demand and was produced in small series of 200 units.
Typical of Colani, its design language is particularly reflected in the front mirrors, rear and side, as well as in the sweep distribution which houses the large wheels used in the small Colani series.
These cars have a plate on the dashboard and a certificate signed by Luigi Colani.
091 Hymer 1998 Camping Car
033 Mamba Le Mans 1999

050 Golf Car 2000 No info
062 Camion DAF Aero 3000 2000 the DAF 95 XF, the fourth tractor with an engine of 430 ch, a gearbox with a joystick and even rear side cameras, whose image was transmitted to the big screen in the center of the panel, was used as a chassis. Certainly, Kolany did not dare to give up the mirrors completely, hanging them on elegant triple supports.
015 Trabi 2001
Star designer Luigi Colani will present the 17 October 2001 in Cologne the first copy of his “Colani-Trabi”. Curved wings, low headlights and new windshield – this is how Colani’s idea is that the old man “racing card” will roll in the streets of Germany in the future. The set of settings for a new aerodynamic front should cost around 2000 marks; production to start at Markkleeberg near Leipzig at the end of the year 2001
Trabant 601 Speedster
049 Shanghai 2001 4 wheels no info
059 Spitzer-Silo Truck
2002 Fifth tractor. Spitzer silo truck on a Mercedes Actros chassis. This time, it made aerodynamic not only the tractor itself based on the Mercedes-Benz Actros, but also his trailer. The drag coefficient was 0,3 and when he was driving on the highway, the truck only spent 20 liters of fuel 100 kilometers.
064 Shark 2003
Opel Speedstar Re-designed
055 Nameless 2004
Looks like a kid vehicle or maybe a go-kart
057 LSR 700 2004
700 km / h, the goal…
085 2004
027 Street-Ray 2006
The extremely low center of mass of the Street-Ray and its unusual geometric shape guarantee superb handling, which makes it the ultimate choice for car enthusiasts who seek both exceptional design and unlimited driving pleasure.
048 Yellow Egg, Avantis 2006 4 wheels No info
060 Super Truck 2006 Sixth Tractor
One 2006, Colani built an even more revolutionary truck under the modest name of Super Truck. He was more like a supersonic fighter, and one of its main “stuff” was that the cabin was part of the trailer. The car turned using an autonomous cart under an airplane cabin. Access to the cabin was through the front nose, who was moving forward. The sponsor of the project was Siemens.
067 Aerodynamics Study 2 Seater Bicycle 2007
056 Nameless 2007
Exhibited at Nancy Hall
Vehicle not finished, just equipped with 2 wheels in the center
088 Bio Concept Yamaha FC-1 2007
109 SUV Colani 2007
From his Chinese site where he specifies that it is very rare
038 Pierce Arrow 2008

The idea of ​​reviving Pierce-Arrow also sparked the imagination of famous designer Luigi Colani, this is why the traditional brand Pierce-Arrow has now acquired the tag by Colani.
053 F Dream 2011 Goldfinger
083 2012
090 supercar T600 2015 The new concept sports car with a target speed of 600 km / h has a body length of 5,5 m and a width of 2,2 m. Design combines bionics and aerodynamics, and the unique Colani shape ensures it adapts tightly to the ground when driving at high speed.
6 wheels, my reason for being (Marc Simonnet)
107 Ravana Truck 2018 7th version of the tractor, luxury camping car trailer
089 Minibus
(Camping Car)
2019 8th version of the tractor.
The World's Latest Colani VR Also Unveiled On The Expo Site. The rounded shape, the three-frame wiper, the ultra wide viewing angle at 270 ° Ultra-high-end VR. the RV measures approximately 5,9 meter, 2,2 meters wide and 2,8 meters high. It was tailor-made for China.

27 vehicles that do not have a date yet $$$

013 Utah 14 A priori, a Utah 14, but did not participate in Automorrow ’89
024 2cv Experimental III 1981

076 Mercedes Abandoned project
051 Nameless
052 Nameless
075 Record bike 100 km / h
078 A priori a two-seater bike
092 Race bike
093 City bike
098 Volkswagen or Lancia ???
099 Moto BMW
100 Japan bike
101 Mercedes deflector
102 truck
103 Moto BMW
111 Velo
112 Truck Concept 3D
081 Scooter
113 ?


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