COCO TAXI Tricycle Egg – Varadero, CUBA

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Peninsula Hicacos, better known under the name of VARADERO,
is the largest resort in Cuba.

The Varadero resort is located on the long, narrow peninsula Hicacos, between the Straits of Florida (Atlantic Ocean) and the Bay of Cardenas, on the north coast of Cuba. She is at 140 km from Havana and 32 Matanzas km from the capital of the province of the same name, Matanzas. The peninsula is named after a type of prickly cactus (Hicacos).

The peninsula covers Hicacos 14,4 square kilometers and has approximately 21 km long and more or less 1 km wide. It is separated from the Great island of Cuba by a drawbridge (Swing bridge) through the channel Kawama. The tip of the peninsula, called Punta Hicacos, is the northernmost of all Cuba Point. The peninsula is surrounded by 10 small cays (islands), several coral reefs, canals and underwater caves.

At the southwestern tip of the peninsula is the center of Varadero, where we find most of the casas particulares and budget-friendly hotels that are directly on the beach where a few blocks from it. While in the North-East is the most luxurious hotels and / or newer. Much of the northeast tip of the peninsula is occupied by a nature reserve called Reserva Ecologica Varahicacos (3.12 sq. km) where there is an endemic forest, walking trails and caves.

The entire north shore of the peninsula (Atlantic coast) is where we find the famous and spectacular beach 21 km which is renowned Varadero. A fine white sand of calcareous origin covers the entire length of the north shore (beach and seabed). The shallow crystal clear waters surrounding the peninsula allow to enjoy a safe swimming.

varadero , CUBA

In Havana, in addition to traditional taxis and old vintage cars, you can move in Coco Taxi. They look like Asian touc-touc, it comes to small scooters covered by a yellow cabin that can accommodate two or three passengers. When temperatures rise in Havana, this mode of transport is especially nice, more, their conductors are, most of the time, happy to share their knowledge about their city. So you can, in addition to cool off, discover the attractions of the Cuban capital hair flying. The coco-taxis are the only ones that work with a counter. The race is a little more expensive than other taxis but at least you will save the party negotiation that can be perilous.
If you want to make multiple trips, please mention your driver should, in this case exclusively, offer you a package for the afternoon or for several hours.

A try at least once during your stay in Cuba. Taxis cocos are the delight of tourists. This is a scooter 3 yellow wheels and looks like a coconut from which the name of TAXI COCO This folk conveyance may nevertheless be practical for short trips on the Malecon or in the old Havana. All aboard for a ride.

Coco Taxi – Varadero, Cuba

A body fiberglass or egg-shaped, helmet or coconut ?
A tricycle with a motor 128 horses.. This motorized transport that, was designed for tourists, is available now for all. With an average speed of just over 20 Km/H, it offers a pragmatic option, showy, cheerful and that beautifies the old town with its bright colors. It's more a Cuban contribution to the sustainable development of urban transport.

These Coco Taxis are everywhere in Cuba, and people moving around the. cute. Cocotaxi is a type of auto rickshaw taxi vehicle in Cuba. They have two passenger seats, three wheels, a body fiberglass egg-shaped and two-stroke engine of 75 cc. The word means coconut coconut, whose shell forms vehicles imitate. Although noisy, they are cheaper than regular taxis.

Coco taxi ride // Race through Havana, Cuba.

The bodies fiberglass for Coco taxis were made in Cuba, and motor, the transmission, and other parts are manufactured by Vespa – motor scooter parts. The engine of our Coco was 125 cc; some 75 DC motors. The transmission is a three-speed manual. I felt gear around 35 or 40 mph. Most Cocos have two passenger seats, but some have a third, between and slightly behind the other two passengers. A helmet is required only for the driver.

I coco taxi, an unusual scooter 3 wheels that resembles a coconut. Yellow, so that they do not go unnoticed ! Convenient for short trips, folk at will, assemble at least once in a taxi coconut for your trip to Cuba.
These small cars to the sound of motorcycles, are generally controlled by women. Sitting on a seat in faux leather, Puddle logo of the famous ”Havana Club”, we had the opportunity to browse through the hot streets and moving to Varadero, on a Coco taxi. Nod to this unusual means of transport.

coco taxi havana





coco taxi havana

Coco Taxi, Havana, Cuba



C & rsquo; isDoes a tricycle scooter very common in Cuba.

Business Insider sent three journalists in Havana, Cuba, to explore the city as tourists.


Varadero to Havana in Matanzas (Cuba), I invite you to discover a collection of Cuban unusual taxis: (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Husdon, Lincoln, Mercury, Nash, Oldsmobile, Packard, Plymouth, Pontiac, Studebaker, Mercedes, Classic Cars, etc …).



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