future House & Pensacola Beach Domes

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Pensacola Beach, Florida

The flight demonstration squadron of US Navy, the Blue Angels, perform the maneuver “diamond 360” during’ a training flight demonstration on Pensacola Beach. Blue Angels performance 2012 are in the centenary of’ Naval Aviation and the commemoration of the bicentennial of the War 1812.

County Air Show, Lancaster, California 2014
The Blue Angels, based in Pensacola, in Florida, is the flight demonstration squadron of the US Navy. It was formed in 1946. Six Blue Angels demonstration pilots fly the F / A-18 Hornet in more than 70 shows in 34 places in the United States each year. The Blue Angels use a United States Marine Corps C-130T Hercules, surnamed “Fat Albert”, for their logistical, transport spare parts, equipment, and transport support staff between shows.

Tourist attractions in Pensacola Beach, Florida are numerous and include sand which resembles snow, average 340 warm sunny days, original mixed cocktails and a giant spaceship. Yep, you read correctly – a giant spaceship. It is a novelty you can not find in most beach towns and is probably the most bizarre attraction on the island of Santa Rosa.

It is located on the north side of the Via De Luna Drive; a short beach cruiser bike is the main village. He landed here there are more than three decades and currently houses Pensacola Beach Preservation and Historical Society. It looks like a B-movie prop Roll size with a former foreign school smiles at you from behind the door of the porch.

It is actually a prefabricated house designed 1968 by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen who nicknamed 'Furturo House'. A helicopter helped to land in its current launch pad early seventy years. Suuronen originally designed to be a lightweight glass versatile ski cabin with integrated modern furniture.

Pensacola Beach, Florida : Future – UFO Maison (Spaceship)

Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Dennis, a tornado – House resisted all UFO.

Design of the prefab house of 1968 is by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen.

Pensacola Beach Florida, Vintage Polaroid (Unknown date)
The Futuro House

We bought this Polaroid photograph in 2017. Although the clarity is not perfect due to its age, we can still capture the cool vibe of the years 70.

Stephen Ulman was recently awarded Washington State University with a Master of Landscape Architecture; Congratulations. 2009 Stephen drawing with Ryan Anderson according to the label line of the drawing made of Pensacola Beach Futuro .

The house ship – future House, Pensacola Beach (FL)

Tourist attractions in Pensacola Beach, in Florida are numerous and include the sand an average of 340 warm sunny days, original mixed cocktails. It is a novelty you can not find in most beach towns and is probably the most bizarre attraction on the island of Santa Rosa. It is actually a prefabricated house designed 1968 by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen who nicknamed The Futuro House. A helicopter helped to land in its current launch pad early seventy years. Matti Suuronen originally designed to be lightweight a versatile ski cabin with modern built-in furniture.

Maybe he was on to something because this ship has stood for four decades off floods, tornadoes it even held its ground by hurricane Ivan, that completely immerses its base in water. Suuronen built less than a hundred of these unusual houses and only six still exist today. Pensacola Beach receives 500 visitors each year and has over 3000 Facebook fans. It is currently owned by the’ Historical Society President, Victoria Clarkin, which often decorates for holidays in transforming it into a giant pumpkin at Halloween or putting Santa hats on foreigners at Christmas. Clarkin's dedication to his house means visitors are likely to increase in the coming years. She dreamed of having as a child and said,: "I knew that the ship would have me one day.” If an unusual accommodation is your childhood dream, Clarkin is the rent to visitors.

Hurricane Ivan Storm Video – Pensacola Beach, Florida.


incredible training of a storm in the US.

prefabricated concrete houses (circular – horizontal and dome – spherical beads)

DOME – 1005 Ariola Drive PENSACOLA BEACH, FL

A random selection of some interesting buildings in this Florida beach town. Pensacola was sort of a surprise to me, it was more beautiful than I expected; with its white sand beaches, and historically interesting; with its 19 century forts and resorts. However, when driving around, I am more taken with some of the architecture that we discovered. beach towns like this are often a hodgepodge of bungalows and cabanas and other types of buildings near the pool, and more often than, they are on stilts to cope with storm surges. Pensacola Beach has more than its share of these types of buildings, but it is also home to a pretty crazy experimental architecture.

The island is probably not over 1000 feet wide at it's close. As a barrier island and very low altitude, it tends to bear the brunt of hurricanes that pass through the region. In 1995, he was hit by two hurricanes that have a good amount of destruction of buildings on the island. In response to all this, Mark and Valerie Sigler built “The Dome of a house”. It is a winding shell 3 floors that looks like a kind of architecture. It is an impressive building, but more importantly, it works.

Hurricane Ivan arrived in 2004, and confident in building engineering, Mark and a team of MSNBC stuck through the storm. The island was completely covered 6 feet of water from the storm surge, but the building survived, giving them all a glimpse of a hurricane most people don't experiences.

Modern house of the future – a monolithic dome.A short video, drawings reinforced concrete, the so-called. monolithic dome. The house in this design are very popular in the US. Most houses made international company Monolithic. The kinematic shows the advantages of the dome.

Hurricane Ivan Video Stock Images and Photos Copyright © Ultimate Chase Video Services.

Infrared Satellite Image Ultimate Chase Video Services Location During Hurricane. Hurricane Ivan made landfall as a major category 3 Hurricane.

Pensacola Beach Barrier Island, Florida from 16 the 17 September 2004.

Monolithic Dome shell Sigler is complete and cut openings. This 70 ‘x 54’ home diameter of the dome is built on the beach in Pensacola Beach,FL

There’s a Dome of a Home Going Up On Pensacola Beach!

This Dome, built in 2003, weathered Hurricane Ivan late 2004.

A unique location and opportunity
Once finished, the new Florida dome will be available for rent on a weekly basis. During periods of non-rental, the house will be open for scheduled visits.


“Hurricane-proof” house on Sullivan’s Island, near Charleston SC – (Caroline from the south)

This dream has become Eye of the Storm, an elongated ellipse measuring 80 '57’ by 34 ‘. Its four levels offer 3500 square feet of living space inside and outside porches, and cost about 600.000 $ for the construction.

As it is in an area prone to hurricanes, Paul designed the ground level of the eye with eight huge openings – five of which are big enough to traverse. In bad weather, especially a hurricane, storm surge rushes through the openings under the house, often leaving debris in its wake, but the main structure unharmed. pilings sunk into the crust or a solid part of the substrate also contribute robustness.
In addition to stability, ground level has parking and storage is an elevator that goes to the second and third floors, and two staircases.
But its not only functional. It has its unique character: two bathrooms – one for ladies and one for gentlemen – built as carved shells or underwater coves. Their benches and running down the walls and their showers become waterfalls, that feel and sound like real waterfalls, with the turn of a valve.
The second or main level includes living room, dining room, and entertainment spaces; a kitchen; three full bathrooms; and two bedrooms, all with ocean views and a generous porch. Paul said: "The building code required a 36″ high safety railing on the porch. We learned that we could build a bench, 18 “high by 24” wide, instead, and it became both the seat and table “.
A chimney, incorporating invisibly bricks of the original house, adds its charm and uniqueness. “Facing the living space inside, there is a chimney”, said Paul. “Facing the outside veranda, there is a barbecue, so it has a fireplace but two fireplaces.”

Visitors marvel Outside, hurricane shutters can be closed on the windows in fifteen seconds, even in the worst weather, because the eye has its own generator. These shutters provide security, l’isolation, and controlling sunlight, and can be rolled into a drum when not in use. Visitors to the Eye of the storm marvel at its uniqueness. “Levels dangling shell. here 250 tons suspended from the shell, and it is astonishing to most people ", said Paul.

 Second main floor or – provide four levels of the dome 3500 square feet of living space inside. Third floor – Rooms include large closets and access to 2 porches.

Colorado Dôme House: an architectural wonder !

New Oroville – High-tech City of Monolithic Domes in India.

Monolithic Dome homes are considered structures due to there shape and super structure. The construction uses an inflatable Airform, steel reinforcement. shotcrete is applied along a polyurethane foam insulation. These domes use 50% less energy due to the form. And they are profitable. And they ate the safest homes regarding storms ! The Monolithic Dome are considered structures due to there shape and super structure. The construction uses an inflatable Airform, steel reinforcement. shotcrete is applied along a polyurethane foam insulation. These domes use 50% less energy due to the form. And they are profitable. And they ate the safest homes regarding storms to live.

New Oroville A City High-tech de Monolithic Dômes, in.

In 2000, Catalytic Software began construction of a huge self-sustaining dome complex, which includes attractive areas safe for life, working and socializing.
In this high-tech company, each employee will live in a house in a, two or three floors dome that has the ability to withstand natural disasters and is equipped with high speed Internet access lightning. New Oroville is located on 50 acres in Hyderabad, the hub of high technology to India, and includes some 4000 domes. New Oroville is designed for superior protection. The domes act as information silos, physically separating the teams and data isolation. The environmental domes are durable and energy efficient. To make the process more efficient building, local work teams were divided into four categories: Mixer Crew, splash Crew, Steel Crew et Form Crew.

Monolithic Dome homes have a green attraction for energy efficiency and remarkably durable, compliance with federal tornado protection standards. Bristlecone Dome in Fairplay, pictured here, will be open for tours Saturday.

Institut Dome Monolithic
Institut Dome Monolithic

177 Dome Park Place
Italy, Texas 76651


Photo credit: Coastal Breeze News

Cape Romano Home Dome, Built in 1981 on the south end of Marco Island, Dome House is an igloo concrete complex with white dome room, now decaying and slowly slide into the ocean. Many know about this is the place, but its origins are to be discussed; foreign to secret cults. In truth, it was built by an oil producer and retired inventor.

Bob Lee began work on the house 1980 with the idea that it would be completely autonomous and ecological. Buying a barge, he began moving supplies for the island, including forms of metal dome, two cement mixers and fresh water to mix cement.

Florida turbulent weather was considered robust and rounded domes were able to sustain hurricane winds, after taking little damage from Hurricane Andrew years later. Have a second use, rainwater hit the domes and wash down in a gutter system around them, which open into a cistern under the main dome. After running water through the filters, water could then be used for things such as showers or dishes. Solar panels have been installed providing free electricity to its completion in maison.Après 1982, Lee and his family sold just two years later 1984. When the owner went into financial difficulties, they repossessed the house 1987 and lived in it until 1993. At that time, the island was already changing and had taken other homes in the area.

An aerial view of 2005, shortly after Hurricane Wilma. Rookery Bay Photo courtesy

It was purchased in 2005 by John Tosto family hoping to renovate the house and make functional again. Tosto planned on relocating domes out of the land owned by the state and bring them into compliance with county building codes. Domes will be moved by crane and set atop new concrete piles or steel over 50 feet from the high tide line and at least 25 feet away from wetlands behind site.Construction of the materials will be delivered by barge, and the work will be timed to avoid sea turtles and nesting seasons shorebirds, the permit application says. Considered dangerous, Board Application Code Collier County has made an order 2007 demolish structures. Having already invested 500 000 $ in plot, he refused and was fined for 187.000 $ in 2009. Tosto spoke of a vision, and said destiny, no chance, allow him to prevail, always believing he could save the house. The structures are there to this day, but are so far from shore because the shoreline change, that any attempt to rescue them was probably long lost. Riturce : Coastal Breeze News.

Product Name :
Prefab Dome House, prefab, Dome house Marque Omni Dome Maison.

Place of Origin South Korea
category Construction & Immovable >Immovable >prefabricated houses
fiberglass material (FRP)
Cut 6000.0 * 3700.0 * 6000.0 mm
Weight 441 kg.
FOB prices:
US $ 8,500 – 9,500 / Unit

Packaging & delivery
Packaging Details: A freight container 40 standard "holds up 20 units.
Delivery Detail: 30 ~ 60 days

main Features :
1) Easy to assemble: It takes less than 4 hours 2 ~ 3 people
2) Portable: Lightweight (packed easily and shipped wherever)
3) Weather tested: Proven in the tropics, in arctic climates and have withstood hurricane force winds .
4) Durable, rustproof, Raincoat
5) Energetic efficiency: Save 60% in heating or cooling costs
6) Low cost

use :
1) Safe from Disasters 2) Tourist rentals 3) Military applications 4) remote field camps 5) Spa or the’ equipment covers 6) storage offers 7) Camp
1) Cut: 3.7m 2) Zone and Weight: 29.2m², 441,3 kg 3) Equipment: fiberglass (FRP)



The Inn Place – New Location, Old Motif
A successful holiday complex – By attending a workshop Monolithic 2005, Kevin studied monolithic construction process and reviewed the Monolithic rental center operated in Italy, in Texas. As a participant in our workshop in September 2005, Kevin McGuckin studied monolithic construction process. He also inspected the domes and near our headquarters, including monolithic rental services. What he saw and heard convinced him to build a resort in Monolithic Dome.

Introducing the Io-16.5
a Monolithic Dome with an oblate ellipse shape that has a diameter of only 16,5 feet, height 9 feet of living space 210 square feet.
Like its bigger siblings, a 16.5-Io has the strength and durability of concrete reinforced with steel, polyurethane foam insulation and covered with a AirForm. It is, easy to maintain, and anti-intrusion disasters, fire and energy efficient termite resistant.


The combination of portability and quick installation with the ability to create a connection shelters common, Domes made InterShelter ™ ideal shelter for many situations. It is an endless cycle for many without – shelter. With no home or bath, they can not get a job and unemployed , they can not get a home. Find affordable housing States – States and many other countries has become increasingly difficult. InterShelter ™ provides a simple and affordable solution. Not only can – InterShelter ™ is a family house Dome five people, it can also be mounted on almost all types of terrain. In a designated area of ​​a city, a complete compound InterShelter ™ Domes can be built in a day. Not only will it provide shelter but it will create a common atmosphere. This has already been proven in a Los Angeles area. Our domes could be the answer to homelessness.



Welcome to Tore Tore Village, nestled in an idyllic valley in Shirahama, in Wakayama Prefecture.

Informations : http://www.toretore-village.com/

Tore Tore Village / Toretore Village
Address : 2498-1 garnished, Shirahama, Nishimuro District, Wakayama Prefecture 649-2201
Phone :+81 739-42-1100

We all remember the Dragon Ball bubble houses. Well aware that you will be able to spend the night. It will, of course, travel to Japan to stay in one of those strange houses. You do not remember these atypical home ? Take a look at the image below to refresh your memory before discovering the scale models.

Pleasant Valley Energy, LLC International Project “Joe Dome” here is a great place to live above ground while building your underground shelter.



Virginia Maneval

I am the daughter of Jean Benjamin Maneval, famous urban architect who notably created the Bulle Six Coques, a plastic house from the pop years. You can also find me on my Facebook page Bubblemania.fr or on my page La Bulle Six Coques by Jean Benjamin Maneval.

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