Exhibition Design Arts & Foods – Milan Triennial (2015)

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A Unique Exhibition at the Triennale Design Museum of Milan 2015 –

The Milan Triennale opened 9 avril 2015 for the Universal Exhibition with Arts & Foods,
great anthology on the subject of diet in the history of art 1851 nowadays.


Cristina Celestino

Director of the Triennale Design Museum in Milan

Cristina Celestino: Graduated from Iuav in Venice with architecture tournaments and started working with a number of architecture studios, before drawing his attention to architecture and interior design. In 2009, she moved to Milan where she founded her own design brand under the name of “Attic”, which produces lamps and furniture characterized by extensive research on materials and shapes. In 2012, she was selected to participate in the Salone Satellite and, after this experience, the Attico have been exhibited in several international galleries and exhibition halls. The product Atomizers, produced by Seletti, is part of the permanent collection of Italian design of the Triennale Museum in Milan.

Milan Triennale is an Italian cultural institution headquartered in the Palazzo dell'Arte located in Sempione Park in Milan:

It offers international exhibitions, conferences and artistic events, design, mode, d’architecture, movies, communication and society. The building also houses the Triennale Design Museum, museum of Italian design opened in 2007.


In development, the work around the work..

Arts & Foods – rituals from 1851

Claes Oldenburg – fork with Meatball and Spaghetti III, 1994.
painted cast aluminum with polyurethane.

The intrinsic relationship between the arts and the food is traced and analyzed in the Arts Pavilion & Foods, the only thematic area of ​​the Expo Milan 2015 to be held in the city. The Triennale, host the event 9 April to 1st November 2015.

Located in the indoor and outdoor areas of La Triennale – 7000 square meters of construction space and garden – Arts & Foods focuses on all the visual forms, sculpturales, based on the object and that environmental, since 1851, the year of the first Expo in London, revolved around the world of food, nutrition and meals together. The exhibition offers a global overview of the interaction between aesthetics and design in food rituals, as International uses various media to attract visitors an event in time, contemporary history, and forms of expression, creativity and communication all cultural fields.

The museum is divided into three chronological journey:
from Impressionism to the forefront, postwar and contemporary, blending Art and Design, Architecture, Music and Movies. A maze of windows and decorations, appliances and kitchens of the past, present and future which scrolls the history of our eating habits since the industrial revolution.

A vortex atmospheres, a journey through time, to lose orientation as in a fairground. It is therefore necessary concentration to identify 500 works of art that the curator Germano Celant integrated scenographically into the multiple decors to better illustrate the succession of eras. Strange all the same through the centuries and the major artistic trends with food as a thread. These are not the Water Lilies Monet but the cook and chef's hat representing here Impressionism. Same for the Cubists, Futurists and Surrealists that we find in the first rooms with their less known works of still lifes, especially chosen according to their conformity with the theme of food.

curator by Germano Celant and with the display Design by Studio Italo Rota, Arts & Food : Uses a multi-sensory and multi-sensory to consider developments and solutions adopted in foodstuffs. It covers kitchen tools to tables and picnics, and public aspects in the form of bars and restaurants.

And Don't miss the giant Hamburger !

le Big Big Mac from Tom Friedman

This journey through the artifacts and time offer creative thinking on:

"Feeding the planet, Energy for Life ", the theme of the World Expo in Milan, with hundreds and hundreds of books, objects and documents from museums, public and private institutions, collectors and artists worldwide.

Theonly a dozen sculptures inhabit the garden of the Triennale:

Mysterious Fontaine De Chirico just restored is dominated by a huge bottle of McCarthy inflatable ketchup.

But what does McCarthy next to De Chirico? In the garden, chronological rigor jumped and all of McCarthy following gains in visibility..

This Triennial is a global overview that highlights the ways in which our society has been linked to the theme of food over the years through kitchen tools, books, furniture for private homes and public places.

The topic of shifting food is also discussed, documenting how the power concept has evolved with the development of different transport , first with cars and picnics, then with trains and cars, then with the aircraft and finally spacecraft.

the bubble 6 Hulls Jean B.Maneval


Jousse Entreprise – Triennale





Houses – furniture – Mobiles

The Milan Triennale – Arts and Food – The removable house

Le Corbusier – kitchen unit types 1 for the “Unité d'Habitation” at Marseille, 1955

Verner Panton – furniture, Vitra, 1969

American contemporaries like Jeff Koons, right here two hyperrealistic paintings from colorful and tasty cakes, largely tend to continue the momentum Pop enlargements, and especially food but decidedly more "mass culture", ase Big Big Mac Tom Friedman and McDonald's of Tom Sachs in the museum foyer. The last word - but always in the Neo-Pop style - is left to the Italian darling Maurizio Cattelan which closes the exhibition with its huge round rug shaped cheese box Galbani.

The Milan Triennale – Arts and Food – Distributors of Coca Cola History




The Milan Triennale – Arts and Food – Wartime Kitchen

The Milan Triennale – Arts and Food – Carousel

The Milan Triennale – Arts and Food – Food for astronauts


Dennis Oppenheim – sleeping dogs

Ron Mueck – woman with shopping

igloo of bread

Urs Fischer – Bread House

Frank O. Gehry – GFT fish 1985-1986

Joe Colombo – Roto-living unit, 1969

Arts and Food . ritual from 1851
Triennale di Milano
9 avril – 1is novembre 2015

All photos © Inexhibit, 2015

Installations.. the Triennale of Milan before the opening..

And a little sweep shot and HOP’ !!


2017 – Design for All: also for children and not just for hipsters !

Milano – RING AROUND THE ROSIE, Triennale-Design for Children.



Virginia Maneval

I am the daughter of Jean Benjamin Maneval, famous urban architect who notably created the Bulle Six Coques, a plastic house from the pop years. You can also find me on my Facebook page Bubblemania.fr or on my page La Bulle Six Coques by Jean Benjamin Maneval.

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