Soap Bubble Castle Peter Jon Pierce

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The University of Arizona

Biosphere 2

In the early 90, a team & rsquo; people tried to live and cultivate long-term food in the giant bubble, sealed and self-sufficient.


American Product Designer and Inventor Peter Jon Pearce

He lives and works in Malibu, in California, where he spent his last years to develop a concept of residence Net Zero Energy. After obtaining her designer's degree of & rsquo; IIT Institute of Design in Illinois 1958, he worked for the Eames before creating his own agency in 1961. He also worked with Buckminster Fuller, but is best known as the & rsquo; man who designed the structure and coating for Biosphere 2 Arizona.

(Enlarged 8 billion times !)

Peter Jon Pierce ” Soap Bubble Castle ” Chinatown, San Francisco, 1980.

You see bubbles or precious stones radiating when watching this space game, polycarbonate modules injected into the mold were in fact modeled d & rsquo; d & rsquo after the structure; an enlarged diamond molecule 8 billion times.

A Curved Diamond Game Structure of Space by Peter Jon Pearce, ” The Soap Bubble Castle “

The ethereal sculpture by Peter Jon Pearce ” Curved Space Diamond Structure ” is commonly referred to as "The Soap Bubble Castle" by children and Japanese patrons who frequent the Hakone Open Air Museum.

Architect Peter Jon Pearce Soap Bubbles 1975

Hakone Open Air Museum, Japan Friday 23 November 2011


The d & rsquo structure escalation Peter Jon Pearce at the Hakone Open Air Museum, Japan.

Geophysical geodesic habitat,
a jungle pod construction play set.

The curved diamond structure of space was designed by Peter Pearce, an architect, engineer conscious systems that had the idea to build a world inspired by the architecture inspired parts of nature.


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Book of & rsquo; Author Peter Jon Pierce

A Structure in Nature is a Design Strategy (1978)


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