Algeco2002 (1969) ALGECO (1955) Mâcon, FRANCE

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architecture(s) It istary(s) Algeco

Algeco offers total immersion in the & rsquo; one of its sites for you to discover, step by step, l & rsquo; d & rsquo facility; a module of the Progress range. Parts delivery, Mounting of the prefabricated structure, installation of interior equipment (lighting, plumbing, electricity, heating) : l & rsquo; d & rsquo facility; a modular n & rsquo; more secrets for you. A project realized in a very short time : only 3 days & rsquo; interference between the assembly and delivery of the keys.

The story… of the’Algeco (acronym: d & rsquo; Alliance and Commercial Management) is a manufacturer of modular buildings, road gauge used alone or assembled in their dimensions, temporarily or permanently, which can be leased or sold. These modules are commonly used as billeting, bureau, technical local. Algeco is a registered trademark. It is also, in France, brand misused to designate modular buildings, this use is challenged by the manufacturer, for its illegal and reducing side.

1955 – Creation in Macon
1966 – Bought by the German group Preussag

2004 – Bought by the fund & rsquo; British investment TDR
2007 – TDR which already has several companies in the same sector in & rsquo; other countries, buys the number 1 American Williams Scotsman and includes the & rsquo; together under the holding company named Algeco Scotsman.

In 1955, Algeco invented the modular design concept ...

More than 60 years after, Algeco is the world leader in this market. With a turnover in constant progression, a park 231 000 modules and recognized know-how, Algeco intends to pursue its development and consolidate its leading position. The inventor of the modular construction is now present in 22 pays: Germany,Austria, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech republic, UK, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and United Arab Emirates. Algeco offers a wide range of products to respond to all the needs of its customers : the offices cantonment site, to the most advanced models in the range Progress, via the secure container Algecostorage and autonomous health. The extent of its network, including the company Elliott in Great Britain and Williams Scotsman in the United States allows Algeco to offer quality service and excellent value for money. Its global development does not prevent it from remaining faithful to its first will, that of being a local company whose immediate responsiveness and the undisputed quality of its products and services are the main assets.

ALGECO Siemens

ALGECO a project in motion. Find out how an office building for Siemens is dated créé.Dernier challenge for Algeco : install a modular structure on the roof of an electricity plant, at the foot of the dam Castillon. To succeed this particular provision, the 8 modules were transported by helicopter ... !

Customers come from Algeco 5 main sectors:
construction and infrastructure, industry, service and administration.



Patent filing in February 1969
Patent filing / February 1969




So what does this beautiful Algeco very design and perched on a freight wagon ?

If you look good, it n & rsquo; not strapped, unprotected and a staircase allows even get on the wagon to access this Algeco like to visit him. Nor would carry a more well furnished Algeco !
Is it a demonstration room, a sales office for the equipment installed on the same wagon ? Material that n & rsquo; is nothing short of railway bogies.

And who designed this wonderful little tiny moving object and which evokes many & rsquo; other experiences of the same time as our beloved bubble six shells !

Is this also the & rsquo; opportunity for office container company to promote its new design ?
We admire the taste for furniture with beautiful chairs Knoll Saarinen…

There is a copy here of this kind office container 2002.
Slide n & rsquo; is not titled and I know d & rsquo; where it comes from. Probably a d & rsquo documentation business but this is hypothetical.
What is beautiful in this picture c & rsquo; is the contrast between lightness and whiteness of the & rsquo; office container and wagon so heavy metal which nevertheless gives it mobility possible.


How not to be jubilant to see our six-hull bubble so close to the Tetrodon, s & rsquo; Algeciras 2002, d & rsquo; a house of Pascal Haüsermann or & rsquo; another of Paul Maymont….

I give them to see each with their description seems sometimes imprecise. It s & rsquo; interrogate the editorial decision not to show the houses in photography but much less precise and clear drawing to express scales and details. Note for example how the designer firm berries of all houses yet transparent by a solid black certainly very graphic and beautiful but somewhat enlightening if I & rsquo; daresay. C & rsquo; is certainly that & rsquo; it was difficult to make a photographic report of this set of plastic houses, these being dispersed in the territory. It is assumed that the designer has worked d & rsquo; after documents, thereby equalizing their disparities. We are already 1973 and soon the & rsquo; history will end the & rsquo; epic plastic houses…How can we not rejoice to see our neighbor and bubble six shells of Tetrodon, s & rsquo; Algeciras 2002, d & rsquo; a house of Pascal Haüsermann or & rsquo; another of Paul Maymont….

We are already 1973 and soon the & rsquo; history will end the & rsquo; epic plastic houses…


movable unit to use plastic d & rsquo; temporary dwelling, offices, etc. 9m2 module can be multiplied to infinity. Sold naked or equipped. 7.995 frs bare Module. (July 1972). Number One Hundred Sixty September modules Polyester had appeared in the Olympic Village in Munich. The Algeco health activity dates back to the mid 1995. So, the company joins soon 1995 with a medical engineering company in Latin America to design buildings integrating all the analysis and imaging equipment. Since decades, Algeco has developed a unique expertise in the health sector whose clinical benefit today, hospitals, nursing homes and other nursing homes.

Special status at the meeting of the & rsquo; AOAD

L & rsquo; last autumn, members of the & rsquo; former Fiat AOAD 130 grew up with an impressive position when they again participated together in the Italian automotive exhibition in Houten. This time, it was decided not to be in the boring room but just outside of Houten in a wooded area. The show found from 1972 funky plastic houses Algeco they had organized for that day. Fans of Fiat 130 turn out to be true purists. The cost or effort was spared. So, the houses were covered with stickers and broken old Fiat with authentic flags. Generally, the cottages have been decorated with vintage chairs and lamps they found on the market. Women and girlfriends visited the state with their own little Fiat or sports.

New and well maintained, the Bulle Algeco 2002 was "brilliant" and totally avant-garde in design. But its technical shortcomings and numerous constraints have not allowed him to drill at Algeco. This product is quickly replaced by the series 3015. Each module is easily buildable, by its gable or side boards, plus some very interesting dimensions : 6.21 m in length, 2.44 m wide and 2.30 height.

L & rsquo; changes in modular construction by Algeco

From the mid 1990, Algeco, already leading European market continues its development strategy by implementing a range of products …

From the mid 1990, Algeco, already leading European market continues its development strategy by implementing a range of specific products and services to its new target markets. The modular so is a response more relevant to diverse markets, the construction site at the school or hospital, through hotels, offices and industrial premises.
Jean-Marie Thomine-Desmazures, Chairman of the Management Board of Algeco SA illuminates 1995 the company's ambitions "Modular and prefabricated buildings have evolved so much that their performance has reached - or exceeded - those concrete buildings and, Furthermore, even their aesthetic has nothing to envy. Today building components allow indeed benefits of all levels, from the cheapest to more upscale, both in exterior cladding in interior equipment. (…) The comfort and the greatest luxury can be integrated smoothly. "To give the means of its ambitions, Algeco then spends about 20 % of its revenue to invest in a large-scale quality approach. The priorities are identified : certification of industrial tools, product development and production tools. At the same time, the company undertakes investments to strengthen its position in France, but also in Germany where two new settlements created in new Länder, Dresden and Berlin.


City of Franche-Comte, France Montbeliard (25200)

(66136) Z.Industrielle Perpignan

Photo credit Virginie ManevalN&B and colors at the ” Perpignan Industrial Zone” Algeco 2002




Virginia Maneval

I am the daughter of Jean Benjamin Maneval, famous urban architect who notably created the Bulle Six Coques, a plastic house from the pop years. You can also find me on my Facebook page or on my page La Bulle Six Coques by Jean Benjamin Maneval.

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