Modified Jaguar XK120 (1952) jabbeke – Belgium

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Manufacturing workshop : The restored Jaguar XK120 that broke the world speed record 276 mph in 1953 and won the title of “Best in Class”.

The Jaguar XK120 is a sports car with two seats (discovery or cut) produced by British car brand Jaguar 1948 at 1954. There were five sports models in the history of Jaguar. This shows that the company has always created the first time that would remain long auto production through minor changes. The XK comes second in this list behind that which succeeded it, the Jaguar E type, perhaps best known. But the XK represented an identical revolution when she appeared in 1948 providing quality report / price that no other manufacturer could not reach.

Jaguar with facelift 900 000 $

(More than 700 000 euros to restore a record Jaguar)

Alan Henry, renowned journalist motorsport, interview Norman Dewis JD Classics about the fascinating world record Flying Mile 1953 XK120 modified in Jabbeke on the road in Belgium. In the early 1950, a newly built road in the area of ​​Jabbeke, in Belgium, was used for high-speed tests. In 1953, Sir William Lyons sought to prove that the XK 120 (modified) was one of the fastest cars reaching 277,47 km / h on the straight Jabbeke in Belgium.

Two lovers find a specimen from abandoned 60 years, the same with which Jaguar has established the only speed record of his passionate histoire.Deux found an abandoned car from 60 years, the same with which Jaguar has established the only speed record world in its history.

The 20 October 1953, Dewis Bruges took a modified XK120. “Make sure to keep the engine under 5.800 tours”, m & rsquo; was told in high places. But from my first attempt timed mile, j & rsquo; was already in 5.800 early on and the engine was climbing again and again. And I thought that if the engine exploded, c & rsquo; was over for me. But the d & rsquo temperatures and oil & rsquo; water remained good so I don & rsquo; have not eased off. A 6.200 tours, I thought: “leaves, the engine will explode from one moment to another”. And c & rsquo; is with this in mind that I & rsquo; drove in for the kilometer speed record, then for the one in miles. Then I had to slow down smoothly, turn around and start again. The second time, j & rsquo; have pushed up & rsquo; to 6.300 towers and stayed like that until the timekeepers pass and journalists.”

“The public was also generally on the edges of the road. Me, under my aerodynamic bubble, I did not see much when I was driving in the middle of this crowd. But controllers and police, saw them well and said: “If something goes awry, there will be deaths”. And that's how it was brought to an end speed records Jabbeke. But fortunately, they never withdrew mine.”

the car appeared with his bubble canopy, improvised and distinctive, that was taken from & rsquo; a jet fighter installed specifically for speed trials.

Dome of single ball Jaguar XK120.


Jaguar XK120 à Monterey, CaliforniaJaguar XK120 at Monterey, California

LJaguar XK120 was completely restored.

the d & rsquo Contest; Elegance: This Jaguar XK120 unusual, with a bubble dome shaped, is known as "Jabbeke" XK, famous for its speed record 1953 of 173km / h.

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