Architecture – Hôtel Flame Towers & Offices in Baku, Azerbaijan (Asia)

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Baku (Azeri : Baku, IPA: [bɑcɯ]) is the capital of Azerbaijan. It is located in the east, on the south shore of the peninsula Absheron, at the edge of the Caspian Sea. Its history begins in the first millennium BC, but the oldest written records only date from the fifth century. In 2011, its population is estimated at 2 045 815 inhabitants 1 and 3 million people live in metropolitan.

Best hotel and tourist center : Baku Flame Towers. Baku, Azerbaijan. 3 shaped towers of flames, stained glass blue and orange, honeycombed with openings to the sky : Here the Flames Tours of appearance (Flame Towers) Baku, Azerbaijan. They represent one of the most striking joint projects ever built. landmark of the Baku skyline, the shape of the towers reflects the history of the region : the cult of the fire and the abundance of natural gas, and a bold vision for the future. Commercial and leisure spaces create a seamless continuity between inside and outside, and this natural connection between the towers reinforces urban surroundings. Illuminating the skyline of Baku, these glittering flames are an inspiration for the future of this city to tour the world.

Concept The history of Baku, with its fire-worship cult provided the inspiration for the design, which consists of three flame-shaped towers, each with a different function, defined in a triangular form are seen in many parts of the city. Baku Flame Towers are a symbol of the historical past and the future strength and potential of Azerbaijan. The design was conceived as a set of flames, pulled from the ground one of the main hills of Baku. Fire symbolizes energy and eternity, and also dates back to the ancient worship of this element.

Description Tours, which corresponds to Pierre Baillargeon design, create a triangular formation interconnected by a base formed by a corrugated podium. The curved shapes of turns terminating in a point, like pieces of a peak collar, which curve around the roof gardens, providing a measure of protection. The international team of architects HOK was presented many challenges during construction. design, more innovative, had to withstand earthquakes and potential construction elements made without the use of cranes, because of strong winds in the area.

The spaces The complex consists of three towers that share a common podium that acts as an anchor for the entire project, providing shopping and entertainment for residents and visitors to enjoy podium, 78m high and with three levels, a wavy glass ceiling decorated with a honeycomb pattern. It offers leisure facilities, restaurants, coffees, cinemas and shops. Each tower has 50 parking spaces.

Residential tower The residential tower 33 floors is the largest of the three towers, is south, and distributed 130 Luxury apartments with stunning views of the Caspian Sea and Baku. The building has a gym, a spa and other facilities.

L’ hotel The hotel is managed by Fairmont Hotels is located in the northeast corner of the earth and 318 bedrooms, dont 61 are apartments on 30 floors desservis.La neutral palette used in the decoration of the rooms is enhanced by bursts of color progressing to the tower culminates with the Royal Suite, with deep, rich burgundy finish. custom parts, like a crystal chandelier with teardrop and 6m attract much attention in the 17m high hall. A contemporary art collection controlled Farmboy Fine Arts, complete the innovative design of the building.

The offices The office tower is located on the west side of the complex, the lowest of the three towers, 140m 28 factories, serving more than 33.000 m2 of flexible commercial offices

The structure The main structural system of the three towers are erected in reinforced concrete. On the other hand, the upper floors of the towers were built with steel frames watermarks creating a spacious place for special use. The main frame of the needles is a space frame constructed with three joints with round tube diameter of 610mm. As a result of the geometry of the design, construction were used for the biaxially curved sections welded pipe connection points. To reduce the deformation of the construction, who is from 30 m high, vertical steel columns, the sides of which are connected to the frame by bending strength of connections. Special triangular section, generally sheet metal and steel round bar has been used for these columns so allow an outside view as wide as possible. This section was modeled with the SHAPE program -THIN Dlubal then imported to RFEM.

Materials The main materials used for concrete pipe and steel structure were strengthened 6.10 cm diameter.

Cristal The facades are fully glazed and used a mixture of orange and blue tinted. Orange gives them the appearance of fire, in accordance with its name and form. On the facades also shows a grid pattern that accentuates the shape of towers.

LED In response to the tradition of the place in their fire worship, the facades of the towers are completely covered with LED screens, with over 10.000 fires, showing the gentle motion of visible flames from the most distant points of the city This lighting creates giant rocket effect emphasize the main idea of ​​towers built in his name (Flame Towers Baku). The night, its exterior lights to represent the flames, a flag of Azerbaijan and other images in motion LED.

Wind loads responsive design were determined by a liquidation report, to reach very high values, until 7 kN / m². Therefore, it took more diagonally on buildings curved back side steel, to reduce the overall pressure on the needle turns to the required 90 mm. Due to the close cooperation of all technicians in the planning of the construction could be completed on time


Flame Towers, Baku, Azerbaijan designed by HOK Architects

Towers Flame. It was another most discussed project in Azerbaijan. Its cost is estimated at US $ 350 millions. He also was launched in 2007 and it is almost over now. The roof height is 190 meters and it is’ one of the tallest buildings in Baku that can be seen in virtually all parts of the city. The building design was inspired by the flames of fire from Azerbaijan is known as the “Land of Fire”. Complex consists of three towers and includes Fairmont Hotel,appartements.Les offices and buildings seem incredible for the time of night: digital signage screens are installed in the facades and the whole building turns into a huge flame of fire.

Baku Flame Towers is a striking new addition to the skyline of Baku. Located atop’ on a hill overlooking the Caspian Sea Baku Bay and the old town center, the three towers were inspired by’ ancient history’ Azerbaijan worship fire, and illuminate the city and’ act as an eternal flame for Baku modern. The project goal was to create a low-resolution media façade to display video content, while incorporating discrete lights in the’ existing architecture. To meet the project requirements, Traxon created a special device, be installed behind the windows of buildings and give the allusion of ribbons of light. The main challenge of this project was the size of the variables window, and that the maximum deviation between lighting and window frame required to be less than 15mm. With flexible mounting solution and intelligent calculation, the project team has reduced the overall amount of devices needed only 16 different lengths modular. The whole of the’ installing three towers is controlled by e: Lighting Control Engine fx cue (LCE-fx) Emotions in progress’ execution, Micro and Video Converters (VMCS). Typically Display burning flames, intelligent control system allows for’ lighting show simple changes to reflect additional animations and graphics for special events, such as the recent 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

Shahidlar mosque next to the flame towers, Baku, Azerbaijan.
Old and New, Baku, Azerbaijan – by Lisa Hafey. Facts on Azerbaijan – Surface: 86.600 Caucasus republic on the Caspian Sea, including 5,632 sq km enclave, Nakhitchevan, between Armenia and Iran, and the region 4.400 sq km disputed Nagorno-Karabakh. Population: 8.933.928. Capital: Baku. Official language: Azerbaijan.

Shahidlar mosque next to the flame towers, Baku, Azerbaijan.

TimeLapse of the Baku capital of Azerbaijan, which on the coast of the Caspian Sea.




Azersu Tower
Building in Baku, Azerbaijan

Source: Heerim Architects & Planners Bakou page facebook Direction
Source: Heerim Architects & Planners Bakou page facebook Direction

Photo by novruzeyvazli




Skyscrapers in Baku, Azerbaijan
Height : 209 m
floors : 40

Gobustan Reserve (Azeri : Gobustan State Historical-Artistic Reserve), around 65 km southwest of Baku, was founded in 1966 to preserve and protect the rock art in the region and the mud volcanoes and monoliths called "Gaval dash". It is the most visited reserves of Azerbaijan.

It houses about 600 000 rock paintings representing men, battles, dances, boats, warriors armed with spears, bullfights, boats full of soldiers, caravans of camels, the sun and stars, etc. The designs are old 5 000 at 20 000 years.

Rock art (drawings and sculptures) and petroglyphs depict fascinating scenes of prehistoric life in the Caucasus. The drawings, fairly well preserved, show people in reed boats, men chasing antelope and wild bulls, and women dancing, among other scenes of everyday life. The famous Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl visited the region several times between 1961 and his death in 2002, student Gobustan sites in its Odin Search.

Mud volcanoes
An estimated 300 of the 700 World mud volcanoes is located in Gobustan and in the Caspian Sea. Many geologists, foreign or local tourists visit sites like Crater Firouz, the Gobustan and Salyan to brush the mud reputed therapeutic properties. In 2001 a mud volcano 15 km of Baku was the one in the world where high flames fifteen meters began to escape from its crater.


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