Jean-Pierre Ponthieu the Rhomboid Automodule, Pussycars

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(1968 – 1970)
He studied at Ecole Saint-Exupéry at HEM between 1971 and 1990.

Multicard inventor who has artwork in the automotive fields..

the Rhomboid – L’Automodule (France)

Jean-Pierre Ponthieu, inventor of the Automodule. © SONUMA

Jean-Pierre Ponthieu then defends: “This car is a technical and aesthetic revolution.” It is moreover for the sake of elegance that the Automobile has ended up being renamed "Automodule".

JeanPierre Ponthieu (1940)

L’Automodule., for information, the machine, produced in about ten copies only, was powered by a 250cc single cylinder engine, itself driving two hydraulic motors. Top speed 50 km / h. The whole of the driving part is under the cockpit which was about it to release.
In addition, the four wheels are arranged in a diamond pattern, which allows to pivot in place. The vehicle still has two positions, low (he rolls on three wheels) and high (he rolls on four wheels).

the Automodule created by Jean Pierre Ponthieu in 1970, l & rsquo; Automodule has another feature: the hydraulic suspension which can change the ground clearance. Inventor, designer, artist, Jean-Pierre Ponthieu is a true genius in the creation and implementation, is a visionary. 1968 the Automodule by Jean Pierre Ponthieu.

Below is a shortcut sequence hacked by Marc Simonnet for the Automodule
by Jean-Pierre Ponthieu (1970)
Duration of the sequence : 51s


Only ten models were produced but it was named “The year 2000 in Car” and attracted a lot of publicity, especially in & rsquo; fashion industry.

In 1968, Ponthieu released a spherical UFO version of the Pussy car that could roll down the Champs Elysees with a single-cylinder 250cc engine. The Parisian answer to the mini (mini mini market), constructed largely of plastic with a top speed of & rsquo; about 50 km hour, weighed very little and could easily be raised for the & rsquo; maintenance or dragging in the garage.

Sheila in Pussycar in Traffic

They cost between 300 and 400 £ in & rsquo; era and more like golf carts, classified as “mopeds”, which means that & rsquo; they did not require license.

Rhomboid cars arrive at the show 2016
On this occasion, Caradisiac has tested for you the Automodule designed by Jean-Pierre Ponthieu.

As early 60, Jean pierre Ponthieu embarked on the design and construction of mobile promotional gear… and it will create more and 200 small cars for advertising, les Pussycars, rolling up 50 km / h.. Unique Design and surrealists functions of & rsquo; Automodule, have definitely made this vehicle the focal point of all eyes by 1968 powered by a 250cc single cylinder engine propelling the machine to 50 km / h, wheels allow it to move in all directions. Produced only 10 copies, this car “promotional” none the less a concept unique charm.

In 35 years, Jean pierre Ponthieu, a man truly extraordinary will design and produce more than one hundred works in the fields of automotive, of fashion, decoration… and art. “In this world where everything is banal and ugly, you have to know how to create beautiful and unusual”. These are the words of Jean Pierre Ponthieu, Perhaps the craziest French inventor of the twentieth century. In the years 1960, Jean-Pierre Ponthieu embarked on the design and construction of mobile advertising vehicles. It will build the most unusual vehicles in the world, podium on wheels, giant robots, motorcycles, race cars, bikes, etc..

Jean-Pierre Ponthieu has designed and built more than one hundred works in the fields of automotive, de xla mode, decoration and art. In 1968, he invented the Automodule. Automodules succeeding Pussycars, the smallest cars in the world (at the time)and Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang , the greatest car in the world (at the time).

In the years 1970, become promotional consultant for all major advertising agencies, inventor will create more 200 advertising cars, including the famous "Pussycar's", the smallest cars in the world, and "Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang".

This unique vehicle of its kind, The Ponthieu a car born of & rsquo; d & rsquo imagination man Jean-Pierre Ponthieu, a creator in the world of advertising promotion. This car's style 30, data 1969, with his car registration and technical inspection missions for it ensures advertisers or promotional events, Following its height it in the Guinness record guide. She goes for auction at Cornette auction house Saint Cyr.

PUSSYCAR or OTOKART because it was actually under this name that it was officially and finally presented. If I preferred hitherto spoken of Pussycar is because the few surviving vehicles known today all bear a nameplate that name. Its Microcars and works by Jean Pierre Ponthieu.

Schools were invited to form a team to design and build a full-size work car within a specific time frame and budget, and the cars were then tested according to different criteria. The winning team shared a cash prize. This was an entry in the annual BP Schools Build-a-Car competition for young future engineers.

Urbanina 175cc/198cc – 1969

Our photos taken at the Salon Rétromobile Paris (2016) La Porte de Versailles !

L'Alamagny of 1947 aluminum body with identical front and rear. This symmetrical car made its first tests at the Montlhéry autodrome.

L’Express : 29/01/2016
They will be the highlight of the Rétromobile show 2016: rhomboid cars. These strange prototypes that never saw the light of day and whose wheels are positioned in the shape of a diamond. Meet two of them: Philippe Charbonneau's Ellipsis and Pininfarina X.



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