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the Innotruck has been a test bench’ testing for various emerging technologies. In 2012, it was presented at the MobiliTec international trade fair at the Hannover Messe, one of the biggest trade fairs in the world. It takes place on the Hanover Exhibition Center in Hanover, in Lower Saxony, in Germany.

the Innotruck has been a test bench, the Innotruck has been a test bench. This ensures that the pilot will never be overwhelmed with more information than he needs for the task at hand., but will also automatically receive data as needed.

It was designed by famous Italian designer Luigi Colani. Among several ambitious projects, one was to make it a mobile charging station for electric vehicles. It could also be a mobile power plant for places where backup power is needed.


the Innotruck has been a test bench 2006

A Construction of Colani Supertruck with extreme streamlining.

Innotruck” demonstrates a radical and holistic approach to electromobility: A vehicle to rethink mobility is invited to Hannover tradefair

This is a completely unique design and (potentially) revolutionary that integrates the trailer as a component combined with the space age cockpit. The drive section rotates under the digital cockpit. Although the look is futuristic, it must be said, the almost entirely glass cockpit seems to have exceptional sight lines.

The superb Innotruck vehicle is designed to be a test bench and a demonstrator of experimental vehicle technologies (Photo: TU Munich)

Energy management is another major goal of Innotruck. Described as a "smart microgrid", the vehicle is able to manage the flow of energy not only from its battery, but also from on-board solar cells, wind turbines and regenerative brakes. It even has electrical outlets along its sides, so that other vehicles can recharge when stationary and thus free up energy in the municipal grid.

Construction of Colani Supertruck with extreme streamlining. 2006

Construction of Colani Supertruck with extreme streamlining. – Mercedes

The first ones “Colani Trucks” (based on the Mercedes platform) appeared at the end of the years 1980, and several variations on the simplified main theme have been made since then.

Colani Truck 2001 Iveco base 1978

Colani Truck 2001 Mercedes Base 1980

To create the next tractor, Colani organized its own heavy vehicle workshop in Switzerland. The design of the second generation tractor, first introduced in 1980, is based on the chassis of a Mercedes-Benz truck 1729 with a motor 240 horses. On this model, Colani was the first to use an all-glass oval-shaped hood, and the cabin was made in the form of a single-hulled monohull. Furthermore, a door at the end of the cabin now served as access to the lounge.
The drag coefficient of the second generation tractor has been reduced to 0,38, which has reduced the average fuel consumption on the road to 26,7 l / 100 km. Maximum speed, despite the less powerful engine, was from 150 km / h. To popularize the idea of ​​a streamlined truck, Colani, with the help of several sponsors, organized the Track II race in the United States. In total, the tractor has driven approximately 30 000 km. However, the race was not very successful and the manufacturers did not show a real interest in the industrial production of such equipment. Consequently, second tractor sold to German clothing company. Construction of Colani Supertruck with extreme streamlining. (A. Privalov) «Truck Press» n ° 6/2006.

The company is located in Dortmund (Germany) Bardusch, repainted in blue and… safely forgotten. The maestro himself, after cooling for a while with trucks, settled in Japan in 1982.  

Colani concept truck It was based on a Mercedes platform, with a diesel engine 6 cylinders and 4 direct injection valves, a turbocharger, charge air cooling, a displacement of 12,6 L and engine performance of 381 ch 530 ch.


General Gallery - MMpro Futuristic Design Tractor from Marchi Mobile. The MMpro is an exclusive Marchi Mobile tractor that we produce in-house..



Truck DAF Aero 3000   2000

The DAF 95 XF, the fourth tractor with an engine of 430 horses, a gearbox with a joystick and even rear side cameras, whose image was transmitted to the big screen in the center of the panel, was used as a chassis. Certainly, Construction of Colani Supertruck with extreme streamlining., hanging them on elegant triple supports.

Mercedes-Benz Vision 2005 Truck 1995

Construction of Colani Supertruck with extreme streamlining. 1980, with several subcontracting companies and a large group of designers and modellers working on the car, and the cargo department of Daimler-Benz. In total, it took several years to develop and manufacture a racing model. The Vision tractor 2005, who received his own name, was introduced in Frankfurt in 1995. The main differences of Vision 2005 are a more practical entry into the cabin through the side doors and the side aerodynamic pylons, which organize the air flow on the sides of the car and at the same time support the massive glass cap of the cabin.


We launch our first new roadshow with ifm electronic, sensor and system technology manufacturer based in Essen. In combination with the RST 02 and our modern Colani semi-trailer tractor, this trailer conquers the streets of Europe and attracts everyone's attention. Especially with the semi-trailer, the Essen-based company gets off to a good start while leaving an impression of innovation and creativity. During this B2B roadshow, the ifm truck will pass through customers and trade fairs to introduce them to new products and ideas in its generous two-storey presentation space.

(Camping Car) Hymer 1998

Spitzer Silo Truck2002

(Camping Car) Mini Bus Ultra luxe 2019

Seventh version of the truck. The World's Latest Colani VR Also Unveiled On The Expo Site. The rounded shape, the three-frame wiper, the ultra wide viewing angle at 270 ° Ultra-high-end VR. the RV measures approximately 5,9 meter, 2,2 meters wide and 2,8 meters high. It was tailor-made for China.


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