Habitable Module Project (2005) de Roger Tallon

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In continuation of its project on "Perfect Houses", Galerie Jousse Entreprise calls on Roger Tallon to 2005, third creator of this productive approach which brings together artists and designers. For this project, Roger Tallon reinventing a completely removable plastic habitable module, respecting the initiative of the gallery to create original structures while retaining a great economy of means. Roger Tallon module is a hemisphere with a diameter of 6,18 meters and 3,10 meters height for an area of 29,95 m2.

It rises like a puzzle in 3D, each element being assembled and withdrawing to form windows and doors, at the intersections of each plate, can activate the light sources of different intensity. Roger Tallon had his house as a waterproof and protective autonomous minimal structure inspired Genbaku dome in Hiroshima.
Industrially produced in the spirit of Jean Prouvé, it can be divided into countless applications using a wide range of materials, lighter (textiles) the more consistent (concrete). Text from Jousse Entreprise, 2012.







Virginia Maneval

I am the daughter of Jean Benjamin Maneval, famous urban architect who notably created the Bulle Six Coques, a plastic house from the pop years. You can also find me on my Facebook page Bubblemania.fr or on my page La Bulle Six Coques by Jean Benjamin Maneval.

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